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Help explain the big deal with pit beef..

Beef-a-lo Bob on Mountain Rd in AA county is my favorite pit beef. Worth the ride.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

I am partial to thin crust-New York Style and Scittino's (on Edmonson Ave west of Beltway) is a perfect example of that. Good crust, sauce and cheese combination. To me the proportion of those 3 are important. (It is a grocery store too and they make their own sausage!!!) Pizza Johns many times has too much cheese though I still like it. Little Italy Pizzaria on Broadway in Fells Pt is also a New York Style pizza. It is my go to when I am down there on a late Saturday nite. Open late and for 3 bucks you get a monster slice. The crust has just enough of a crispiness to it that I like.


I love Ben's chili bow. Have to disagree. The chili is really good and especially on a hot dog with some fries!!!! Salivate......

Grease Garden??

I've never even seen fish noodles anywhere else but Grace Garden. We always order them when we are there. They are soooo good!

Help explain the big deal with pit beef..

I always ask for just White Bread not a kaiser, and definitely have to have raw onions and horseradish. My favorite used to be Big Al's in Essex but they have new owners and have not tried it since they took over. Chaps on Route 40 east in the parking lot of a strip club is the place I usually go.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

1) Scatino's Catonsville
2) Pizza John's Essex
3) Matthew's
4) Iggie's
5) little italy Pizzaria Fell's Pt

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

I agree, Zorba's grilled Rock Fish is Amazing.
I disagree with most everything you have posted on this thread.
To say Baltimore minus crabs equals Chicago is almost laughable.
I have been to many other US cities and almost always do I see, "Maryland-style" this or "Maryland-Style" that; be it crab cakes. soup or steamed shrimp made with Old Bay. Imititation of someone else's way of doing seafood can be a high form of a compliment. The fact that the OP wants to venture to a seafood place while in Baltimore also means there is enough of a seafood culture here, that even outsiders recognize it. We were in Europe once an an Icelander said to us, "We know all about your Chesepeake seafood." Wow. The bay aint what it use to be, I'll give you that, but "culture" takes time to develop, making the latest dish from the newest most popular fish to me is almost is almost trendy and not necessariy what I would call -culture.
I would recommend to the OP, if you havent any transportation, walk south down Light Street until you get to Cross Street Market and go to the back. You will find a jovial atmosphere and people eating crabs, oysters, shrimp, sushi, you name it, you can't go wrong. And chances are you will talk with some locals and they can tell you where else to go. Guaranteed a good time.
If the OP has access to a rental car, I would suggest going out to Schultz's on Old Eastern Avenue in Essex for a more varied menu (they have killer gumbo!) of seafood both Maryland style and other--Plus some real old Baltimore Atmosphere. You won't go wrong there either.
Have fun and enjoy your time here!!!!!

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

Zorba's has one mean grilled rockfish (one of the big 4 of Maryland Seafood!). One of the best I have ever had. BTW, I couldn't disagree with Warthog more. We were in Southern Florida once, right on the Gulf of Mexico. We had fresh local shrimp that was delicious. We asked how they prepared it. The waitress said she would show us. She brought out a huge can of Old Bay!

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

I would head to Essex in Eastern Baltimore County.
Schultz's on Old Eastern Avenue is one place with old Baltimore atmosphere.
It may be a bit of a cab ride but the menu prices for what you get may make up for it.

La Scala in Little Italy

It says on their menu they are Anti-Pasta!!!!
That explains it and the fact they don't have pizza!!!!!!!
They won't last long.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

I agree with WartHog:
"When one meets people who so clearly love what they are doing, especially when they do it so well, one can't help but wish to be part of making their dream come true."
This place could have been anywhere and it wouldn't matter because to me the fact that he loves what he is doing, is good at it and is so willing to please makes me always have a great experience every time I have been there. It is all about the food and friendship. He seems to like food as much as he does people and it comes across and is infectious. What a delight! Thanks to FrequentCrasher for sharing this with us as it is appreciated.

Samos - Oldham St. Baltimore

Cheesy compared to Samos?
If cheesy means most people talking greek, greek music blaring, Greek TV on all the sets and an occassional Greek priest in full clerical dress enjoying dinner, then it's meta-feta cheesy.
I love the atmosphere at Zorba's, I feel like I am somewhere else, say Greece? and the food is unbelievable, they even serve Horta!!!!!!!