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Upscale Mexican

I am quite sure many of you will be able to offer some suggestions!!

We LOVE Casa Romero in Back Bay. Are there any others in the area? We want a very upscale experience - like Casa Romero. Any suggestions??

In search of the ULTIMATE Lobsta Roll

Chicky, last year I read an article that claimed the following had THE BEST lobstah roll:

Alive and Kicking Lobsters
269 Putman Avenue

Never been there - but I LOVE them, so I will look forward to your "Report" in September, after you've made your rounds!!

I MAY have to ry Neptune soon though. Have been there before and LOVE it. But never tried the L-roll...

5 Days in Boston

Well sounds like you should stay away from Summer Shack!! Jasper White (the chef/owner who's pretty well known - at least around here) should be reading these comments: He would be appalled!! LOL! I’ve never been – but I have to agree that I’ve not heard great reviews, in general.

For a “high end” restaurant, you MUST go to the North End (Boston’s famous Italian neighborhood) and go to Bricco on Hanover Street It is absolutely amazing. I am Italian, come from a big family, many great cooks – and I’m considered the best cook in my (extended) family. So - I am VERY discerning, and very hard to please – especially when it comes to Italian food. You should not miss this restaurant. IF you can get reservations. Another North End “institution” is Pizzeria Regina. Best pizza in Boston. Santarpio’s in EAST Boston is excellent as well.

2 more high end restaurants to try would be Chez Henri in Cambridge. Sort of French/Cuban fusion I had an outstanding, memorable meal there recently. And Davio’s – very near your hotel, excellent as well.

In the mood for Chinese? In China Town my favs are East Ocean City and Chau Chow City (if you’re not Asian, you’ll likely be one of only a few non-Asian people dining here).

I agree about visiting the Union Oyster House (near Faneuil Hall) – very famous. DON’T have dinner there: Sit at the oyster bar, and have raw oysters and clam chowder and some nice cold beer!

All the restaurants at Faneuil Hall are overrated – so don’t be tempted to go to the Union Oyster House for an appetizer, and eat dinner somewhere over there. NO!! Walk around, it’s fun – but NO eating! LOL!

I disagree with the comments about East Coast Grill. I’ve been twice and was disappointed both times. Expensive - for what they give you.

Legal Seafood (any of the locations, and there are several in Boston proper) is also very good: Consistent and always fresh.

The Barking Crab is a very fun place on a warm night – they sometimes have live music. The food is not to die for, but it reasonably priced and passable.

In Somerville there is Dali (Spanish / Tapas) and it is excellent. Across the street is EVOO, also very good.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL visit to Boston!! Enjoy, it’s a great city.

Suggestions for dinner in Somerville/Arlington/Cambridge/etc.

I disagree with East Coast grill in Cambridge........ Have been several times and was always disappointed. I think the food is OK - but not worth what they charge for it. Somerville: Dali is EXCELLENT, pricy - but worth it. I agree with EVOO, really good as well. I've also heard good things about Emma's Pizza - am anxious to go myself...