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Birthday dinner tonight-- affordable restaurant suggestions anyone?


My roommmate's birthday is tonight and I want to take her to dinner somewhere new (we tend to frequest the same couple of places in the Venice area...). She likes just about anything. Sushi is the only thing she doesnt' really eat. I'm super poor right now, though, so I'm looking for someplace fun and affordable.

Any suggestions?

Jul 13, 2006
winegirlap in Los Angeles Area

New restaurant in Los Gatos?

I heard there's a new restaurant opening up this summer in the Hotel Los Gatos, where Kuleto's used to be. Has anyone heard anything about it? Would love to see a good new restaurant move into Los Gatos...

Need Inexpensive Wine Recs

I've really gotten into Italian wines recently. Most are really inexpensive. Try...

Pinot Grigio-- I'd go with Alois Lageder (the Lageder Pinot Bianco is great too... one of my favorites, and runs about $12)

Moscato-- Saracco Moscato... a friend of mine recommended this to me after he saw an article in Giant magazine on the wine (I guess it's a favorite of Kanye West...if it's good enough for Kanye, it's good enough for me!)... and it is super delicious, and only $15

Chianti-- Try Badia a Coltibuono, the Chianti Classico, also only about $15... and the cool thing about Badia a Coltibuono's estate wines is that they're all organic

Most wine shops in my neighborhood carry these so you shouldn't have any problem finding them. Or I'm pretty sure if you do a search online for any of these wines, their websites should give you distribution info. In my opinion, all are definately worth the search!

Jul 07, 2006
winegirlap in Wine