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Mobile, AL with a small child

I would have to pick Wintzell's. First I still love their gumbo. The staff is great and it's an institution. As in just stepping foot inside without eating is worth the trip. My parents starting eating there in the 50's and I have been going back every chance I'm in town, especially every mardi gras. go for the fried oysters for sure!

Further Birmingham discussion - what about these places?

I dine at Cosmos nearly every week lately and have been going there for the 20 years thev've been open. Yes there is a storied past, but don't we all have something in our past. There are now new owners and they are super folks. Bill stays in the kitchen and keeps the food quality the same. The soups are a must even the Zuchinni Cheese is awesome. Try "cracker thin whole wheat crust" if you like thin and crispy. The slices at lunch are the weakest thing on the menu. Muffaleta is best in town and even on New Orleans bread and the alligator sausage is straight from cajun country.
The trick with service is that the kitchen cooks everything to order so it takes a long time to get your food.... so order sticks and sauce or olives... as long as you are not in a hurry and have a snack it's worth the wait... Calzones are one of my favorites but lately my new favorite is the chicken pesto sandwich and always the spinanch salad.
Lisa is usually my server and I do know that the regulars to do get the royal treatment. Just ask for Lisa (owner) tell her it's your first time and she'll take of you I swear.
And I haven't even mentioned the often overlooked Chocolate Mousse for dessert. worth the trip alone!!!! Give it a try if it's been a while. Never had poor quality food once. Place seems clean to me.. the landlord is finally getting a makeover for the patio area which is long overdue and not Cosmos fault... many people think the patio is dirty but it's more old and worn out than anything and was out of their control.. Give this local institution a try sometime when you are looking for a laid back meal If you are in a hurry let your server know and order immediately be sure to ask what can be prepared quickly (you can do soup and salads in a hurry) also this is one of those places that's vague about seating yourself.. be certain someone sees you grab a table... it's possible to be overlooked sometimes hence some of the slow service complaints.. and you can ask for your check when you get your food and pay the bartender if you're in a hurry

Best Brunch in B-ham?

For Casual/laid back
Cosmos and Rojo
Veranda has great Jazz Brunch