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Saturday Night 40th Bday Dinner for 9

We have a group coming to NY the first weekend of May, and the birthday girl is trying to find dinner options and reservations around 8 pm, but is having some hard times finding a place.

We are staying near Time Square, but willing to travel. We are doing Chinese on Friday night. Looking for good food, good drinks and maybe at most $75 a person.

Apr 02, 2015
simply_victoria in Manhattan

Late Dinner Suggestions

I'm in town with a couple of friends staying at Le Parker Meridian. We have late tickets to Sleep No More, and we were wanting to have a good, fun meal before we head over there. We weren't sure if there was anything close by where the show is. Reaching out to see that first.

If not, we would always be up for good sushi somewhere near the hotel.

Jul 29, 2014
simply_victoria in Manhattan

Steak tartare

I wanted to say a quick note of thanks for the responses. We ended up having it at Wayfare Tavern. It was really good. The rest of the meal was downhill, especially the fried chicken.

Steak tartare

Traveling around California with a friend who has let me pick most of the places where we are eating on the trip. He loves steak tartare. I was looking for good suggestions for restaurants with this dish. Also, we are thinking of hitting it on a Sunday night while in San Francisco. Any good suggestions?

Taking my mother to dinner

I'm in town next weekend visitng my mother who lives out in Katy. She moved out there about two years ago. She used to live closer in, and she usually requests when I come down for a "fun night out" in town.

My little problem is that she can be a bit difficult. No shellfish or restaurants that mostly have seafood. No restaurants that make you eat family style or have limited menus or tasting menus. She likes variety, some innovation (but not too much) and meat (beef, pork, lamb etc). She doesn't really love steakhouses where they just put a big piece of meat on your plate. One of her favorites in the old days was The Beef and Bird, if that helps any.

We don't mind paying for something good, and we don't mind places where you need to dress up. Actually she really likes that. I took her to Tony's a couple of times in the past.

Any thoughts? She wanted to try someplace new and left it up to me to chose.


Apr 01, 2014
simply_victoria in Houston

Looking for food before and after the Marine Corp Marathon

Me and a few friends are meeting in DC at the end of the month to run the marathon. We are searching for a good place to carb load on Saturday night, thinking pasta pasta pasta. And then Sunday night we are going to be a bit out of it, but we would really like a good celebratory meal. We are staying in DC near Dupont Circle, but completely willing to travel for food. The friends I am with love good seafood and anything experimental. Probably our max would be $100 per person. Just looking for any good suggestions.

Sage reservation cancelled, need new suggestions.

Aria just called to say they have cancelled my reservation at Sage in early December. They are doing construction

I am meeting my mother in Vegas for a quick trip and we are staying at the Aria. I'm pretty open to anything, but I need to find something that will make her happy.

In a nutshell:
she likes fancy, but she doesn't like it when they "get all crazy"

she is allergic to shell fish and doesn't really eat fish

she will do steak, but they need to have other things on the menu besides "a big piece of meat"

she likes chinese but could skip japanese, thai etc.

she is older and will probably not want to travel too far away from the hotel at night.

we are doing Scarpetta the next night

Any thoughts??

Nov 10, 2011
simply_victoria in Las Vegas

Traditional Japanese Meal

And they have that great new room in back.

Dallas dining at the bar

I like eating at the bar at Rise No.1. It's fun to watch them cook, and they give you free souffles.

New to Dallas have a question about area near the Fairgrounds/SuperPages

I've been hearing good things about Pizza Lounge on Expo. I haven't made it there though. I like the potabello fries at Meridian Room. It is a bit of a hipster bar, but the food is pretty good.

Meridian Room
3611 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75226

Fun Portland Dinner

I am flying into Portland at around 8 on a Friday night with a couple of friends. We are actually driving out to the Newberg, but we wanted to have dinner in Portland first.

We probably wont' arrive to dinner until 9 and will be a little road weary and starving!!

Looking for a good place, tasty food, max of $40 a person, that would be ok with us getting in a bit late and staying a while.

Bailey's Prime Plus

Ok, I guess I'm completely out of it, but someone just told me about this place. I guess there are a couple of them. They went to the one across from Northpark. I really haven't seen anything out there about this place, but it is supposed to be swanky and good.

Anyone have thoughts?

Birthday Dinner

So, the birthday is coming up. I'm being asked to pick a restaurant. I was trying to find a good place that we could celebrate, be a bit loud, and not spend all our money. I thought Neighborhood Services wouldn't be bad. I looked up the site, and I saw they don't take parties over 6. I might have more then that coming. Plus, no reservations might get tricky.

I tried to think of other places, and my brain is just not working.

What I'm looking for:
Good food
Centrally located
Not too pricey ($30 at most for an entree)
Good wine list
Would put up with our noise
Not too ethinic (I have some picky friends)

Any ideas?

Dallas - cheap dinner downtown

We ended up doing Cowboy Chow. Hmmm, not impressive. Very disorganized and the food was not great. I will probably not go back.

Dallas - cheap dinner downtown

OK, I lied. I've been to Samar a couple of times and even did NYE there.

Deep Ellum is close. I don't love Twisted Root and I didn't realize Cowboy Chow is open for dinner.

She just moved down the street from the Adolphus and keeps asking me for suggestions, but I know nothing.

Dallas - cheap dinner downtown

A friend wants to meet up and she just moved downtown. I told her I would drive down, but I really have no clue what is down there anymore. Looking for something cheap and decent.

[LV] Dinner Staying at Encore

I am traveling with my family to LV in about a week. My mom is arranging dinner one night. I think we are doing Italian. I wanted to plan something nice for the first night. I'm so behind on Vegas restaurants these days.

I am so behind on my restaurants. I was looking to see what would be tasty, non-Italian, and won't break the bank. We are staying at the Encore, but are will to walk . I think we are going to do Paris for lunch for the next day.

Any thoughts?

Jan 15, 2010
simply_victoria in Las Vegas

somewhere to take clients in dallas

I'm quickly going to throw in Local. Its just down the street.

Business Dinner in Philly Not Far From Westin Downtown

Hi there

Hound from Dallas who has a client dinner in Philly Monday night. We are all staying at the Westin Philadelphia downtown, and I would like something within 10 minute walking distance, if possible.

The client is a bit conservative, but I like anything. Want something nice and upscale with some standard steaks and/or seafood for him and maybe some experimental fun things for me.

Any suggestions?


Oct 08, 2009
simply_victoria in Pennsylvania

Texas State Fair 2009: Starts this Friday!

I always go back to the fried cheese curds and friend honeybuns. I hope the fried chocolate covered strawberries are back.

Quattro Houston

I stay at the Four Seasons for work and eat there a couple of times a year. Its ok. I've never had a fantastic meal there, but they have been pretty good. I wouldn't pay myself, but the company is picking it up.

Sep 17, 2009
simply_victoria in Houston

Addison, TX with a group - Sambuca's?

I also think Soho in Addison does a pretty decent job. Sweet little place.

Urban Crust - Plano

Ok, I have to admit, I don't remember the crust because once I got to it, I decided to make use of the extra olive spread they had on the table.

Thanks for the heads up on the fig one. I thought the cheese would cancel the sweet out.

Urban Crust - Plano

Lately, I've been feeling the love for old Plano. I met people at Urban Crust on 15th and was pleasantly surprised. We had a couple of glasses of wine and the four cheese pizza with truffle oil. It was delicious. Our waiter wasn't that great, but I think he was new. The pizza choices looked great, but my friends weren't up for experiementing. I will have to go back to try the fig and prosciutto one.

I just wanted to get a quick word out.

Moules Frites in Dallas?

I was about to say Old Monk. I also heard that they are making them using the old Green Room recipe at Park.

Taco joint in Dallas

I kind of agree, but I have to say, I get tired of the same old same old. So, it was actually nice to see I had choices that were different.

I think they are still trying to figure it out

Taco joint in Dallas

FYI, tasty tasty. My taco was $2.75. Scrambled egg with grilled poblanos and queso fresco. I got some kombucha from the fridge and was good to go. They also had home made chorizo with mashed potatos and cheddar. That looked good too. Told people from my running group and we are stopping back there after doing the lake next Saturday.

Cheap Eats (Dallas)

Meridian room has half priced food on Wednesday nights.

Sushiyama has half price bento's on Wednesday.

Taco joint in Dallas

The Taco Joint?

I've heard their jalapeno ranch sauce is addictive. Still haven't made it over.

Taco joint in Dallas

I was gonna hit that tomorrow morning after my run at white rock. Its only open till 3.