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Tandoori-Style Marinade

I agree. Tandoori is always red in color. Curry powder isn't even used in Indian cooking.

I'd use: spicy red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder (whole seeds toasted and then grinded for superb flavor) and very little turmeric instead of the curry powder.

I would also add grated onion & minced fresh green chili's.

Jul 06, 2009
JanuC29 in Recipes

Athidhi in Sunnyvale

Dear C. Thi Nguyen, All the dishes that you described in your newsletter are not South Indian food. They are all North Indian dishes. North Indian dishes include: naan, any tandoori meat, any type of paneer, goat, etc... South Indian dishes include: dosa, idli, rasam, uttapam, etc... Just to clarify. Looking at their menu they carry both.

Cooking Schools/Classes in San Francisco?


I am a professional working 8 to 5 in SOMA district.

I'm want to take cooking classes in the evenings. I can't find classes that are less than $100 per class, and they seem like one off classes - that are more for group entertainment/corporate events than actual learning.

Does anyone know of more affordable classes - they can be longer in length (evenings/weekends only), or know of people that will come to your home to teach you how to cook (pay hourly)?

I am interested in learning how to cook cuisines from across the globe.

Thanks! :)