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Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

Milagro may be authentic, but it is expensive and the service I experienced there was terrible. We were there last Saturday for nearly 2 hours prior to a show (a table of 6 of us). They ignored us for the most part, then when the food finally did arrive, they messed 4 out of 6 orders. We were offered complimentary desserts, which seemed reasonable, only to have them bring 4 desserts which 6 of us were expected to split. Had they not brought anything, we would have been less insulted! Upon departing, the manager asked us what our experience had been like and we told him exactly. He responded by apologizing, asking us to come back and give them another chance, then handed us his business card! I can only comment on my dish, a vegetarian place, which allthough tasty, plate was more the size of an appetizer at a cost of I think $19! Our friends who work in New York and dine out often said even they haven't paid as much to eat out in New York as they did at Milagro. Never again!