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JFX Farmer's Market 2010

You may need to look beyond the JFX for organic foods...

I visited the Baltimore Farmer's Market under the JFX this morning in search of vendors that sell organic produce and organic grass fed beef or organic poultry. I found only one vendor selling organic produce and there were no organic meat vendors.

Cats Paw Organic Farm offered a selection of tomatoes, beets, flat peas, potatoes and a few other veggies that I can't recall. There was also an organic mushroom stand and an organic acai berry stand.

While making my way through the market I asked produce vendors if they were organic and the response varied. Lindeman's Apiary, who sells honey and squash, said they were not certified but do not spray pesticides, Chesapeake Greenhouse, who sells pea tendrils and gourmet lettuce, signage states they does not use pesticides, said they practice sustainable agriculture, and all others confirmed pesticide use.

As for meat and poultry vendors, I found there were no organic vendors. However, Hens Nest, a vendor that offers free range or caged chicken eggs, and doesn't use hormones or antibiotics. offers beef products that were fed home raised feeds, silage, and alfalfa/orchard grass hay. Albright Farms signage claimed their beef is grain finished, and Gunpowder Bison offers bison meats that were grass fed and finished on grain for the last 60 days of life.

Where to find Morcilla Sausage?

While in Argentina I tried morcilla, a blood sausage, which had been cooked over a barbecue grill and served as an appetizer with red wine. It was fantastic! There are many varieties from different countries but I am particularly interested in the style from the Río de la Plata region. Are there any markets or restaurants in the area that offer this type of morcilla sausage?

Duck fat--Baltimore

The best price I found (2lbs for $12.50) was online at

Duck fat--Baltimore

Wow Hillfood, I don't think anyone would have thought of making their own - great comment!!!

Sure anyone can make their own duck fat from skin and fat. However, keep in mind that a 4-1/2-pound duck only renders 1 cup of fat.

If you are like me and work all day you may need to buy a jar of duck fat.


Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

I have been there two times. My first time I ordered the Margarita Pizza on a Wednesday night. It was perfect and very pretty prepared as described with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil on fresh baked pizza dough. However, I just got home with the same order and received a completely different pizza. There was no basil and no fresh mozzarella, a huge error in preparation of course. Needless to say I returned to get the correct pizza and was told they no longer prepare the pizza with fresh basil and did not have fresh mozzarella. They now serve the basil on the side because "it will lose it's flavor if cooked" so the now serve it in a cup on the side which they forgot.

Make sure to check your order.

At least you know what you get when you go to Pizza Wing Factory on the Square!!!


Where to buy Thai curry paste (DC)

This website sells Nittaya Curry which is very exciting if you have ever been to their market in Bangkok and want to get it here in the states. This is where local Thais go for their curries. They a have all Thai curries too. They come in zip lock bags too for storing.

...Or you can always get your mortar and pestal out to make at home. But this is easy and you know it will taste great!

Fresh Asian/Thai ingredients in Baltimore Area?

I went to this place for Thai ingredients. They had fresh: green papaya, green mango, long beans, vermicelli rice noodles, tamarind paste and fresh tamarind, dried Thai red chili (awesome), Bird chili, Thai eggplant, lemon grass, holy basil, Thai basil, frozen coconut and more. Also tons of spices and canned stuff like banana leaves, mangosteen and more.

I was so happy to find this place! If you need specific ingredients call ahead and see if they have it. They get fresh produce weekly but it seems to run out quickly.

Thai Phillipine Oriental Food
523 Gorsuch Ave
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 243-6193

For me this place is a bit far from my house and I hope to find a place closer to SE Baltimore or near BWI. If anyone has ideas let me know.