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different ethnic restaurant delivery st.clair/dufferin

looking for a variety of restaurants that will deliver in the st clair west area, tired of having to choose between big chains that suck everytime.
looking for mexican , portuguese , etc...
if you know a restaurant that delivers please post the info , i am just looking for options when its take out night to still have real food and not have to resort to junk.. thx

Lisbon by Night

i did a few years i ago . amazing seafood platter!

Amatos St.clair Dufferin Whats the deal?

ive heard about the labour issues , im wondering how much longer this place can last with 9.00$ cesar salads and stale pizza.
Are all locations bad? i only know of another one at college.

Amatos St.clair Dufferin Whats the deal?

This place never has fresh pizza , the slices are dry and look like there starting to curve upward there so old. Over priced , small slices , and i think ive seen the same 1/4 of a pizza left over to sell for the next day ....I know this because it was only an hour after they opened and there was halves and single slices left and they definitely werent 1 hour old , plus how could they sell so much if its always dead.

Anyway buyer beware is what im saying , for this location at least if your eating in, maybe deliverys better?

ISO Pink guava and Goji berries

Hey everyone , im looking for these somewhere in the west end or downtown toronto , i live at dufferin/st.clair .

Diabetic friendly cake for moms b-day

i called sugarfreeshop and they forwarded me to a company called yoummy cakes in milton , thats way west of me and a little too far, the cheesecake place carols cheese cake is about 10 min from my place but my moms not into cheese cakes , i am tho ;) lol ill have to use that resource some other time. so thx everyone for your suggestions so far , but the search continues.

Diabetic friendly cake for moms b-day

thank you sooo much !
im going to look into it right now :)

Diabetic friendly cake for moms b-day

hey everyone , im looking for a bakery that will bake a diabetic friendly cake for my mothers birthday, does anyone have any good recomendations or experiences?
thanks very much in advance.

BEST Pizza in T.O

vesuvios pizza hands down!

Low Sodium groceries/eats

Whole foods has a list thats available of their entire inventory of low sodium food , just ask for it at customer service.

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

just had a passion fruit from rui gomes on st clair west between lansdown and dufferin,
99 cents each these are great!!!

Low Sodium groceries/eats

i take it you love your mustard? lol. so do i , here check these out ,

Low Sodium groceries/eats

great tips! , funny you mention swiss chalet , i had some yesterday , quarter chicken breast has about 440mg sodium ,didnt have more then 2tsp of the chalet sauce, the whole container is 500mg(wow) plus there fresh cut fries only 45 mg sodium (dont add salt) , i also noticed the sandwich you mentioned , so theres 2 items you could buy if your stuck and cant cook , and trying to stay below 2000 mg of sodium per day, also another tip for pizza is to see if they offer swiss , fresh mozzarella,or bocconcini, .also go for a veggie pizza. I have yet to try the campbells new low sodium line , im going to pick some up this week.

With alot of fresh ingredients and different spices you can still enjoy food you love with some changes , i still enjoy homemade burgers , homemade pizza , nachos , etc.... theres a great recipe book a friend bought me called 500 low sodium recipes, theres is everything from a soy sauce substitute to carne asada and even your own sesame seed hamburger buns , it can be found at indigo and its helped me out alot , the other day i made sesame seed pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce , they were really good.

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

im gonna try the grenadilla if i can find it , i seriuosly need a passion fruit fix.

Low Sodium groceries/eats

i gotta look for those , also ms.vickies recently release an unsalted bag 0mg, its brown and i found it at walmart and no frills so i imagine there widely available.Theres also a company called terra chips , they have an unsalted line with lemon and herb , original and my favourite BBQ , i order these because ive only found there other types in stores.As for hot sauces there are some no sodium and really low sodium online but when im out of them i use original tabasco . only 35mg compared to say franks which is about 400mg , a few adjustments and you can use tabasco as a wing sauce mixed with melted unsalted butter and a little white vinegar .

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

thx , im gonna grab some , are they seasonal , or a regular thing at loblaws?

Low Sodium groceries/eats
everything low sodium from barbeque sauce , soy sauce , tomato sauces and pastes , even an amazing unsalted pickle made by BG , tastes exactly like a regular pickle without all the salt , i was very surprised at how good these products tasted , Lum Talyors riverboat style sauce is great , i used it on steaks, it only has 10mg per serving and ive been told by people who arent on LS diets that its the best they ever had.

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

so i picked up some what i thought were passion fruit at t&t but it tasted more like a tomato , im thinkin its a tamarillo , but a red passion fruit and tammarillo look exactly the same on the outside , a passion fruit looks a bit darker.. could t&t be mislabelling these or was this in fact a different type of pf , if so then what im looking for is the purple ones.

Low Sodium groceries/eats

For all of us that are on a low sodium diet because we have to be or by choice , lets use this topic to help eachother find products and stores where we can find these items.
Ill start by adding whole foods , they have a low sodium organic pasta sauce made by daves gourmet its really chunky and has a great taste , for half a cup it has 125mg , daves gourmet also makes hot sauces , i also really like eating corn tortilla chips with salsa and they have unsalted kettle style tortilla chips with 2mg per serving made by Garden Fresh Gourmet , and a salsa with 90mg per 2 tablespoon serving , they used to have a great chipotle salsa with pinneaple with only 40 mg per serving made by coyote cocina , i havnt seen it there in a while.
Whole foods also carries a great tasting low sodium tuna , and i also found low sodium tuna packed in water at no frills.As far as bread goes i usually make my own in a bread machine , or ill pick up an unsalted loaf at tre mari bakery on st.clair and lansdowne.
One thing i havent had much luck in is cheese , ill usually have swiss which is 70 mg per serving or bocconcini which has 0mg , but as far as finding a low sodium cheddar , no luck.Please add on any tips,stores and products you like.

ISO Fresh Mozzarella

looking for a place to buy fresh mozzarella mainly for its low sodium content.I live in the west end (junction) , but i am downtown daily...any suggestions? thx.

Trader Joe's Low Sodium Soup

im gonna have to try these since i havnt perfected my own low sodium recipe and something as convenient as a soup in a can is hard to come by low in sodium. thank you

Mar 27, 2008

Pizza Stones? [moved from Ontario board]

i paid 15$ for mine i believe at kitchen stuff plus , between the dough recipe im using and sauce recipe i created and the heat i get my oven at and let the stone pre heat im bangin out some serious pies , better than most takeout joints. But it took me a while to get here ive had my share of soggy half cooked middle of pizza , spilled toppings and that overall "homemade" taste, not anymore though!

Mar 27, 2008

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

nice , thx guys , i live close by rui gomes , im guessing there only available seasonally , as far as grocery stores i havnt seen them there yet and i dont shop at lob laws but ill give them a try.

Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

where can i find passion fruit in torontos west end?

Weekday lunches @ Hwy 7/Weston Rd.

try galaxy diner

Cucumber-Orange Water

great drink! , made a pitcher today , also added lemon and lime wedges , i was surprised at how good of a cucumber infusion i was able to get.

Mar 19, 2008

Blue Menu New Products - What have you tried?

its not just high blood pressure people worry about , some people are on salt restricted diets , and salt holds water in your body like a sponge , so therfore more fluid = more blood volume = your heart working harder = high blood pressure

The Big Ragu

I love this place , When i lived in the area i was a regular , Do they still make the calabrese pizza , its amazing and a must try.

Toronto's Best Slice

Bitondos gets my vote.