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Dat'l Do It in TO?

Does anyone know where datil pepper condiments are sold in the GTA?

Aug 14, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Diners, drive-ins and dives

The whole point of Triple-D is showcasing independent restaurants that offer transcendent or novel food in humble surroundings -- and by that criterion, there aren't too many places in Ontario that could end up on Triple-D. Weber's is mediocre, maybe a step up from McDonald's but nothing more, and while I agree that Camp 31 is among the best BBQ places in Ontario, there are many many places in the US that are better (and this show, after all, is intended for an American audience).

If I were to nominate any places in Ontario, I would choose Gandhi Roti, which offers an interesting alternative to the West Indian roti, or Caplansky's, since nobody else is doing fusion smoked meat (Montreal-style cured brisket with Texas-style wood smoking).

May 08, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best place to buy a Weber gas grill in the GTA?

No wonder, Centro grills are made in China; as a wise man once said, "Good ain't cheap and cheap ain't good."

Although I've never bought a grill at Sobies, I have purchased lots of accessories there, and have always found them friendly and helpful.

Mar 29, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Canbe Foods Inc

Have been in a few times -- it's essentially a South Asian takeout place. The food isn't bad at all, and the prices are very reasonable.

Mar 25, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


I think you mean Burnhamthorpe, not Bathhurst.

Mar 05, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The "What's good in Peel" thread.. (BRAMPTON/MISSISSAUGA Only please) :^)

Funny you should mention that Blue Sage should need more smoke -- this is probably not an accident, evidently Canadians (at least Ontarians) don't much care for the flavor of smoke (I was told this by the proprietor of a BBQ restaurant in the GTA).

I will give Blue Sage props for at least offering an Alabama-style white sauce. Too few BBQ places here stray far away from the standard ketchup-based sauce, so it's nice to find one that's willing to offer something different.

Mar 02, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Shawarmas in Toronto

Lately, I've been going to the Israeli places in Thornhill for shawarma. Anybody else have any experience with them; how do they compare with the downtown, "Lawrence of Arabia" and Ottawa places?

Feb 20, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Do good subs exist in Toronto?

Good luck -- I have to go back to Connecticut to get my subs (actually, grinders, as they're known there); for the most part, the only subs you can get here are from the chains and are better left undiscussed. BTW, where can I get one of these subs in Montreal?

Feb 10, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to buy a flavor injector in GTA

You should be able to use it for any type or cut of meat that is thick enough -- it's basically a big syringe.
I don't remember where I picked mine up, but check out the big barbecue stores here in the GTA -- Sobie's in North York, Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughn, or Barbecues Galore in Oakville or Burlington.

Jan 30, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I went tonight and got the pulled pork sandwich -- was just OK, nothing special, especially since there was no coleslaw for the top (which is unforgivable -- any Q place should always have coleslaw available, it's not like you have to throw it out at the end of the night). Honestly, I can do much better at home.
The real problem with places like this, and they are popping up all over the GTA, is that they have as much to do with real barbecue as Bento Nouveau has to do with real sushi -- there's not a whole lot of inspiration or creativity here, and the food ends up being a pale substitute for the real thing. Why does everything have the same seasonings and the same sauce -- pork and beef are two different meats, shouldn't they be treated differently? I would love to see someone do Memphis-style dry ribs properly, for example, or using a Carolina-style mustard or vinegar sauce on their pulled pork. I'd also like to see a few more authentic sides than the slaw, beans and cornbread most places sell -- Smokin' Bones at least has that right.
I know that Canadians are not very sophisticated when it comes to Q -- one restaurant owner confided in me that Canadians generally don't like a heavy smoke flavor, which is really what Q is about -- but it's ultimately up to these restaurants to educate their clientele on the finer points of Q.

Jan 26, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Gebhardt's Chili Powder

I was in a couple of Highland Farms over the weekend and didn't see it... if anyone is in Fiesta Foods in the next few days, can you see if they have it?

Jan 24, 2010
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to get Old Bay seasoning

Did you try Michael Angelo's or Highland Farms?

Nov 08, 2009
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

I know it's not a food, but I liked their Refresh citrus body lotion, which I can't seem to find in any TJ in the Northeast.

Oct 18, 2009
adkatz in Chains

Trip to Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back? (moved from Ontario board)

Happily, I found Plochman's at Tops in Niagara Falls... I just wish TO were half the foodie town Buffalo is!

Oct 18, 2009
adkatz in General Topics

Trip to Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back? (moved from Ontario board)

To understand the relationship between Aldi and Trader Joe's, one has to know that Aldi is actually two separate chains, each owned by a different Albrecht brother: Aldi North, which is based in Northern Germany, and Aldi South, based in Southern Germany. Each chain has expanded into other countries, with Aldi South going into the US. Trader Joe's, on the other hand, is owned by Aldi North. In other words, in the US, Aldi and Trader Joe's are separate operations, although they share a similar emphasis on house brands.

Sep 19, 2009
adkatz in General Topics

Trip to Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back? (moved from Ontario board)

What about Plochman's mustard; is it available in any of the supermarkets? I'm interested in trying their Chili Dog mustard.

Sep 18, 2009
adkatz in General Topics

Road Food in CT.

You'll have to stay on I-95 (the Merritt veers north after Milford, becoming the Wilbur Cross Pkwy and Berlin Turnpike before ending up in Hartford). More importantly, what do you want to eat, and where do you want to stop? Your best bet is seafood (there are a number of places along the CT Turnpike), but there is great pizza in New Haven as well, and Kitchen Little in Mystic is well known for breakfasts.

Grote & Weigel, Hummel, Copaco -- where to buy in CT?

Looking to buy some Grote & Weigel or Hummel franks or Copaco salamis -- can you name me any supermarkets (or meat markets) that carry any of these brands in Central Connecticut?

Best Pizza in Toronto.

Considering how large the Italian population is here, the dire pizza situation is very disappointing. My suggestion would be to eat Chinese, and have pizza when you get back home.

Sep 05, 2009
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for a decent hot dog

Where can one find a good all-beef frank in Montreal? This place seems to be overrun with steamie places, but I really don't like pork or mixed dogs, and the only flavor I get from the Costco franks is salt.

Aug 21, 2009
adkatz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Montreal smoked meat is not really smoked?

If wood or charcoal is used in the cooking process, imparting a distinctive flavor to the food, one could say the food is actually smoked. As delicious as Montréal smoked meat is, I don't pick up any smoke flavor; steamed meat is probably more accurate, if less appetizing sounding.

Caplansky's in Toronto actually does smoke its brisket, resulting in a hybrid that tastes more like Texas than Montréal.

Best Rugelach in GTA

Where can one find good rugelach here in Toronto? I'm looking for something like what you can get at Cheskie's in Montreal -- a moist, plump crescent, not something dry and crumbly.

Mar 13, 2009
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hakka in Mississauga

Has anyone been to both the Ming Room and Bao-Shin in Mississauga, and if so, which one did you prefer? Or, if you were at either, what did you think? And finally, are there any other Hakka restaurants in Mississauga you would recommend? Thanks.

Jan 28, 2008
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Craving fig gelato

La Paloma (St. Clair at Lansdowne, plus other stores in Woodbridge and Vaughan Mills) has fig gelato in season; it's one of their specialties and definitely worth checking out.

Jan 24, 2008
adkatz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Far Western vs. Hitching Post -- What's the best?

I will be in the Santa Maria area in a few weeks and wish to know which restaurant is better (and why) -- the Far Western Tavern or the Hitching Post. Also, if there are any other worthy restaurants in the area, please let me know.


Jul 07, 2006
adkatz in California