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Caramel Nut Acorn Cookies Are Too Greasy

I have tried making these cookies three times following the recipe below and each time the finished cookies are too greasy. When I shape the cookies into a ball I have melted butter oozing out in the process. Anyone else experience this issue ? On my last effort I tried cutting back on the amount of butter by 3 tablespoons but am not sure how much can be cut without affecting taste and texture.
I have also tried creaming the butter and sugar which seemed to help with the greasiness but family have said the cookie texture was not the same, which I expected. My mom used this recipe and I don't remember the greasy texture of the cookie.

Recipe for cookie omitting caramel/nut dip:

21/2 C flour
1/2 tsp baking pwdr.

Melt 1 C butter
Stir in:
3/4 C brown sugar
1 TSP vanilla
1/3 C finely chopped nuts

Add dry ingredients ; mix well

Shape into balls , flatten one side and pinch top into a peak.
Bake at 350 for 15-18 min.

Any suggestions or is this to be expected with the melted butter method used?

Dec 03, 2011
meesch in Home Cooking

Belgique cookware

I bought the 14 piece copper bottom set last weekend. I have used most of the pieces and have to say that so far so good. I like matched sets of cookware and have found that I do utilize the majority of the pieces on a regular basis.

The pieces all seem durable, heat is evenly distributed, I find the handles to be comfortably shaped although they do conduct heat, esp. nearer to the pan.
I did expect this as they're metal so I am not disappointed. Clean up has been easy.

These are not as heavy as the higher end manufactors. I don't think they are marketed as a comparable. I am replacing an older set of copper bottomed Revere Ware and find that the Belgique is much heavier than those.

Time will tell how these do hold up, but at a price of $125 I feel I got a great deal. I am not willing to pay much more for cookware made in China or Indonesia,

I really wanted cookware made in the USA . Unfortunately I found none that are a true US made product.

I was considering ALL Clad but I wasn't going to pay their prices when a few pieces are totally made in China and all the available sets in my local Macys stated that pots are made in the USA but lids are made in China.

Hope this helped.

Mar 14, 2008
meesch in Cookware

Le Creuset vs. Staub

I discovered Staub when our local Marshall Fields was discontinuing the line. Picked up a perfect large La Cocotte for under $30. I was amazed at how moist and rich stews, roasts, soups, etc. turned out. It became an obsession of my husband's to find more pieces at great prices. He went to many area Marshall Fields and had a "take" of an oval and a small round La Cocotte,a beautiful blue bouillabaisse pot with the collectable animal handle, tea pot, a large and small mussel pot, and 6 mini La Cocottes which I use for individual baking-serving pieces all for a grand total of under $300. I'm impressed with the quality of the pieces. I had looked at Le Creuset but wasn't impressed with the pieces I saw. Lids didn't seem to fit as well and I thought that the Staub had more heft to them.I also thought that the interior of the Le Creuset( in the pieces I looked at) wouldn't be as durable over the long haul. I get requests to make meals using "THE POT" from my grown son often and he has requested one as an inheritance!

Mar 08, 2008
meesch in Cookware

Looking for new stainless pots and pans...

Hi all.
I'm brand new to the board and am looking for recommendations for new stainless pots and pans. I am replacing my old Revere set. I've just started looking and find that the sets available locally are all made in China, etc. I have concerns regarding their quality.
I prefer American made, is there such an animal anymore?!. That being said, which brands do you use and are happy with?
Thanks for your responses.

Mar 03, 2008
meesch in Cookware