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What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Roy Rogers. I've been dining out for 70 years, and a RR breakfast during a trip on the NY Thruway is the only meal I've had to throw out in the trash as inedible.

May 18, 2011
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Cape Cod in Winter discussion....Anything?

Been lurking up here in the Norht Country, but a couple of thoughts... Total agreement on Oliver's. We have an aged parent who enjoys the personal service, but I try and try and never find anything more than approaching just barely edible. But if you're as far out as Orleans, why not stop in at the Brewster Fish House? We always enjoy this small roadside fine food establishment. We like the off season as the food is always good and the crowds are gone.

Brewster Fish House
2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

Best food-to-view ratio? Cast your votes!

Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis! Unfortunately closed for the season, but the view is still there...

Sesuit Harbor Cafe
357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

Lobster roll between White Mts. and Troy, NY?

Believe it or not there is an amazing little shack on Route 15 in West Danville, Vermont that makes a terrific lobster roll! It's called the Green Mountainn Trolley and is open for lunch and dinner. We had just cone from my favorite lobster roll source, the Sesuit Harbor Cafe on Cape Cod, so I challenged them to make one as good - and they did! The chef claims to cook and clean 35 lobssters each day, and then makes the roll to order. I actually watched him do this. You would need to call ahead, as he closes on rainy days and sometimes when catering. There are outside tables, and it's right next to the Joe's Pond Beach if you want to eat in your car or spread out for a picnic. The phone is 802-684-8020 - no website.

Bar Harbor--- not too pricey but delicious?

Poor Boys. Best Lobster Pie I've ever enjoyed!

Places I wish were good...

Oliver's!!!! Fancy renovations but the food gets worse and worse. I have an ancient FIL who enjoys the service so he insists on the place. I'd rather be at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe - now that's the real Cape Cod: boats, harbor, and all....

Sesuit Harbor Cafe
357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

Nice Dinner on Cape Cod

The Marshside is very pleasant. Food is very good, and the view out over the marsh is great. Ask for a window seat.

Marshside Restaurant
28 Bridge, East Dennis, MA 02641

Best grocery stores in Craftsbury, VT area?

If you are taking I-93 to St Johnsbury and following RT 2 West: about 6 miles from St Jay you'll see Marty's Quick stop on the right. It looks like a Mobil Convenience Store, but inside is a great deli, hand cut meat counter, and a nice selection of produce and groceries. We drive 20 miles for the meats, and have already ordered our fresh Misty Knoll turkey for Thaksgiving. It's where the locals shop, and stop in to enjoy the wide cnoice of hot Green Mt Coffee.

Pls help - Sesuit Cafe

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 10/12. We were ther again early this week, again for lunch. The first day it was packed with tour bus customers, so we bought some sandwiches at Dennis Public Market and went back for a picnic at the boat access across the Harbor. We just missed seeing the manatee that was visiting the Harbors last week! The Lobster Rolls were huge and delicious - had to eat half of the lobster with a fork before I could even think of picking up the roll!

Restaurant that serves Moose dishes in N.E.?

In Vermont there are several game dinners put on locally that serve moose, venison, bear, beaver, rabbit, wild boar, and chicken for the faint of heart. It usually takes place in mid-November. Look here:

Pls help - Sesuit Cafe

Here's the trick - we went for lunch back in May. It was not crowded at all - we waited at the counter for our lobster roll plates, and then had our pick of outside picnic tables overlooking Sesuit Harbor. Our lobster rolls were so piled with big chunks of fresh sweet lobster that we had to start with forks! Everything at that time of year was cooked fresh and to order. We even had plenty of room to park our Roadtrek RV.

Here's what we do when we are on the road - always have our big meal at lunch! Not only are prices usually lower, but the portions are always adequate for us non-gluttons, and the crowds usually non-existent.

BTW, back on the Cape last week - we had a great lunch for 8 at the Marshside in Dennis, right on the way to the Harbor...

Lobster at DeAngelos?

They are advertising 3 different lobster items. Has anyone tried them? They'd have to go aq long way to even approach the great lobster rolls we had at The Sesuit Harbor Cafe this week!

A Burlington GEM!

Burlington where????

A Source for Seville Oranges in Vermont?

Dunno if they have seville oranges specifically, but Squash Valley Produce between Waterbury and Stowe carries a wide range of products...

Offal Lotta Love

Here in VT we buy most of our kidneys, etc. from local producers. Imagine our surprise when a Wal-Mart Super Center opened in nearby Woodsville, NH - the meat department carries a dependable supply of beef tongue! Given the amout of product there we may be the only customers, but at least we can enjoy our braised tongue and the several days of sandwiches that follow...

Worst of the Cape?

For a terrific (although maybe a bit crowded) breakfast try The Mills on Rt. 149 in Marstons Mills...

Goldie's Gathering, Cabot Vermont

Yesterday we had lunch at a funky little restaurant tucked away in an old village inn next to the hardware store in Cabot, Vt. The delicious home-cooked style hearty food was all made from fresh local ingredients, right down to garden sweet tomatoes in the cheeseburgers and blt wrap and the freshly hand-cut french or sweet potato fries. One of the Pennsylvanians with us pronounced the sausage gravy to be "just right". Although we did not have dessert, the list was appetizing and the server told us the treats were all freshly made. Service was fast and cheerful, and the ambiance was that of your grandmother's parlor, with mis-matched chairs and a charming tin ceiling. Goldie's is a real find in an area of few restaurants and even fewer serving Sunday breakfast and lunch - a great place to stop before that visit to the Cabot Creamery just down the road. You may not even have much room left for all of the Creamery's samples of cheese, dips and popcorn! Goldie's is open 9 AM to 1 Pm on Sundays; Wednesday thru Saturday 9 to 8 for all 3 meals.

Best Maple Cremee in Vermont?

No contest - Morse Farm in Montpeculiar. In fact, we're going there tomorrow! Besides, the surroundings sure surpass Simply subs...

Lunch recs near St. Johnsbury?

Great news! After being devastated in a flood and closing for a long time the River Garden Cafe in Burke will reopen Thursday, July 24. Open seven days for dinner, Wednesday thru Saturday for lunch, and Sunday Brunch. Great place to go for luch, nice garden location, and a scenic drive.

Mediterranean or Moroccan on the Cape/Hyannis?

Try Ardeos - several Cape locations:

Pastrami in New England

So where's a good place for Pastrami to take home and build my own masterpiece?

Finkerman's BBQ in Montpelier to close

There was no reason given - just a short paragraph in the Monday business section. Reviews of Finkerman's have always been mixed, but we enjoyed ding there and the Grandkids had a ball!

Finkerman's BBQ in Montpelier to close

The Burlington Free Press Reported today that Finkerman's will close on Feb. 17th, to be replaced by Ariel's Riverside Cafe and Bar. Ariel's will open on Feb. 29th, and will be run by the same owners as Ariel's Restaurant in Brookfield. (Smart move - they'll only have to celebrate their anniversary every four years!) I've heard a few good things about Ariel's current operation, but have never been there...

Quick Lunch - St. Johnsbury

Try the Surf & Sirloin on Portland Street. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the Chef is pretty good. They're open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. Anthony's Diner on Railroad Street is also pretty popular...

Save me from Mickey-D on the Mass Pike!

Just be glad you're not on the NY Thruway and have to stop at a Roy Rogers. At least McD's food is more or less edible!

Farmers Diner, VT

Me again! Thanx for all the replies to this thread! There is a very positive article about the Farmers Diner in the September/October Issue of Yankee Magazine. Not so much about the food itself but the food suppliers and the philosophy of the owner.

How's the chow in Rangeley, Me?

We haven't been to Rangeley in 15 years - thinking of headed over there in our RV. Last time we were there the Rangeley Inn was a reliable spot - is it still good and are there any other places we should try? We're willing to tour about the area as well!

East Ryegate

Surf & Sirloin on Portland Street in St Jay doesn't look like much but the food is good and they have house-smoked BBQ. The Creamery in Danville is very nice - just a short drive west of St Jay. Lots of options headed south as well; the Colatina and the Perfect Pear in Bradford come to mind...

Restaurant off Hwy 93 to Vermont

They also could be traveling 93 all the way to St Johnsbury! If so - the Common Man in Ashland NH is a quick and easy stop off the Interstate. Just drive into town and there it is! Easter Sunday may find big brunches instead of Sunday Dinner in many places, though...

Any decent chains in New England?

Box Lunch on Cape Cod is a nice place to grab a quick wrap for lunch. Good variety and very tasty. Several locations. I would also second the positive reviews for 99. The food, if not spectacular, is at least reliable, and the service is terrific!