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I live right around the corner from Wilson's and have eaten there several times. I agree with the above poster about the meats being tender and flavorful. Also, their beans are a delicious compliment, and their cornbread is authentic and NOT dry. They are consistantly good with the quality of food and the service.

I feel fortunate to have such a great bbq place so close to my house that is not like a chain.

The Waiter's Most Vile Practice

Now I'm feeling a little foolish. I put myself through college as a server, and thought that quietly refilling glasses that were near empty in an even fashion was just a way to be courteous. I never did it to get another bottle ordered. I wonder if I ever sent my one of my customers into a fit of rage or at the least, a bout of annoyance.

May 28, 2008
wineaux73 in Features

Food Gift Basket in Stamford area for death in the family

Balducci's does make nice gift baskets, but I warn you that they can get pricey, FAST. If you have them put one together for you, be sure to set a price limit. I'd suggest telling them you want a fresh variety of fruit, cheese and crackers and cookies It keeps the price lower and those are things that people respond well to. (I used to put gift baskets together for corporate events).

I did get one of those edible arrangements and they were quite good. The chocolate covered bananas were very, very tasty.

Balducci's also does a cookie or baked-goods basket that is nicely done and isn't too spendy.

Westport Farmers Market

I don't think the Imperial Ave. one is affiliated w/ the famer's market put on by the same non-profit as the one in the Playhouse parking lot.
To find out for sure, get on and ask them. They also send a monthly newsletter you can sign up for, with market info, and I get that and haven't read anything about having a third location.

Christmas Dinner at the Spinning Wheel Inn

That is absolutely hideous, Ffld!!!!!!

I put myself through college as a catering server, and on Sundays I managed a high-end brunch in the LA area. (It was a $30 brunch and this was 12 years ago).
All of the things you mentioned are very serious, and are poor planning not only on the management, but whoever puts the brunch together as a back-of-the-house manager.

They were ill-prepared for a crowd they knew about well in advance. Shame on them for ruining so many peoples' holiday.

Dining in HB

I have been to the Sugar Shack and liked it very much. It's just such a long wait in the a.m. I got shaky last time, just waiting for a table. I may eat at the house for brekkie.

I forgot all about TK. I never went to the one in HB, but the one in Newport. I really liked their fries, too.

I should add that Wahoo's is great, and it is one of the few chains that I will still go. It's ALWAYS good and one of those things I crave. Last time I was in HB I ran down there less than an hour before I had to hop on a plane home. You can't get anything like that around where I live. It's tragic!

Good to know about Savannah, I'm glad to avert disaster. Thanks so much!

Coach's, Sparks, Aloha all sound like they are in the running.

I know nothing about good Mexican in HB. I may head to LB and go to my old-time favorites just for posterity.

I lived in LB years ago, and Gazelle off of 2nd street was one of my favs. I am happy to know they have a new location closer to HB! I'll be there. They used to have this veal dish with a lemon caper sauce that was really unbelievably devine. They are really nice guys, too, although the quarters are fairly close.

I will have a car, and am not adverse to tooling around HB or LB. It's just been so long since I lived in the area that I am really at a loss. I'm sure much has come and gone in 5 years.

May 12, 2008
wineaux73 in Los Angeles Area

Help me pick a birthday dinner spot (Fairfield county)

I agree w/ those who mentioned Schoolhouse and Osetra.

The Dressing Room (at the Westport Playhouse, co-owned by Paul Newman) is absolutely lovely, although expensive. All natural foods that are for the most part organic. It's a cool setting too. Sort of like a modern barn. I'd suggest reservations.

I'm fairly new to the area, but I have been told to try Rowayton Seafood.

buffalo area recommendations please

I've never been, but a lot of my inlaws love Fiamma's.
And, right off of Hertel, not too far from Fiamma's there are several really good Italian places.

Lunch in Port Chester

I am not sure if it's open for lunch, but I recently went to Sonora for dinner on a girl's night out and had a blast. They have lots of yummy, fruity fun drinks and their tapas menu was full of delicious stuff. A really friendly and attentive staff, too, and it was a busy night.

It is a fun place.


I could have sworn I had a really good one at Apple Pan. I think I'm right.

Apr 29, 2008
wineaux73 in Los Angeles Area

Dining in HB

I go once a year (I live in the NE) to a place that a friend has right off Main Street in the summer, and I'd like to go somewhere besides Sushi on Fire. I am very open-minded, I just really hate greasy-spoon type places and not a big fan of chains.

I heard there is a new steak place off Main that is supposed to be good but expensive.

Has anyone tried the Savannah Grille, below Dukes, where Chimayo used to be?

Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

Apr 29, 2008
wineaux73 in Los Angeles Area

Deli in Long Beach?

I third Angelos...and they have this garlic spread that, although I left LB over five years ago, I still dream about it.

Olives is ok.

Apr 29, 2008
wineaux73 in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy small organic whole chickens

You have a challenge ahead of you. My significant other was in the organic poultry business for many years, so I asked him. He said, most organic poultry companies would lose money to produce and attempt to sell such a small bird, so you will have a hard time finding it in Safeway, Whole Foods, etc... He suggested you go to a smaller provider,.a small organic you would find at a local farmer's market.

Good luck to you!

CIA Restaurants

We went in Feb. to American Bounty and had an absolutely outstanding meal. Earlier that day, a snowstorm hit, and we had a little trouble getting there on time. They called to see if we were o.k., helped us find the restaurant by phone (it can be a little confusing) and came out and helped us into the restaurant. (We had a few little kids with us and it was snowy and icy.) The service was friendly and very, very attentive, and the food was really delicious and beautifully put together.
I would suggest getting the items that are samplers beautifully plated, and they really get creative and it's a wonderful way to try different things.

Be sure to stop in the main building and check out all of the gorgeous desserts in the cafe'/bakery. They have some really beautiful and delicious things.

I can't tell you when I had a nicer day this year. It was lovely to stroll the halls and view the classrooms and to meet some of the students and staffers. I

Everyone is so friendly....I can't wait to go back and try the other restaurants.

Paci, Southport, CT - Review

This is good to know, as I've been told by many in the neighborhood that it was a great restaurant and it has been on my "to visit" list.

As a veteran of the food and beverage service industry,It sounds like it is very poorly managed.

Maybe I'll try it on a weeknight instead.

Buffalo, New York

The husband is from the Buff, and we go back occasionally. SO much good food there.

Hutch's is excellent. Hip, great, fresh food.
Someone mentioned Daniel's already...YUM
There's a sushi/Japanese place I think that is called Lotus that is supposed to be pricey but is great.

Toro rocks.

I can't remember the name of it, but right on Elmwood, next to Cole's restaurant (which is good too, for bar food) is an Asian fusion restaurant that is quite good.

Pannini Paradise?

I thought of you yesterday, Jimmy, when I went for the first time to the Pine Creek Deli in Fairfield. They had, on their dry board, Pannini of the day. I contemplated correcting them, but the gal behind the counter already had a pretty withering look on her face, so I kept mum. I didn't want any nonsense going into my sandwich!

It was a good one, though; smoked turkey w/ melted mozz, and tomato and very flavorful bread. It took a lot longer than everyone else's sandwich, understandably, but was worth the wait.

Southern CT Best Farmers Market

I really love the Westport Farmer's market, which is right in the parking lot of the Dressing Room (Paul Newman is a partial owner of the eatery). It's small, but there is a really great variety; So No Bakery and another that is also a delicious and natural break maker, several organic growers who also offer some fantastic prepared meals, a couple of semi-organic growers, organic eggs that are wonderful, a honey maker, goat milk products, and some organic beef/lamb,some lovely natural teas, and a fabulous local oyster / clam harvester. It's a very small market, but the quality is quite good and is very local, in my humble opinion.

Pannini Paradise?

thank you linguist, for informing me. I am not familiar with the phrasing of Italian dishes. I just like to eat the food!

I don't think I have ever seen panino written on a menu.

Pannini Paradise?

Where to go? The last couple of places I went to and ordered a pannini, I got a cold sandwich. I want a HOT sammi, grilled to the point where the cheese is gooey perfection.
I'm seriosly considering buying my own pannini press so that I can have one whenever I want.

The last one that I had that was really good was at Slices, in Westport.

What's your top pick for a good hot sandwich?

Mendocino and Sonoma Trip

I'm sooooo glad you chose the places you did. And, it's good to know the GD was good. I used to live right behind where the GD is, and we went there every so often and it could be hit or miss. They are great w/ wine pairing, I agree.

That duck omelette @ the G and F is pretty freaking awesome. And, I always had good luck w/ wine pairing suggestions there.

'm glad you had a positive experience, and thanks for sharing. Now, you're making me homesick!

Lesser known hotdogs in CT

I freaking LOVE Burger Bar in Norwalk! One of my favorite upscale burger/dog joints.

And, Rawley's in Fairfield makes an outstanding dog and a decent burger. They have this Mel's Hellish Relish that is the bomb. Their fries are fresh and tasty, too.

Good lunch in Petaluma

I've never eaten at Water Street Bistro myself, but I have heard raves from reliable sources that I know.

casual group dining anywhere in sonoma on a saturday night with no reservations

I'd suggest you stay in Glen Ellen and try one of their places on for size. The Fig Cafe (Girl and the Fig's sister restaurant) is pretty spectacular, with lots of lovely and unique dishes, with very fresh local ingredients.

Saffron is very unique and the food and service are very well known to be outstanding
Check out the menu and see if it sets your mouth watering:

IMO The Wolfe House is a very casual place with good, simple food. I had a pulled pork sandwich there that I still dream about.

While on your hike at Jack London, do take the time to go into his original home, where his wife, Charmaine lived until she died. There are a ton of their personal belongings and things they collected from their travels, which is a pretty fascinating look into their lives.

Good lunch in Petaluma

I agree w/ Scott:

Cucina Paradiso is pretty good.

Dempsey's is good and fun too. Good beer.

Sonoma in April! Good lunch suggestions?

I agree w/ those who said the Red Grape is good. My last experience there wasn't that great though, service-wise.

I haven't lived in Sonoma for about a year, so I am not sure if Ledson shut down the restaurant. I'd be surprised if they did. I thought the shop next door was their tasting room? The one w/ lots of high priced kitchen stuff and linens? I could be wrong. I never went in.

Sonoma in April! Good lunch suggestions?

I just thought of another one in Point Reyes. It's probably been mentioned somewhere on this board at some point, The Station Cafe. They have a really nice garden, and I beleive the majority of their food is local, organic. I had oysters from Tomales bay (nearby) and they were absolutely delicious. They use Neiman ranch beef, which is good quality stuff, IMO. The veggies in my salad were tasteful. Service was ok, but the atmosphere was even better.

Try the Point Reyes Bleu cheese! yum...........................

Sonoma in April! Good lunch suggestions?

Oh, and I should say that the Seaweed cafe in Bodega was good too. Organic, and they change their menu seasonally and have some unique stuff, usually. And it's a pretty restaurant. But, it's kinda expensive. Well, so much is around there, but at least it isn't mediocre and run of the mill in taste, like Inn at the Tides. Rip off 'O Rama!

Bostonians looking for chow near Golden Gate Park

I like Park Chow, but I think it's too pricey for what it is (not super special). But I like Darla's too, and agree their burger is yummy.

Sonoma in April! Good lunch suggestions?

some people may argue with me, but I really like the Sandpiper in Bodega bay. They have decent chowder, the view is of the marina is nice, and it's a well-kept restaurant with a nice local wine list. The staff is pretty friendly, too. I had grilled salmon the last time I was there, my friend had fish and chips, and my s/o had a sort of seafood stew and it was all quite good. It's been about a year, but I ate there several times last year and thought it was good and not too touristy.