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Looking for good food in Mooresville, NC. Specifically fresh seafood.

For seafood, try Restaurant X in Davidson, about 13 minutes from mooresville. Intimate and special, without being stuffy. A wide-ranging and creative menu--and their seafood dishes are always delicious!

Mar 24, 2012
staceyinNC in Southeast

Calling on Hendersonville-ites

Resistance is futile!

Feb 10, 2012
staceyinNC in Southeast

looking for great mexican or peruvian food

Hi, Everyone -

Wanted to thank you all for your great suggestions and loop back to let you know what I tried.

Had brunch Sunday at Mundia Cocina Mestiza, and it was FANTASTIC! Had the garncha trio -- three masa cakes with different fillings and a kind of smoky salsa -- delicious. The masa was light, and the salsa was just perfect. Then had eggs on a kind of sweet masa roll. Again, the masa was light (I guess I'm used to heavier masa) -- and the eggs reminded me of breakfast in Mexico.

I was the only one in the restaurant at 11 a.m. on a Sunday (maybe it gets busier later in the day?), and the server paid wonderful attention -- made me feel special. I'll DEFINITELY go back here next time I'm in Chicago.

Also, I loved the interesting neighborhood (wandered over to a giant yard sale at a nearby church before the restaurant opened). And really, the art in the Pilsen CTA station alone was worth the trip from downtown!

Had lunch Monday at Blackbird (not part of my original plan, I know), and really enjoyed it. Light, summery, whimsical without being over the top. Had the prix fix lunch, and thought it was very good: a salad of baby greens with a simple dressing, a chicken entree, and a cheeky chocolate dessert -- crumbled chocolate cake-y thing with an incredible raspberry sorbet.

The real discovery, though, was Mundial Cocina Mestiza! Thanks for a GREAT recommendation! I've been to a lot of great Mexican restaurants -- and I'm really glad to have had a chance to experience this one!

Mundial Cocina Mestiza
1640 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Jul 15, 2011
staceyinNC in Chicago Area

Farmers' Market in Columbia, SC?

I'm going hiking near Columbia, SC, Saturday a.m.

Anyone know of a good farmers' market in the area?


Jul 07, 2011
staceyinNC in Southeast

Trip to Asheville and Charleston

I second this nomination for The Admiral! (I live two hours away and eat there as often as possible. Am taking friends from out of state this Friday AND Saturday night.)

Jun 20, 2011
staceyinNC in Southeast

looking for great mexican or peruvian food

These sound fantastic. Many thanks!

Jun 20, 2011
staceyinNC in Chicago Area

looking for great mexican or peruvian food

Had never heard of this -- but it sounds fantastic! Thanks for the great idea!

Jun 20, 2011
staceyinNC in Chicago Area

looking for great mexican or peruvian food

Also, I should've mentioned: I'll be staying at the Downtown Marriott, and I won't have a car. But I will have access to cabs and public transportation!

Thanks again -

Jun 16, 2011
staceyinNC in Chicago Area

looking for great mexican or peruvian food

I'll be in Chicago for three days in mid-July and would like to eat at some great Mexican or Peruvian restaurants while i'm there.

I'd hoped to go to Topolobampo -- but I'm there Sunday a.m.-Tuesday a.m., and the restaurant is closed at those times! Also, I had LOOOOOVED a place called Chilpancingo -- but I understand they're closed.

Any recommendations for me? THanks!

445 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

Jun 16, 2011
staceyinNC in Chicago Area

Burrito Loco, Mooresville, NC -- Prickly Pear Connection

Had lunch today at a new place, Burrito Loco, in Mooresville, NC -- I think it's owned by the same folks who own the Prickly Pear. Located on Hwy 150 near Iredell Rd., in a strip mall; it's a couple of doors down from a tienda, in a location that used to house another Mexican restaurant.

Burrito Loco is a different feel and mood from the Prickly Pear -- the menu features tacos, burritos, and quesadillas -- good street food. Pretty straightforward and not as fancy as PP (and no bar, either) -- but the tacos were good! Nicely seasoned, on good, soft tortillas, with authentic crumbled cheese on the top. Each order has two substantial tacos, along w/chips and salsa for something like $5 or $6. A great bargain.

They've only been open for three weeks, and so the place isn't decorated yet. I took my food to go -- so I can't speak to the quality of the service.

Nothing fancy -- but the place was a pleasant surprise for me. Would love to hear what others think.

Prickly Pear
761 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115

Jun 10, 2011
staceyinNC in Southeast

Any good eats in DAVIDSON, NC?

I live in Davidson, and Restaurant X is the hidden gem you're looking for! Small, and a "special" meal, without being too fancy or froofy. They do an AMAZING job w/seafood --but their other dishes are terrific, too. Perfect for a pre-theatre meal.

Restaurant X
408 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Jun 09, 2011
staceyinNC in Southeast

Great bakery in Asheville?

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

I've been several times now -- have tried Flat Rock Village Bakery, City Bakery, and Farm and Sparrow, and they're all delicious!

I have to say that I've fallen in love w/Farm and Sparrow -- their breads are delicious, and their croissants are aMAzing. That little chocolate brioche thing? Oh, my goodness.

THanks again for your great suggestions -- can't wait for my next trip to Asheville.

Village Bakery Cafe
125 Pitt St, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Aug 11, 2010
staceyinNC in Southeast

Mexican restaurant in Brevard, NC?

I'm hiking near the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend. I remember hearing about a great Mexican place in Brevard, NC -- but I can't remember the name. Any ideas? Many thanks!

Blue Ridge
84 Blue Ridge Cir, Black Mountain, NC 28711

Jul 30, 2010
staceyinNC in Southeast

Peru -- Lima, Cusco (Cuzco), Aguas Calientes, Puno report

Oh, also, another place that deserves to be mentioned: In Lima, El Ricon Que No Conosces (which translates as THe Corner No One Knows).

Not at all fancy and well off the beaten path -- definitely worth seeking out.

I was there on Saturday, July 17, and they were celebrating La Fiesta de Frijos (the festival of beans). Several long buffet tables, laden with 20 or 30 different kind of bean dishes. I thought that was plenty, but when I got back from the buffet, the server brought out a large plate w/meat, eggs, emanadas and more "to accompany the frijoles." The flavor on everything was incredible -- and what a fun, interesting variety of tasy dishes.

The place was packed, mostly w/locals. The owner/chef came over during the meal to introduce herself and say hello, and I'm really glad she did. I was grateful for the opportunity to complement her and tell her how special the meal was.

Peru -- Lima, Cusco (Cuzco), Aguas Calientes, Puno report

I also just returned from a week in Peru -- and we ate at different places! I won't go into a lot of detail, but here are some highlights.

By far my favorite place in Cusco was the restaurant at the MAP (the Museo Archeological Prehistorico, I think). The service was slow getting organized -- but the meal, oh, the meal...

I started with the Khapchi, their signature dish. It's a kind of mushroom stew, w/puff pastry on the top. The waiter cut open the puff pastry to reveal a single red pepper on top of a lovely bright yellow stew decorated w/mushrooms. The mushrooms -- all local and fresh -- were rich and flavorful, and the sauce, made w/white wine and aji amarillo, I think -- was incredible. I couldn't get enough!

I thought the khapchi was the best meal of my life...until the waiter brought the ceviche I ordered! Again, the presentation was stunning, a bright yellow sauce surrounding a hot rock in the middle of the bowl. The shrimps were delicate and perfectly cooked, and the sauce was citrusy -- you could definitely taste the lime, and maybe some orange, too.

Of course I had dessert -- which was, again, amazing! I ordered Lucuma Kisses Done Five Ways -- a treatment featuring the local fruit in foam, syrup, candy and cookie format (plus one more). All of these treatments were wrapped up in a hard chocolate shell, w/coffee ice cream on the side. I *love* chocolate, and I *love* ice cream -- but to be honest, they were completely superfluous here. The highlight was the lucuma, which was SO lucious and rich. Amazing.

All of this for $40 -- and a beautiful outdoor setting.

In Lima, I ate at Restaurant Huaca Llana; great setting, good food.

I have to say that I was kind of disappointed in the food I had at two of Gaston Acurio's restaurants (Chi Cha in Cusco, and Astrid y Gaston in Lima). Maybe I didn't order well -- I had a seafood appetizer that was incredible, but the rest didn't make me want to use exclamation points -- felt like the flavor was really kind of bland. Still, I think he's a great ambassador for Peru.

And what a wonderful country! Not just for food, but for history, culture, and the people. A fabulous visit.

Asheville - Best of 2009

What would you list for best bakery? Someplace that has wonderful, European-style breads? (I'm visiting this weekend...)

Jun 21, 2010
staceyinNC in Southeast

gettysburg baking co. -- delicious!

They say that man can't live on bread alone -- but I could. Really.

And since I travel a lot, I like trying bread in the places that I visit.

Two weeks ago, I was visiting friends in Gettysburg, PA, and they told me about a great bakery, called the Gettysburg Baking Co., that's recently opened outside of town, in Biglerville. Mark, the baker, used to bake in Gettysburg -- but he's recently moved to a former doughnut place in Biglerville, about 10 minutes from Gettysburg.

I stocked up on bread while I was there -- took home a loaf of the multigrain, a loaf of sourdough, a raisin-cinnamon brioche, and some granola. And while I was at the bakery I enjoyed the best sticky bun I've ever had!

The bread I brought home was incredible -- the best I've ever had (and remember, I've had a lot). The multigrain was grainy and nutritious -- while avoiding the dense heaviness that too often comes with breads like this. The sourdough was nicely tangy, with just the right amount of crust. And the raisin brioche made beautiful French toast!

The bakery adjoins a restaurant, called Pomona, that is also supposedly very good (though it was closed for a private function the day we were there).

Definitely worth seeking out the next time you're in the area! And the bread travels well, too.

Here's the URL:

Jun 21, 2010
staceyinNC in Pennsylvania

Great bakery in Asheville?

I'm heading to Asheville this weekend for some hiking and some crafts. While I'm there, I want to pick up some great bread. A friend of mine told me that he just read about a great bakery in Asheville -- but he couldn't remember the name. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Jun 21, 2010
staceyinNC in Southeast

Thai in Charlotte?

Any recommendations for good, fresh, authentic Thai food in or near Charlotte? Thanks!

Feb 25, 2010
staceyinNC in Southeast

little kitchen, mooresville, nc

I've been meaning to go there for a year--but when I got there last Friday, the door was locked. And no one answers the phone. Does anyone know if this restaurant is still open? Hope I'm not too late...

Sunday dinner in Davidson

Restaurant X in Davidson is good, and open Sundays, I think. 131 Main in Huntersville/Cornelius is also nice. My favorite (El Paraiso in Davidson) -- authentic Mexican/Salvadoran food, family-owned and run -- is closed on Sunday.


I'm heading to Champaign-Urbana later this week for Roger Ebert's film festival. Any recommendations? (Also: I'm flying into and out of Indianapolis, so would welcome recommendations for places between the airport and C-U, too.)

new seafood place in charlotte -- gw fins

Had dinner last night at GW Fins in Charlotte. It's new -- opened in November, on Tryon between 8th and 9th. Delicious food (the menu changes daily so that they can serve what's fresh and best), and helpful, friendly service. Also, they have a chef's table in the kitchen, where you and seven friends can eat a specially planned meal while you watch the kitchen at work. Convenient for anyone who's downtown, and definitely worth a try!

Oaxaca for dummies

I've been to Oaxaca several times, and always make a point of eating at La Olla. The food is fresh, unpretentious, and beautifully prepared, and their menu del dia is invariably terrific. Ambience is lovely, too

Mar 21, 2008
staceyinNC in Mexico

Best Mexico area to vacation for food (and culture)?

I'll add my voice to those who've suggested Oaxaca. I've been to Oaxaca five or six times (on my own) and DF twice (also solo). Both places are rich and vibrant -- with weeks' worth of culture and food. But if you've never been before, I think Oaxaca's the best place to start. More manageable than Mexico City -- and the food is really special. The people are friendly and eager to help (especially given some civil unrest a while back that has too greatly diminished the number of tourists visiting there. Great culture; Oaxaca is the most indigenous state in Mexico, and the arts and crafts are spectacular, challenging and interesting. There's one street near the zocalo that smells of chocolate; you can watch mole being made. And the Saturday market is not to be missed -- especially if you're a food lover. Mexico City is fascinating -- and I suppose that by virtue of size alone it has *more* to offer. But the depth of Oaxaca's offerings (in both food and culture) is extraordinary, and for a first-timer it's a wonderful introduction to Mexico.

Regardless of where you go, have a great time -- and I hope you have a chance to go back a second time and visit whichever places don't make your itinerary this time.

Mar 21, 2008
staceyinNC in Mexico

Restaurant X, Cornelius, NC

It's great -- for either lunch or dinner. Really good food (especially anything involving seafood -- and try the spring roll appetizers), and very friendly service. The clientele is (are?) more grownups than college students. The seating area can seem small, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, or during a lunch rush; I think they take reservations for dinner. They also serve Sunday brunch, which comes highly recommended.