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Milanos Get Melty

Did no one else think these were like grown up Magic Middles?

Jun 11, 2011
colordiva02 in Features

How to Break Bricks of Brown Sugar

i've seen people put a piece of terracotta (they make disks specially for this) in their brown sugar to keep it soft.

Mar 25, 2009
colordiva02 in Features

Zen Bars

if you pour the condensed milk on the graham crust before layering everything else on, and press down on the layers before baking, it should do what its supposed to.

Mar 19, 2009
colordiva02 in Recipes

Gluten free restaurant options?

Fresh City is pretty common, especially if you are traveling on the Mass Pike, and they have a GF menu as well.

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Luna pizza in West Hartford, CT is pretty good, but I'd have to say my favorite is Randy's Wooster Street in Manchester. its a really thin crust, and the edge gets almost cracker-crunchy.

Burger/Pizza places near Natick

Hi all,

I've been here about a year, and am still trying to find places to eat. I feel like I'm too far away from Boston to really find some favorites, but I was hoping someone could help me out.

I know about Casey's in Natick Center, but are there any great burger places near Natick? Five Guys in Dedham was farther away than I thought it would be, and I'm tired of driving 40 minutes to Red Robin in Milbury!

Also, if anyone's got recommendations for pizza, they'd be appreciated as well. North End Treats has fallen a little flat for me, and I like Nick's (the boyfriend prefers Pizza Peddler) but I just wanted to know if we'd missed a really great pizza spot. Thanks!

lunchtime with my jewish cousin

Hi everyone,

My cousin and her husband are coming up Labor Day weekend for a wedding, and I'm taking them out to lunch on Sunday. Every time I go to Washington D.C. and see them, they take me out to dinner, so i'm looking for a nice place. Also, they keep kosher. Anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for the Boston to Natick area. Thanks!