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help with finding a caterer for brunch/lunch for 30--mile end/plateau


help with finding a caterer for brunch/lunch for 30--mile end/plateau

My friends want to have a post courthouse wedding brunch/lunch. We have a friend with a great space to host but are looking for caterers. Any recs from the hounds?

Best Gumbo for Carnival Season

we've had gumbo three times since arriving here on wednesday. Luke's, Coop's and a Poboy place on Magazine (called Magazine I think). Coop's was the favourite--super tasty. Luke's was also delicious thought the shrimp bisque may have been a tad better. I assumed after eating the first two that all gumbo in NOLA was incredible but the bland third gumbo opened my eyes. Try Coop's....

Jan 04, 2013
daimon4 in New Orleans

Any suggestions? Dad's 70th birthday--group dinner of 40 (maybe BYOB)

Was looking at les mas des oliviers...they have fixed menus from 35 pp which are conveniently online.

Any suggestions? Dad's 70th birthday--group dinner of 40 (maybe BYOB)

Hi hounds,

My friend in Ottawa wants to organize a birthday dinner for her dad and his crowd. Need space for 40 or so people at around 30$-40$ a head plus wine. BYOB would be a bonus.

The crowd is older, though pretty sophisticated so somewhere "fancyish" is a must. I thought of the "new" 5ieme peche but it's tough for parking and not BYO. I had my bday at Bleu Raisin last year (group of 20, 30$ a head) and it was pretty good but the inside space is small. Suggestions?
ps they live in St. Lambert so South Shore recs would be ok as well

Passing of Mila Oh (aka moh)

So very sad and sorry to hear this terrible news. Moh was the first to post a reply when I joined chowhound and her post was welcoming and sweet. It was a pleasure to read her comments over the years and I felt as though I knew her. She last replied to me on May 6th--it brings tears to my eyes to realize how close she was to passing. My deepest condolences to her family and friends--she will be missed and remembered.

May 29, 2010
daimon4 in Site Talk

Heading to Trois Rivieres...recs?

Report on Trois Rivieres (found little on the web so I'll add my deux sous)

Cute town, bigger than I thought it would be---not much going on chow wise. A few sites mentioned Stratos resto as the best poutine ever so we tracked one down (there are a few locations) and had a regular poutine as well as the galvaude (chicken and peas). Gravy and curds were ok but the fries were chalky---NOT the best poutine in Quebec and probably not the best in TR. Should have made the drive to Gentilly....
Dinner was a recommendation from a Trifluvian (as the folks of TR are called), Carlito's on the main drag, rue Forges. We had scallops with procuitto (sp?) with a maple syrup glaze, rack of ribs with a rather tasty salad and a goat cheese burger. The burger and ribs were fine, the scallops lovely and the bloody Caesars nice and strong. The place had good service, a young, hip vibe and was very reasonable. There are a few cafes/bakeries in the old part of town, had a couple of espressos and a maple galette at a place called pattiserie Belge, nothing special. Breakfast at the Delta was very ordinary but had a full range of options and the coffee was good. That's my rather dull scoop on Three Rivers....(don't eat poutine as a rule but after that terrible one I'm jonesing for an Orange Julep poutine/julep combo--gonna go tomorrow!)

Heading to Trois Rivieres...recs?

Hiya hounds,
We're going to Trois Rivieres tomorrow for a night--booked at the Delta hotel (breakfast is included). Dunno anything about the city and could use some recs for supper and perhaps a quick pre sup espresso or cocktail (not too expensive, we're trying to do this one on the cheap). Sorry Moh...can't get to the fab poutine place you mentioned which is about a half hour away. Any cuisine is fine, something regional would be great! Thanks!

Birthday cake near the Annex/Little Italy--where to buy?

thanks foodiegirl, I just rushed out and bough a whole bunch of cupcakes at the Wedding Cake Shop on college--they look great. Appreciate the tips!

Birthday cake near the Annex/Little Italy--where to buy?

Hi y'all
I have to buy a chocolate birthday cake for this evening--am located near Bloor and bathurst in the Annex and don't know the neighborhood very well. Where to go? Have a car but don't have a lot of time. Can be any type of cake except supermarket--high end is fine.

La Boheme at yonge and eglinton

I was meaning to post about this place but never got the name--glad to see it's already being talked about. Happened upon it the second day they opened and had a lovely time there (had some time to kill and a book to read for a review). Started with an excellent machiatto (beans from Te Aro, apparently the guys there gave the staff an intense training session and it shows) and a mango danish. For lunch had another espresso and the ham and veggie 'pizza' which was wonderful, full of good veggies, meaty chunks of ham and a multigrain crust. Took home some little choux profiterole things (one with custard, the other chocolate ganache--loved that the custard was just that and not a tasteless creme patissiere) as well as some little tarts (the lemon one was best) and a multigrain baguette (I don't usually go for the wheat baguettes but this one was amazing). Service was great, in French and English and the staff was very kind, despite the fact that I lingered for hours. A real winner--highly recommended!!

La Boheme
2481 Yonge St, Toronto, ON , CA

Te Aro
983 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1K2, CA

Mid-range restos near the Germain hotel?

Restaurant report (longish): AME


Sake (forget which type but it was excellent)

Apple Bourbon cocktail (had apple chunks floating in it and a sour apple foam on top--watery--only drank half, total waste for 15 bucks)


Edame (sad little pods, better at New Generation)

squash tempura (served on a bed of nails--very cute--good coating to veg ratio, tasty miso dipping sauce, quite oily)

Spicy crab and spicy tuna maki (not impressive AT ALL, rice was too hard, nori was falling apart, taste was bland other than the hot sauce)

Spanish mackerel sushi (never arrived which is too bad as I love the mackerel sushi, didn't charge us for it and brought 2 extra glasses of sake on the house to make up for it)

White asparagus salad (tasted ok, beautiful especially with the little coconut "beads" floating around)

Pork belly (only dish that was fantastic, came with a melon chutney, perfectly executed)

The meal was so boring that we elected to go back to the hotel for desert, bill was a reasonable 110 bucks tax and drinks included, service was attentive though the waiter seemed inexperienced, the place is urban goth/chic but looks a little 1990. Overall a very disappointing experience but at least a cheap lesson. Other people looked like they were having fun, seems like a place to go for drinks with friends for a birthday as long as you stay away from the food. The Germain hotel on the other hand was one of the best boutique hotels we've ever stayed at and the breakfast they serve in the morning (included in the room price) was fab!

New Generation
493 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y2, CA

Mid-range restos near the Germain hotel?

Thanks for the reviews of Victor...they do offer a promotion of sorts with the hotel - 85 pp before tax,tip,wine. I don't find the menu very inspiring but will take a look at the place once we get there. Otherwise we're going to go with one of the sushi places recommended--I've only had Bloor street sushi in Toronto and feel the need to explore the higher end. Will post the results later...thanks again hounds!

Mid-range restos near the Germain hotel?

Thanks hounds,
Still haven't decided where to Chez Victor worth it? If so we'll be lazy and go there. The reviews are mixed though and there is not much on this board that is current. Any thoughts?

Mid-range restos near the Germain hotel?

Hiya Hounds,
We're two Montrealers who are staying at the St. Germain hotel for a night next week. What are your suggestions for dinner nearby (walking distance)? Not too pricey (i.e. no more than 100 including tax, tip but not alcohol)--the hotel is eating most of the cash. Can be any type of cuisine but we lean towards bistro, sushi, asian or italian. Thanks beaucoup!!!

Bar/Restaurant to Watch Olympics

I found this great place, football factory, while looking to watch tennis awhile back. It's at Richmond and Bathurst I think. Good food, great service, nice, warm decor for a "sports bar" and many tv watching options (i.e. a few big screens but also private booths if you want to control the remote).

here is the martini boys review

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

Boylans is what you're looking for. They make a lemon seltzer (yellow writing on the bottle) but also have a plain seltzer (blue writing). Have seen it in toronto but can't remember where. Perhaps try a large grocery store that caters to the Jewish community--I think it's kosher.
There is a thread on this board from not too long ago called "Boylan's Diet Black Cherry" that talks about where to find Boylan's in Toronto.

Help me find a JoeMo or Contigo travel mug in Toronto!

Thank you so, so much! I had a tough time online but 10 minutes on chowhound and my problem is solved. They do indeed carry them at Kitchen Stuff Plus (cheap too!) on Younge and Bloor. Will be tipping my mug to happyeater tomorrow morning.

Help me find a JoeMo or Contigo travel mug in Toronto!

Do you know where I could get one in metro Toronto? I'm downtown (and from Montreal so I don't have a Costco card.

Help me find a JoeMo or Contigo travel mug in Toronto!

Hiya hounds,
I lost my JoeMo travel mug/thermos two days ago and am desperate to replace it. It's the only mug I've found that keeps my morning tea w/ milk and sugar piping hot and leaves it "unsmelly" (unlike other mugs with cheaper rubber in the cap). I know where to get them in Montreal but cannot find a store in Toronto AND they are sold out on Amazon and the manufacturers site. I did some research and have also heard good things about Contigo so if anyone knows where to get either please let me know.

Need "Get To Know You" Date Help

agreed--Negroni is a great first date place and even if there isn't a lot of people watching the staff is super friendly so you could talk to them. (as an aside I had the beef and gorgonzola sandwich for the first time this afternoon and it was fantastic--not too heavy or greasy)


Hiya hounds,
As a recent import to your fair city I am simply gobsmacked at how y'all are treating one of the best new restos around. I've been frequenting Negroni's for a few weeks now and am always surprised that it is never more than half full. Excellent, inventive paninis (for vegetarians too) served with a great, addictive arugula and shaved parm salad for 10 bucks? In a beautiful location? With great espresso (not microfoamed or anything but rock solid Italian style)? Not to mention lovely wines by the glass (again for a steal) what's the problem? I really don't understand why there aren't line ups at the door. Service is great too and no...I don't own the place but having driven ALL over Toronto for the past few months and explored all kinds of neighborhoods I've found this the best taste/value/atmosphere for both morning paper reading brunches and late night drinks dining. I'll be back in Montreal in a few months so it's naught to me but c'mon Toronto hounds.....if you let a place like this go under then you deserve to lose all chowhound cred.

492 College Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4, CA

Searching for great panini (panino?) with an espresso

Thanks for all the tips--had a lovely panini (panchetta, tomato, arugula) and two perfectly good espressos at Negroni this afternoon. Corey was very sweet, bringing me a small bowl of their chocolate ice cream (they do a different flavour every day) on the house. Prices are excellent and the space is gorgeous. I can sleep easy knowing that Negroni will be there (and open late too!)--will still check out the other spots--thanks again hounds-you da best!

Searching for great panini (panino?) with an espresso

Hi y'all, I'm new in town from Montreal and have yet to find a place that has good espresso AND sandwiches. THere are a few cafes in Leslieville but that's quite a trek from me (I'm near Bloor and Bathurst) and they are often out of food. Had an ok espresso and ok sandwich at White Squirrel and Saving Gigi but they were just that...ok. All the other espresso places I've been to seem to only do scones/light snacks. The panino's at Cafe Diplomatico are pretty bad. Any ideas? Please help...I bike or drive around hungry and with a caffeine headache nearly every morning and would love to find a place that could take care of both....

Calgary chowhound visiting Toronto and Niagara-on-the-lake sept 16-22

Was in NOTL for the first time this weekend. Had a very nice supper at the restaurant in the Prince of Wales Hotel (Escab├Ęche). The scallops on lobster risotto dish was superb as was the starter of mushroom ravioli with truffle oil/tarragon. The beef tenderloin with potatoes and ratatouille as well as the desserts were so so. The best part was the bar, where they serve all kinds of classic cocktails (had a Manhattan and a dirty Martini--very well made). We also had breakfast at the Queen's Landing Hotel resto (forget the name). The bennie on a cheese scone was quite good, served with nothing but greasy potatoes though. There are a couple of nice looking places for high tea along the main drag and a bunch of bakeries/candy stores. As for wineries we enjoyed the Peller estate--their "champagne" with a touch of ice wine was really impressive. The reds less so. Keep in mind this was all part of a package deal so I dunno if these are the best recs but the supper would have been just under 200 with drinks and tax which is quite fair value for the (surprisingly good) meal we had. Have fun!

Indian Sweets. What's the inside scoop? There's like 50 and I have no idea what to get.

Ras Malai (white pucks in a milky sweet syrup with cardamom)

Rasgula (pronounced Russgoola) round balls, also white, no syrup, the best ones "squeak" when bitten into, the taste is like simple syrup but the texture and squeakyness are the key--these can also come in cone like orange shapes that are a bit sweeter/mango flavoured)

Barfi (various flavours, the plain barfi tastes like vanilla fudge, chocolate or pistachio are good, the best kinds are softer than most of what you get in stores)

Besan qui barfi (pronounced like basin) brownish crumbly, looks like barfi (hence the name), tastes like caramel and butter, made from semolina I think

Shakerpare:(pronounced shaaakerpare with a french accent on the last e) small (size of a die), cubelike dough covered in hardened sugar, super tasty

Milk cake (called milk cake-just ask)--tastes like what you'd imagine from the name, very popular with Indians and other folk alike, sorta like dulce de leche cake

Pera (pronounced Pear with an "a" at the end are round, soft and brown and taste like all the indian sweet spices mixed up, popular but I think they're gross.

Then there are the usual suspects described in this thread, jalebees (orange spidery fried --white in the Middle East), gulab jamin, ladoos (big orange balls), kheer (rice pudding), there is also a similar "rice" pudding make with vermecelli called phirnee.

try to find Shakerpare, it's one of the few sweets that is not milk/syrup based and good milk cake is also amazing. Here is a link I found with some others:
Good Luck!

New in TO from Mtl-any places to watch sports (tennis) with espresso/nosh that are not bars??

Hiya hounds,

Moved to Toronto on Saturday (for the next 8 months) and am happy to have y'all to turn to for recs and such. Am near the corner of Bathurst and Bloor and have already eaten/had espresso at the following: Sushi on Bloor/New Gen/Drake hotel/Grapefruit Moon/Lady Marmalade/Dark Horse/Mercury/Manic. Phew...this morning I am looking for a place to watch some US open tennis perhaps with an espresso and sandwich. Basically an Italian cafe with screens or something similar. Have car...will travel if I must. Suggestions?

Drinkabe coffee on the Montreal South Shore ?

Very hard to find--the best is the cheezy shop in Saint called that...let me go find it.

ok-here is a link:

It's not the best espresso but passable and they know how to make it. It also doesn't hurt that it's the cutest/coolest/"chillest" place on the shore.

On Tachereau your options are none but there is a Premier Moisson on Lapiniere which makes a decent allonge. My suggestion is to find a Vietnamese resto and order a hot coffee with condensed milk. Let me know if you discover something...

Pepsi made with sugar cane

I've seen some in the kosher section of the Metro on Sherbrooke (in Westmount). It's good stuff!

Looking for Vegetarian Restaurants - or Vegetarian Friendly

Went to this vegetarian resto yesterday Bonnys on Notre Dame between Guy and Atwater (south side). Very healthy (a little too much for my carnivorous, fatty tastes), cute decor, good prices. They have veggie and vegan options and a "yoga/LA vibe"