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Have you been to Allard recently?

Just ate there today for lunch, had not read anything about it on this board. I did not find it full of tourists, everyone in the room except for us was French. Food was good, service was good.

Jun 23, 2010
cindyeo in France

Rehearsal Dinner Boston Area

This is pretty wide open, are you looking for something right in the city? North, West, South? Where is the wedding reception going to be?

Mar 03, 2008
cindyeo in Greater Boston Area

Where to go for lobster these days?

I'm a Boston local, and I have a group of clients in from Italy and they want lobster. A few years ago I would have taken them to Anthony's or Jimmy's. Where do I go now? There isn't a lot of atmosphere at any of the Legal's, and I'm looking for something with at least nice tables and chairs, which excludes Summer Shack. Am I forgetting someplace obvious?

Mar 03, 2008
cindyeo in Greater Boston Area