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Dinner Near Loeb Drama Center

I will be visitng the Boston area in two weeks. During that time I will be attending a performance at the Loeb Drama Center.
I took a look around the board, but being unfamilar with the area, it's difficult to determine what's within a reasonable walking distance.
Cuisine doesn't really matter, although I have a preference for Asian (Thai, Vietnemese, etc) cuisine. Price isn't really an issue, either.
Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

Sep 15, 2008
ediemac1 in Greater Boston Area

Cirque Du Soleil and Dinner

From out of town and unfamilar with area. Looking for dining options near Cirque du Soleil site - Broad St and Washington Ave .

Cuisine type variable and price moderate - around $15 entree.


May 20, 2008
ediemac1 in Pennsylvania

Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant (Korean)- Durham

Interesting question - they were neither. It was an African-American couple.
I too wondered if this was a culture issue.

Mar 10, 2008
ediemac1 in Southeast

Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant (Korean)- Durham

Hi, Suse
I've eaten there several times too, and really liked it. After I posted here, I found 2 more similar stories from Feb posted at

Wonder if there's been some change in ownership or staff? I was truly amazed by what I witnessed last week. I imagine they lost as customers anyone else who was dining there. Probably cost them more in the long run than they managed to harass out of that couple!

Mar 06, 2008
ediemac1 in Southeast

Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant (Korean)- Durham

I have eaten lunch at Vit Goal several times over the last few months and enjoyed it, even recommended to a few folks.
While googling for a web site to send to a friend, I found a comment on another site about customers being harassed over the amount of tip left.

Imagine my dismay when I witnessed a similar incident last Fri, Feb 29, 2008. The couple eating next to us paid and rose to leave. A male staffer stopped them at the door and began to berate them loudly about the amount of tip. His voice level was just short of shouting, but the space is small, so we all heard. His tone was very nasty.

Last time I checked, the amount of tip left, in fact, leaving any tip at all, is voluntary and at the discretion of the customer.

I won't go back there again. The man's behavior was appalling. Too bad, really, as I like the tofu soups.

Mar 03, 2008
ediemac1 in Southeast