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Hudson NY September 2013

Go to Fish & Game. If you don't you'll kick yourself.

korean in albany?

any actual korean places in albany?

bulgogi... wings... sort of place.

thanks in advance.

What to order at Mac's Shack?

Fish and chips - no kidding great. (and the big mac - spicy tuna roll, tuna wrapped, topped with tuna... wow...

Albany to Canton this Friday - Breakfast along the way

Headed across the ADKs on Friday, leaving very early in the am, need a stop for a decent breakfast.

My route is open - 28, 28N, 8, 30, 3 - really doesn't matter since the drive takes about the same amount of time regardless of road.

So, where's a great breakfast? I'm partial to omelets and home fries...

(I'll be beyond Saratoga by the time I'm ready to stop, so no need to point out Saratoga places)

Thanks all

Mt. Lebanon/Shaker Heritage Center

These are both on Route 20 to make it easy:
Shaker Mtn BBQ
Hitching Post

Foodie Destinations on way from NYC to Berkshires?

I'll second 9. If you come thru Red Hook there's Mercado. Or the Crimson Sparrow that just opened in Hudson. Haven't tried it yet but it's Wylie Dufrense exec chef.

Antigua Recap 2012

So this year the gang headed to Antigua. The Island (there seems to be some confusion on this Board) For the past 5 years we've been going to St John USVI. The major difference... CHOICES!

There are about 50 million places to eat on Antigua from roadside stands to $150 pre fix and we pretty much ran the gamut. And there are BEACH BARS! This might not be a revelation to most, but on St John the only drinks on the beach are the ones you carry... So nice.... so convenient...

We stayed in the Jolly Harbor area and really didn't hit St John the city, so I'm going to pass on all the St John restaurants. Next time...

Beach Bars:
The Nest made a rum punch that was somehow so much better than all the others that I still have the taste in my head. Rumkin Pie was what we called it... Castaways had good jerk chicken, Darkwood good BBQ, Gibsons made some mean drinks... Turners had some nice chicken curry. Guess we didn't get much food for lunch now that I think about it... But the stand-out was Pepperz N Lime - really great mexican on the beach - the fish balls were memorable. The other place overlooks Cliff Bluffs, can't remember the name but has a Cuban theme'd bar - the cook cranked out lots of nice lunches but then offered to make us curried chickpeas - she was from India - WOW!!!! And a killer view.

Miracles - right next to the entrance of the Jolly Harbor resort is incredible. It's only been open for a few months but the kitchen is cranking out the best lobster on the island. No kidding great.

Dennis's - suckling pig. Really great. The rest of the BBQ is equally good but that whole pig was special. The view is nothing to sneeze at either.

Sugar Hill Restaurant is a really great place to have a drink and maybe an app but the dinners were average. Not bad, just average.

Went into the English Harbor area and had a great meal at a place who's name I can't remember - they had pork schnitzel on the menu but the fresh caught wahoo was amazing.

The Copper and Lumber was a real step back in time. Fish and Chips were great and the atmosphere is outstanding.

Abracadabra gets some hype - or maybe they just seem to advertise more than other places - but our friend at The Nest used to work there and highly recommended it. We had a really great meal and a really great time. The owner is genuine and friendly, highly passionate about his food and from the number of repeat customers that he was greeting as they came in - his service wasn't some one-off for the tourists. His suckling pig was great , as was the tuna and lasagna.

Overall, a great experience, memorable meals and amazing beaches. We'll be back, oh yes, we'll be back...

St John USVI 2011 Recap

Oddly, I've heard this same sort of complaint from lots of friends. I've never heard anything bad about the NYC restaurants, just the St Johns...

Boulder Breakfast Help

You should definitely re-try it, home fries were top notch

Boulder Steak Help

Hanger, skirt, flank, ribeye... I'm all for beefiness.

Walked by the kitchen today, looks good and gets enough favorable mentions that I think we'll try it

Thanks again

Boulder Steak Help

dying for a great steak in boulder tonite...

Much thanks

Boulder Breakfast Help

Very much appreciated!

It was dots, but we tried the Buff today and it was great


Boulder Breakfast Help

What's the name of the place off 28th in a little strip mall with killer breakfasts? I remember a waiter on roller skates and amazing huevos...

St John USVI 2011 Recap

Ya... Those roads after dinner are slow going... There have been a couple of afternoons well spent at Skinnys that made the hills, well, more hilly.... That's what keeps us in the Cruz Bay area, although next year we may try Antigua.

St John USVI 2011 Recap

This year we were up in the Azure Bay area of Enighted. Great views, amazingly convenient. You could walk to town ( if it wasn't for the hill... After some rum that's a big climb...)

We've stayed in Chocolate Hole, Rendevous Bay and Fish Bay. Never stayed at the Coral Bay end, but we like to visit!


St John USVI 2011 Recap

My third annual recap - drinks for everyone! Yay!

Two Plus weeks condensed into this:

Fatty Crab - great addition to the island food scene, lousy addition to the bar scene. The bartenders were maddeningly slow. 45 minutes for a drink. A first drink. 45 minutes. I hope someone from there reads this and a light bulb goes off. And it wasn't THAT crowded. The food makes up for it - sliders, noodles, everything tastes as described. Definitely a must stop for a foodie - assuming they speed up the bar... did I mention the 45 minute wait? You would think they would comp you a round - they would have in NY....

Lime Inn - I love this place. Best grilled fish, prepared simply and always cooked how I ordered it. Never seemed flustered with a large group, drinks arrive quickly, went on oyster night - I'm a Wellfleet lover, but the one's being served were pretty darn tasty.

Candi's. Now, I don't want to split BBQ hairs, because honesty, the best BBQ on island is the Fatty Crab - but the best local BBQ now belongs to Candi. Washed down with some ice cold Presidente. Mmmm....

Miss Lucy's - grouper ruben. 'nuff said. almost. Went back for the full moon party. Ish - the Band - was great. The food was ok, nothing bad, but in a crowd like that, you're not really there for anything other than dancing, drinks, and a wonderful time in a beautiful setting - so why worry?

Skinny's - there was a soccer game on, we were sort of fed, so we had drinks. Which was perfect.

Cinnamon Bay - The BEST rum drinks on the island. To watch the way those women pour rum... Trouble in a glass.

Cafe Roma - take out pizza on a night that we just sort of spaced on reservations and thought we'd get something somewhere but with a big group it's tough to just sort of pop in to a restaurant.... plus half of Cruz Bay was without power... A few beers later we're carrying what might be the only pizza to outweigh my cooler - and I pack a mean cooler - these are seriously thick, loaded pies. Not NYC thin or Chicago deep - what I call Bar Pies. Lots of sauce, lots of cheese, lots of toppings that soak up lots of beer.

The food highlight tho, probably belongs to Da Livio. Tuna in a caper cream of such delicacy, such unbearable lightness, such complex simplicity that allows each flavor to highlight itself while balancing the total - nice dish. The pastas were impeccable, the fish dishes were superb. On a sad note, if you, like me, longed for their tuna tartare - it is no longer on the menu. Maybe it will return, but it is missed... (so have the tuna in caper cream to make up for it... mmmm.....)

Banana Deck - I usually stick to an all fish diet on these excursions but the jerk rib eyes are worth the exception.

Zozo's was a surprise. Sometimes when you go back to the same place a fourth time you get less than the expectation you set. Not here. We walked in the door to "Hey, welcome back, great to see you" from our waiter from last year. There was no last name on the reservation.... Just great service from someone who takes a professional attitude. BTW - I get the exact same thing from the Lime Inn. Food was outstanding, the wine an inspired choice - painkillers are a little sweet but such things make for long beach debates so I can hardly fault them.

Jakes - I used to work the line of a place like this and all I can say is - great breakfast. We only ate breakfast out once... it was here but if it wasn't I'd have gone down to the Tamarind Inn.

The Pate shop opened up the day we left, the one that burned down last year, so I didn't get a chance to try it, but I would have... oh yes I would have...

I think thats it... probably missing something... rum's starting to wear off... must find sunlight...

Best Salame in Albany?

Just starting my search, but who in the greater Capital Region (from say, Hudson to Saratoga) is out there making great cured meats?

Thanks in advance.

Best place for wings near i-87 in NY (anywhere between Kingston and Lake George)?

Excellent! Glad it worked out, it's one of my favorite places which sadly I rarely get to visit...

Where are Best Chicken Wings in Delmar/Albany Area!?

The Ale House in Troy. Enough said.

Name your favorite burger joint!

second the White Hut. Better than the Big E!

Good Deli In Albany?

Thanks for the Gershon's tip, I'll give it a try. I've heard, oddly, about Price Choppers being good deli's, BBQ, etc but I'm not quite ready to make that leap.

Good Deli In Albany?

I remember Platts... but is there a place that makes their own pastrami, bakes a loaf of rye... something along those lines? Or even a really great Italian deli with house salami?

Best place for wings near i-87 in NY (anywhere between Kingston and Lake George)?

If you haven't left yet... try the Ale House in Troy. Incredible wings,

Ale House In Troy

Does anyone know if this is still open and if they still have killer wings?

One night, one really long night a really long time ago, I had a "you can't make wings hot enough for me not to eat" contest with the kitchen... I won, but it wasn't pretty....

St. John USVI food rteport

Asolare - love the spot, but this was our third trip back and the menu was EXACTLY the same as the year before. Thats ok, but not when you start service with a shpeel about local ingredients and an ever changing menu... and even with that, I still love the place....

St. John USVI food rteport

I'm down here now for a few more days and you're spot on with Zozos. We had Easter dinner there - veal porterhouse for me, osso bucco, fresh fish, pasta dishes for the rest of the group. All outstanding. Service was friendly and helpful without the "I'm Fred and I'll be your server". It's pricy, but heck, it was Easter.

We tried the Rhum Line. It's behind a convenient store near the docks, walked by it a thousand times - WOW. Thai inspired but not trad thai. They have a back of the menu small dish selection that's cheap - $5 to $7 - so you feel good about ordering lots of different things. The entree we all shared was a cuban pork dish that was firey and perfectly cooked. The noodle dishes were spiced nicely, the duck dumplings were a hit, the atmosphere is tiki bar, great drinks. Sorry your experience was different. I find the lobster down here to be marginal anyway, unless it's grilled over a woodfire like they do on the beaches in Jamaica. I'm a Maine lobster diehard.

Had a marginal to bad experience at the Banana Deck, which I normally like a lot. Rude waitress - and we're about as low key and happy crowd as you could ask for.

Morgan's Mango was good - I like their app menu so we ordered an assortment. The shrimp empanada was excellent. Tuna tartare was good but not as good as the seared tuna special.

And we hit the Lime Inn - which was great. Pouring rain, we lucked out with a table that didn't get hit and the tuna was fresh and perfectly cooked.

We also spent Easter at Cinnamon Bay - had to wait till 4pm for a Pain Killer but MAN WAS IT GOOD!

How would you describe the Syracuse scene?

Having lived in the Pioneer Valley and having grown up 1/2 hr from Syracuse I think you'll find the dining scenes similar. Although I thought that the PV placed a bit more emphasis on local ingredients.

LAKE PLACID N.Y. Any good restaurants????

I like Jimmy's on Main St. Not much for atmosphere but I had some amazing shrimp there a couple of years ago. And the Brewery is good for beer and wings..

And does anyone know if the Tail O' The Pup stays open in the winter?

JuicyBurger in Saratoga / Albany?

Does anyone know anything about this? Friend of mine in Albany, a man who loves burgers, is truly impressed. But before I make the trip I'd like a second opinion (I know... you're ugly too)

Any decent eats near Watertown, NY (way upstate)?

Stop in Croghan on the way, pick up some Croghan baloney, french's mustard and a loaf of white bread. finer eatin' just don't exist, least not in Watertown...