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What is going on with the Lord Hobo?

I know this has been brought up before, but I wanted to resurrect the topic. I went by at the end of August, and saw that the place was still in rough shape. Soon after, I saw the owner post on another site that they would be opening late the following week. Since then, I haven't heard anything. I went in to one of his former bars (The Moan and Dove) this past weekend, and the staff there had no idea. Anyone been by lately, or have any news?

Recent Mangosteen sightings?

I have been looking for this fruit for a while. I have had the canned stuff from super 88, and the dried from trader joes. I also checked the lucky market in Randolph, but they said not until October. Anybody know of a place to get this rare fruit?

where can I find some shark steaks?

The title says it all. If anybody has seen them around the Boston area, would love to know where. Thanks

African Meat Market in Boston

I saw online that there is an African Meat market in Boston. Was wondering if anyone has been to it, and if there is anything that is particularly good, or unusual as far as the meat. Any specific game meats? Cheers

Best Beer Store in Boston?

winchester wine and spirits also has a great selection, along with a helpful staff and beer tastings on fridays between six and eight.


A few years ago, some friends of mine returned from a vacation in Fiji, and described their experience with Kava as a legal, safe alternative to alcohol. After having read how there are Kava bars popping up in Florida and other places, I was wondering if there are any in Boston, or any places to purchase Kava. Cheers

best beer on tap

i will second surly.........really quality beer. Never had it on tap, but out of the can it is fantastic.

Jul 06, 2008
jamie2dope in Beer

Balut in Boston?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. No luck yet. I have been to the Super 88s in Malden and Dorchester, as well as Kam Man. They knew what I was talking about at the dot location, but said they didn't carry them. Kam Man......well I gotta be honest, I am a little scared to go back. My buddy and I saw a small package of duck eggs with a few eggs cracked. When we investigated further, we discovered that some of these cracked eggs were filled with maggots (yum). I was tempted to get some goat meat and fresh fish, but at that point I was a bit turned off. Anyone have the scoop on the oysters they have there? Those things looked a hell of a lot bigger than any oyster I have ever shucked. Anyway, maybe I will go back on a Saturday morning. Any reason why they have them at that specific time?

Balut in Boston?

I am a Medford resident, and was wondering if anyone knows of places to find Balut in this general area. I've been watching Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmern, and after having seen him eat it, I had to try it (as nasty as it might look and sound). I tried my local Super 88, but everyone I asked didn't really seem to know what I was talking about. Anyway, any suggestions?