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Pho '99, Greenville SC

Pho '99 is one of my favorite stand-by places to go to whenever I'm not really sure what else I'm in the mood for. I have eaten there several times and I have yet to be disappointed.

I also enjoy Pho Noodleville, but I find the service and the food to be a bit better at Pho '99.

American Grocery, Greenville, SC

First off, thank you danna for sharing your experience.

You may actually be thankful for passing on dessert though. I ordered the lemon tart the last time I was there and it tasted like I was chewing on aluminum. It was way too metallic tasting, and it is rare for me to turn down dessert, but I was very, very unimpressed.

I did find something interesting in your post. I've read several of the articles written up about this restaurant and in all of said articles they discuss the importance of local, sustainable food. Pompano is a fish listed as "Avoid" on the Seafood Watch List because it is severely overfished, so I find it very odd that a restaurant based on local and sustainable food would even order Pompano.

That just makes me curious about the other selections on their menu now.

I do agree with you on the prices though, as they are a bit too high for G'ville.