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Local,seasonal,organic eats?

to join the peanut gallery- I think your best bet is to cross the river: Rendezvous, Oleana, Bondir, Cragie, and TW Food are all great fun. Pick one (or two) and enjoy, local produce will be in some of it's best shape of the year in August!

134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

Redbones' Hush Puppies Make Me Sad

I'm in the beggars-can't-be-choosers camp. There are few options for BBQ in town, and Redbones has a fun room and good beer on tap. We went this week and I had passable St. Louis ribs, they won't win any competitions, but they're better than no ribs at all!

55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

bulk coffee?

nice. thanks, all! we're due for a trip to russo's anyway, i'll make sure to have a look at their beans.

bulk coffee?

A chow-ish query:

As I've settled into cold-brewing iced coffee and drinking a good sized cup on my way into work in the morning, I've realized that we need a better source for coffee beans than the grocery store. We have been getting Equal Exchange beans at something like $10-12/lb, which is ok, but I'm sure we could be doing better.

What are some good options for bags larger than 12oz. at a time, preferably from a good (local?) roaster? It doesn't have to be world class, (it will be poured into a plastic cup with ice, after all), but it'd be nice to be better than DD or 'bucks...

Good cheap lunch spot in Allston/Brighton or Charlestown?

There's also Steve's Kitchen on Harvard Ave in Allston. Its a good greasy spoon and you get a fun slice-of-life look at Allston. Its probably cheaper than anything else around and its perfect for a non-adventurous type.

Best Duck dishes in the Boston area?

Hmmm, no one has yet mentioned a duck confit-based Cassoulet. Bistro Pierrot on Cambridge St in Beacon Hill has a wonderful classic Cassoulet. IMO its a much more festive place than a Chinese restaurant for a birthday dinner, while not being formal, but that's really subjective.

Sel de la Terre or Stanhope Grille?

I agree with both of the recommendations above. SG is a fairly utilitarian high-end hotel restaurant (i.e. low on charm). And while the food is good, there's no real magic. SDLT, on the other hand, is really fun, the menu is regional french so its more focused and every dish I've ever had there has really "popped." Both places should be able to handle dietary restrictions elegantly, but it can't be a bad idea to call ahead, as you'll probably want a reservation at SDLT anyway. Enjoy!