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Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

Went to Papa Jackie last night and checked out the price of the chicken rice. $23.95. Pretty expensive.

Hao Hao: Shanghai style restaurant in verdun

I know this is an old thread, but I'd like to know if the other patrons were western or Asians? That's always a good clue to the authenticity of the food. The clients at Lotus Bleu are usually Asian, for example.

Another surprise to me, I thought this would have been part of the "new " Chinatown , but apparently this resto has been around for many years...but sort of off the radar? I couldn't find any web reviews at all.

Montreal Chinese Butter-Roll (butta-lo) recipe

those butter rolls are legendary in a certain generation of Montrealers Just this Christmas, a few of us reminisced about them, drooling one and all. Do you remember their delicious pound cake sold in a loaf or by the slice I can still remember the special texture and taste and have never had it anywhere or been able to replicate it. Their boston cream pie..wow. Everyone knows Ho Ho and nobody's ever been able to duplicate those rolls.

Salted fish bits

thanks Sophie! I'm gonna try those fishcakes, the pictures are making me drool.

They're cheap too, under $5 for the bag.

Feb 17, 2014
Montreal_eater in Home Cooking

Salted fish bits

I bought a bag of salted fish bits on impulse and now I don't know what to do with them. I guess I could mix them potatoes or put them into a white chowder.

Any creative ideas out there?

Feb 17, 2014
Montreal_eater in Home Cooking

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

Yep that's it. Sometimes I sort of transcribe from Chinese to English. It's delicious.

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

If they have it, it'll be written with the specials of the day, in fluorescent marker. They only make a certain number of servings per day, something like 7or 8 orders. I'm' sure that if you call in advance, they'll advise you if it's available or you can pre order it. Their weekend lunches are good, prices are just a bit higher than other places but the standard noodle/rice dishes have always been tasty.

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

hmm. I'm wondering if the chicken dish was between 13-17$ instead? I could be mistaken about my original $23-$28 estimate. The fish price is correct. My mother will never forget that meal, lol...

I forgot to answer the Jing Hua question. They are not the original owners. Jing Hua has been around quite a long time, at least 10 years. There were more than a few hygiene issues a few years ago, although it seemed to have improved with these owners, and at least last summer they were doing a bustling business.

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

I can recommend the Haikkan (sp?) chicken rice at Papa Jackies. You don't get a whole lot of steamed chicken, but it's tasty and sufficient for two people if you add a vegetable dish. The true attraction for those in the know is the rice that's cooked in the chicken fat/broth so it cooks up nice and fragrant. A delicious, subtle dish. It's not cheap, somewhere between $23-28 I believe, but it's good.

I do like this place. But it's not always good value. My auntie and Mother were quite aghast when they ordered the steamed fish of the day. It was $34 and absolutely delicious, but if you can believe, they got one medium sized filet, with the bone. That's right, one SIDE of the fish for $34. Now, this type of tomfoolery is really not taken very well by the Asian community, which may be one reason why it doesn't do as well as it should, given the quality of the cooking. You can bet that story was circulated in the grapevine.

My suggestion is to always ask the price first of whatever dishes they suggest. I noticed the fish was being pushed hard that night. Of course, they wanted to sell out their servings but that was really ridiculous.

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

reliable source? let's see..a friend told me he heard it was closing down. Then my mother told me she heard it through the grapevine..can't beat the seniors' grapevine.
But then I got another update, that it was being closed temporarily as the owner was going to Asia for a month or so. So..somewhere in there is the kernel of Papa Jackie soon to be closed.

Jing Hua has been closed for more than 5 days already. Word through the same grapevine was that one of the partners left, and the other partner couldn't sustain the business. We were a party of ten there on new year's day and the food was good but terribly slow. One slow course at a time. The place was not full but they refused our friend's reservation attempt for the same night. Later on she heard it was because they had so few staff working, and can certainly vouch for that theory.

Too bad they are having troubles, they've had a lot of ups and downs and they finally got a very good chef last summer, where I had at least 6 large family dinners. But then again it would be an extremely good thing to renovate the place..way overdue.

Red Ginger on Decarie

If you like Korean, the best bet is probably Maru on Sherbrooke and Girouard. The spicy beef soup is not to be missed.

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

You'd better go run to Pap Jackies if you want to go.
Word on the street that it is closing down imminently, if not already
Too bad. It was a bit expensive but the food was delicious. Well cooked and some different dishes from the other restaurants.
Jing Hua on Taschereau has closed down as well.

non GMO tofu

horium tofu is delicious and organic. I get it at Tai Foo.

Korean Food

I don't know if they have delivery, but here's a recommendation for Maru on 5461 Sherbrooke Ouest, corner of Girouard. It's been open about 4 months, and the food was definitely good, I preferred it to Hwang Kum which tastes bland to me. I had tofu stew, and my friend had the short ribs.

Very tasty. The price was reasonable and the waiter was very nice and prompt. My second favorite is Shabu Shabu on St. Jacques.

Tai Leung Restaurant 844 D├ęcarie in Ville St-Laurent

They do have the best wonton noodle soup in town. Many years ago they used to own a restaurant in chinatown which was famous for the same soup. The place was called Fung Shin (spelling questionable, the business was sold with the name, so it may still be there on St. laurent).

West Island Chinese food

We ordered seafood chow mein, yang chow fried fried rice, beef stew, stir-fried beef with rice noodles, water spinach cooked with garlic and bean curd and curried chicken. The beef stew was a little salty and the tendons were not quite tender enough but the flavour was delicious. Everything was delicious, but the water spinach was especially good. This latter dish is naturally salty due to the sodium in the bean curd. We came in around 6 20 adnd the place was empty. About 20 minutes later, it was full, so we just beat the rush. Keep in mind this is a small place; about 1/3 of the size of the original site on CDN. There were several parties waiting for a table when we left around 7 30pm. Looks like a popular family spot.

I don't know what the szechuan style dishes would taste like, as I always order Cantonese food in restos, and I know this restaurant is really Cantonese.

West Island Chinese food

We are talking about NEITHER Kam Shing nor Kam Fung . The restaurant in question is now called Nouveau Maison Kam. 8 years, it was located on CDN and called Maison Kam. I couldn't resist checking it out tonight. I asked the waiter, (who actually looks familiar) and he confirmed they have been at their current location for 8 years and that indeed, it was the Maison Kam of my recollection. The previous owner I suppose is retired, as he was not there. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The plates were generous, and the food was tasty if a little salty. Comforting old fashioned Cantonese food. I can't believe I didn't find out they actually moved as opposed to closing down.

West Island Chinese food

is this really the reincarnation of the Maison Kam that used to be on CDN, the site of which was taken over by the grocery store Kim Phat? (close by the CDN mall). I can't believe it, that place closed down close to 10 yrs ago. They had a wonderful cook, everything was good there and so reasonable.I used to lunch there at least 3 times a week.

Are you sure the waiter was referring to that same place? The owner was a charming, stout gentleman in his 60s (my guess) at the time. I actually heard he retired when the owners wouldn't renew his lease. If it's the same gang, I'd make the hike up there to try it out. Interesting bit of trivia. Once I saw the weathergirl Lila Feng having dinner there, and was told she was the owner's daughter.

Yangtze on Van Horne claimed by fire Sunday night

Does anyone know if the VAn Horne location is running again, and if the eggrolls taste the same? They're pretty tasty..BTW, nothing else tastes good there except for the rice noodles with beef. For some reason, they are fantastic, easily equalling Chinatown versions. They chow mein on the other hand...

Zeppole Time

I bought a dozen zepole lst week at Boulangerie NDG. Was my first time. Got 8 ricotta, and 4 cream. They were really good, and had a lot of filling. Delicious. At $2.75 each, it's an expensive way to feed a crowd. But once a year..I can do it! Havn't tried them anywhre else.

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

I'll be trying out these suggestions for my own enjoyment. Thanks for the comments, very useful.

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

I just phoned them. $15.60 per dozen. Anyone know of a less expensive alternative, albeit still delicious? Thanks for the recommendation Snackhappy, I would be looking for a happy medium if possible.

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

I've always loved this little crusty egg tarts in the restos, but have never bought them at the bakery. Now I would like to purchase at at least a few dozen for an event, but if they are going to cost $1 or over, it would blow the budget.

Any recommendations on the best value and delicious tarts in town? I live on the South Shore, but will go a reasonable distance into Montreal, the East end, etc.


Any Egyptian restaurants in Montreal?

After reading this post, I made the trek to Chateauguay. I visited Egypt a few years ago on a typical tourist junket and enjoyed the food. Very tasty stuff, so I was happy to try out this place. Liked it a lot. The foule was good and it was just nice to have a different breakfast from the usual eggs/waffles etc.. The service was lovely, and the coffee was delicious. Very nice indeed. I'd return.

Fantastic Big Flat Lamb Noodle Soup in Verdun

I've been going there about once every 2 months. Now I'm fixated on the Spicy Pork Soup instead of the lamb soup. Stir fried spicy ground pork topping delicate laifun noodles. Very delicate and refined. Lunch time isn't busy at all, usually we are the only table with perhaps one or two additional occupied tables. Although it seems that tourists also read Chowhound; a pair of South African tourists came in last time I was there, stopped cold when they saw the decor, then sat down and ordered the lamb soup and had a nice chat with the owner.

Authentic sushi restaurant

There is an authentic and locally popular place in Brossard, on Rome blvd called Sushi Yasu. The chef is Japanese, and they often offer specials on the board. There is also a lot of non sushi cooked choices, and everything I've had, especialy the grilled eel on rice has been delicious. This place is quite well known in the Brossard area, and I've seen a lot of Japanese clients there as well. I really like it much better than anyplace downtown, or "fancy". http://sushiyasu.ca/

Sushi Yasu
1200 Boul Rome, Brossard, QC J4W3H3, CA

Fantastic Big Flat Lamb Noodle Soup in Verdun

After reading these posts, three of us finally made it out to lunch today eager for lamb noodle soup. Afer seeing there was a dollar difference between the large and small sizes, we all opted for the large. In addition we had an order of pork and chive steamed dumplings (20 in an order for 5.99, what a deal !), and a small plate of vermicelli salad with seawood. The salad was good but not special enough to re-order. The dumplings were good though, a generous serving, with a thick and rustic skin that turned out to be (I believe :-) the same daough as a the noodles. Very nice and much better than the infamous Qing Hua version, in my opinion. The large noodle soups were HUGE. With the appetizers or another dish, one can easily serve two people. The noodles were soft with a lovely texture, and even though they were rolled quite thickly, they sure were easy to slurp down. I ate the entire bowl with some difficulty, but it was so good I had to give it my best shot. However the two male friends with normally healthy appetites didn't do as well as me, and ended up taking the leftovers home. in a word, YUM YUM YUM. Can't wait to have the soup again, and the chicken next time too. People who are resto decor snobs be warned that the place has a certain charm about it; i felt like we were in Asia in a neighborhood diner..loved it! We ended up a $33 bill for three, not bad at all and we certainly enjoyed the meal. I suppose a meal with more protein would be more costly.

Hoai Huong

I know that restaurant well. I used to go there a few times a week in the mid 90's into about 2000. I was introduced to it by Vietnamese friends who also all enjoyed going there. However about that time period, we all noticed that the quality of the food and the portion size was going down quite noticeably. Many of our friends stopped frequenting it at thime. Good to hear that it seems to have recovered its mojo.

Zao report

I've been to this restaurant several times for dinner. I find the food much more refined than the offerings at Fu Kam Wah, which can be heavy and greasy. The food was well cooked, the dishes were savoury and well seasoned. Even my little 10 yr old niece remarked that the fried rice was much better tha at FKW, where we'd eaton the night before. I asked for a dish not on the menu, of steamed clams on a bed of vermicelli. They forgot the vermicelli, but the soupy clams were delicious.

Braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (Chinese-Hakka dish) in Montreal? Where can I find it?

You can find this dish at most of the restaurants in Chinatown with no problem. If you ask for fatty pork or bacon you might have better luck with the waiter. I've also ordered this dish often at Fu Kam Wah n St. Laurent.