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Is there anything to eat near the Princess of Wales Theatre that I won't hate?

Agree with Pai - going tonight pre "Kinky Boots"!

Montecito anyone?

Went 2 weeks ago on a Saturday for lunch. Not a huge menu. We were craving their fried chicken which was not on the menu. Both of us had the burger which was delicious. Very large, on focaccia bread - we could have shared it. Came with home-made potato chips which was also good. Service was very good. Only negative was that we were all crammed into the bar area, on the tiny cocktail tables. I guess the small crowd for a Saturday lunch didn't justify the large dining room.

Salt Wine Bar

I live around the corner and this is one of our favourites. The menu changes frequently but the beef tartare, fried chicken, grilled octopus, duck confit were standouts. Great cocktails, nice wines, and excellent service too.

Saturday lunch

Jules Bistro on Spadina, just north of Richmond. Small French Bistro.
Fusaro's - right next door - casual Italian (no table service) another choice for you. Delicious, reasonably priced - everything is good.
Le Select is always good - about a 10 minute walk - Wellington/Spadina. French Bistro.

Top Picks for a Sunday thru Tuesday visit in March: Where to Eat?

Visting Philadelphia in March (Sunday thru Tuesday) for the first time from Toronto. Saw the top 50 restos in Philly Mag but need help creating a shorter list! 4 of us (age 30-40), open to any type of cuisine, low to mid range price wise. Love casual spots with tasty cocktails and great small plates but really open to anything terrific. We are staying at the Warwick but can walk, take a cab etc. Thanks in advance!

Jan 22, 2015
thebutcher in Philadelphia

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

1. Dandy Lion
2. Salt
3. The Good Son
4. Union
5. Grand Electric
6. Electric Mud
7. Banu
8. Pizzeria Libretto
9. Country General
10. Oyster Boy

Sunday Lunch near Lower Ossington Theatre?

Pizzeria Libretto is another option for you. Also Union has brunch but only until 3pm - so not sure if that time works for you.

The Tempered Room

A guest brought a pear tart to a dinner party - delicious!

Colette - Thompson Hotel

Yes: Ate there earlier this week. Restaurant is beautiful, our server was very polished, the food was delicious. Had the Fois Gras 3 Ways, Chevre Souffle Salad, Veal Tartare to start. Fois Gras was the favourite - particularly the mousse. Entrees were Lobster L'Americaine, Steak Frites, Shellfish Mariniere. All v good - I loved the shellfish - perfectly cooked. Small hiccup in the service (delay in our entrees) was handled with grace (extra pour of wine). I didn't sample the desserts but they looked terrific. All in all an excellent meal. Price (with a bottle of Cava, 2 bottles of red, 3 cocktails, after dinner drinks - yes it was a special occasion) with tax & tip was $630 for the four of us.

Which is the LOUDEST restaurant in TORONTO??

Parts and Labour was unbearable.

French Onion Soup

Le Select Bistro: Nice, dark rich broth. I ask for 'half cheese' though, and it's still plenty.

It's All GRK Authentic Gyros, at 756 Queen W

We've tried a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed. I had the greek salad with chicken and Mr.Butcher had the pork gyros on a pita. Portion sizes are v good for the price. Love the decor. Only negative is that the staff/owners seem overwhelmed by how busy they've been. Early days though - they will get it together.

What is Toronto's most expensive restaurant?

Agree - was at Scaramouche last month. 366 for the 2 of us.

Cronuts, anyone know if anyone makes them in Canada?

Had the Le Dolci Cronuts on Friday morning. They were still warm and bought both the chocolate amd caramel. Delicious. Big hit in the office. Just the right size, sort of crispy/crunchy and not too sweet. This shop is a gem in the neighbourhood!

Scottish bars in Toronto

All the servers at Twisted Kilt are female and wearing very short kilts - sort of like a Scottish Hooters. Not sure if this is what you had in mind. Caledonian is a great Scottish pub but no kilts.

King Street Belly Busters Opens Thursday!

Went today - had the 6 inch bacon combo (bacon, ham, turkey). A nice fresh sub. Reminded me of Mr.Sub. Nothing special. $8.50 for the sub and a bottle of water.

Best Steak Frites in Toronto

bit over your price point - but Le Select is good - $28

Swatow on Spadina - BEST dishes?

Went last night and picked up some food for take-out and used the recos here as a guide.
Shrimp Dumpling soup - terrific (lots of shrimp filled dumplings in a light broth).
Beef with black bean sauce over crispy noodles - meh. (Crispy noodles, hard, green pepper and onion, undercooked, beef ok, under-seasoned overall).
Hot n Sour soup - amazing (not too gelatinous, good heat).
Spring rolls - v good.
Garlic pork (good flavour - but container steamed the dish making the pork soggy).
Overall - will stick with the soups and spring rolls.

Bent at 777 Dundas West ready to open?

haha - a pal said the same thing - doubly confirms we won't be back!

Bent at 777 Dundas West ready to open?

Tried Bent for the first time on Friday night. Won't be back. Was seated at the worst seat in the house - right beside the hostess stand. Asked to move to empty seat beside us - but after seeing hostess dramatically say no to our server, was told no, that the seat was only for a party of 3 (was not reserved, and we were a party of 2). Less than 5 minutes later the table was given to...a party of 2. Server saw our expression and did end up giving us free dessert - but whole evening the service just seemed awkward. The food ranged from ok to good (Lobster Tacos, Kale Salad, Sashimi tasting, chicken breast) but definitely not worth the price. Including bottle of wine + one cocktail + tax + tip = $200 for 2.

Looking for private dining room (40-50) downtown


Brioche Doree-now open

I've been a few times...delicious salads at lunch (choice of 2 prepared salads on mixed greens with choice of protein - either salmon or chicken, + an olive bun, for $8.99), terrific croissants & coffee. All reasonably priced with very very friendly service. Also tried the Lobster Bisque soup - delicious with quite a bit of lobster for only $3.99 (may have even been $3.49). Only complaint is that there is a bottleneck for service at lunch - the flow is off - I'm sure this will be ironed out soon as they've only been open for about 2 weeks.

Delta Meadowvale Area Restaurants?

Dimmi on Missauga Road ( there's a location in Yorkville too so dont think that counts as a chain ;) ) was a fav when I worked in the area. casual Italian. Gabriel's too (pub like - diverse menu)- both around the corner from the hotel on Mississauga Road.

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

Grand Electric
Le Select
The Saint

Is Dining Date Night still working?

Just rec'd an email to say that they are closing down as of Jan 11, 2013.

best chinese with in 25 miles of niagara falls ca

Fan Court in Niagara on the Lake is very good. Closer to Niagara Falls, Jasmin at 3930 Montrose is very good also (in a plaza, Thorold Stone Road/QEW main intersection).

Strada 241

Went Friday for lunch with a pal: had the Pasquale pizza (spicy salumi, black piited olives, roasted red peppers, fresh basil), buccatini pasta, side of rapini. Pizza was v good - crust has a good chew - reminds me of libretto but not as soggy in the middle. Pasta was excellent - the tomato sauce was very flavourful. Rapini was served cold which was a surprise but was v tasty. Terrific service, portion sizes are healty and the pricing is reasonable. Lunch with 2 glasses of wine each (yes a happy lunch) was $80 pre tip.

ISO Women in the Kitchen


Sense Appeal - food?

your question prompted me to return today....they have new format since I was last there - salads/sandwiches are made to order (vs being pre-made). Tried the "Summer Salad" - beets/nuts/goat cheese/quinoa/heirloom tomatoes/apples/peaches/greens and other veggies. Also comes with a fresh roll. $14.50 with tax. Very large portion. Delicious.

Sense Appeal - food?

ive tried a few of their salads - not cheap - but worth it considering size, quality of ingrediants and taste.However a few times that Ive gone in - they either havent gotten around to making them or have been sold be prepared to have an alternative in mind.