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New Korean Restaurant in Ann Arbor/Ypsi area

I had dinner at Macheko tonight. The hot pots my wife and I had (one calamari and one mixed seafood) were excellent.

We'll be back there!

Jun 04, 2015
brakeman in Great Lakes

End of an era - Blimpy Burgers closes tomorrow in Ann Arbor

I'll definitely miss the place-- it was the second place I ate outside the dorm when I arrived at UM in the 1980s.

Fortunately, the missus and I made our last trip there a week ago. It was pretty busy then, but the line wasn't as insane as it has been since Sunday's announcement. Closing today is right in line with what they estimated when the building sale was announced several months ago.

At least there are plans to relocate, so hopefully it won't join Schlenker's, Rider's, Borders, Purchase Radio and Schoolkids' Records on the list of reasons it used to be a lot more fun to go into town.

Aug 14, 2013
brakeman in Great Lakes

Basturma Anywhere in SE Michigan

Packaged basturma is fairly easy to find in the Middle Eastern markets I've been to around SE Michigan. Usually under the "Ohanyan's" brand. I don't think that I've seen the "Mister Basturma" brand in a while.

Mediterranean Market at Stone School and Ellsworth Rd. in Ann Arbor frequently has fresh basturma. It also has good makanek (spiced lamb sausage).

It was over basturma and Armenian brandy that I bonded with my then-future father-in-law.

Feb 21, 2013
brakeman in Great Lakes

Phulkari Punjabi Kitchen, Madison Hts [DTW]

We tried PPK for dinner last night. We were very impressed. None of the seasoning was dumbed-down, and the flavors were vibrant and interesting.

I usually have low expectations for chicken korma, but theirs was tasty and tender throughout. The lamb curry was very good as well.

We both felt that the outstanding dish in our thalis was the mattar paneer aloo. It had a great texture, a nice "burn", and popped with flavor.

PPK is definitely one of our "destination" restaurants, now, despite being over an hour from home.

Oct 28, 2012
brakeman in Great Lakes

DTW: Poutine without leaving the US?

Debajo del Sol at Mark's Carts in Ann Arbor serves a variant of poutine as "Duck Fries". They fry cubed potatoes in duck fat, sprinkle bleu cheese crumbles on them, then pour chorizo duck sausage gravy over them.

Delicious, and less salty than some poutines I've had.

Aug 20, 2012
brakeman in Great Lakes

Dinner before the Royal Oak Music Theatre, DTW

I'm in the same situation, but doing the 10pm show. I'll be watching the replies with interest.

Feb 22, 2012
brakeman in Great Lakes

Korean Fried Chicken in Ann Arbor

I tried Seoul Street last night- I've gotta say that I'm rather impressed.

The chicken was just right. The skin was a crispy shell around juicy, tasty chicken. Theirs is the first hot and spicy chicken I've had in a long time that truly tasted spicy and not just sour. It was spicy with a good flavor, not just hot for the same of being hot. As much as I liked that, I think that I liked the soy garlic chicken more.

The kimchee jun (pancake) is extremely good, I'd even say outstanding. I could've eaten a couple more orders quite happily, but I wanted to try the rolls.

The kimbop rolls are generously sized. I tried the bulgogi roll and the veggie roll. They are very mild, and frankly I think that I'd've liked them more with either some kind of a light sauce, or a sour rice, and I'm not one for lots of sauces. They do very clearly say they aren't sushi rolls, though.

Not one item I had last night triggered my "too much damn salt" reflex that has gotten overworked the last few new places I've tried. I really appreciate that.

Next trip, I'll try the mandoo and the bulgogi, or maybe the bibimbop. I'll be interested to see how the bulgogi compares.

The dining room is tiny (about a dozen seats), and even with the studentia out of town last night, the place was packed. It's set up more for take-out than dining in. The accoustics are such that it can get very noisy very easily.

Chicken is cooked fresh for each order and requires 20 minutes, so I'll probably call ahead for a take-out order. I'm very much looking forward to my next visit- it's a neat concept, and I thought that the food was very good.

Jul 30, 2011
brakeman in Great Lakes

Best lamb/goat dishes dtw

I've had the best doubles of my life at Ramlogan's. Their shark-n-bake on weekend mornings is pretty good, too.

Just be sure to call ahead before heading over from the US-- the actual hours he's open are almost random.

Does anyone offer doubles on the Detroit side of the river?

Jul 29, 2011
brakeman in Great Lakes

Downtown Milwaukee for a week-- recommendations?

I'm always up for good Mexican-- sounds like it's worth a trip. Cubanitas sounds appealing, since the Cuban joint in hometown Ann Arbor has an interesting menu, but doesn't pull it off very well.

728 N. Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Jul 02, 2010
brakeman in Great Lakes

Downtown Milwaukee for a week-- recommendations?

Hmmm... 'hadn't realized that Marquette U was so close. That area might offer some cheap-ish options.

Real Chili sounds interesting. I am intrigued.

Real Chili Restaurant
1625 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Jul 02, 2010
brakeman in Great Lakes

Downtown Milwaukee for a week-- recommendations?

I'll be spending a week in downtown Milwaukee, based at the Hilton, starting July 10. I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions across a price range from basic subsistence chow up to a high of $30 per meal, within a reasonable (15-20 minutes' walk) radius of the Hilton/Midwest Airlines Center.

Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in unique little locally-owned places that are easily overlooked. I'm open to any cuisine. What are the stand-outs downtown?


Jun 29, 2010
brakeman in Great Lakes

Best Indian Buffet in FH, Novi, or Livonia

My wife and I tried Namaste Flavours for lunch this weekend. The food was fantastic- it was nice to have authentic food that wasn't dumbed-down and had full flavor. We'll be back!

Mar 15, 2010
brakeman in Great Lakes