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pubs/brewpubs in Halifax and St John NB

got the heads up on SJAH in St Johns and also Brittspub. Both pushed moreso for brew but hows the food at either?

Jul 13, 2011
BrewRed in Atlantic Canada

pubs/brewpubs in Halifax and St John NB

doing the day stop in both on a cruise ship and trying to hit a few good spots for food and drink in both towns without being herded up like sheep......I have read up on Henry House , looking for some updated feedback on Thistle, Roost and any newer spots where the pub cuisine is best shown. Haven't gotten
any info on St Johns......we may or may not have our youngsters who may stay on board with a relative. Much appreciated. Trip will be in late August.

Jul 12, 2011
BrewRed in Atlantic Canada

fresh turkey sandwich/heros midtown east HELP!!!!

seems that all the delis on 3rd ave are becoming extinct......any recs for lunchtime choices for a fresh roasted turkey (preferably cut not sliced) sandwich in the E 40s/low E 50s?

Aug 10, 2010
BrewRed in Manhattan

Ecuadorian options close by 7 train stops

taking some friends on a ride from Manhattan to Queens on the 7. one of them is
originally from Ecuador and would like to stop into some of the restaurants and food
stores on the way out to Flushing (for another gathering). Any recs that are more
updated that the listings on the 7 line stops post from a while back?


Mar 05, 2008
BrewRed in Outer Boroughs