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Greek Restaurants in Hendersonville/Asheville

Actually, the Greek festival is Sept. 22-24th in MLK park I believe in Asheville. I haven't been but really want to try it out this year. I agree with the above posters. Stoney Knob is probably about the best for this cuisine. Your next best bet would be to drive to Tarpon Springs, FL.

Bye Bye Macaroni Grill

I'm with you on the Olive Garden there. Last time I went there I was given moldy hot dog buns (well, they called them garlic bread sticks) but that's what they were. I saw them stacked in the corner by the kitchen door. They were even wrapped like hot dog buns. YUCK!!!

Aug 17, 2007
ScottWNC in Chains

Umi-Hendersonville, NC????

Has anyone been to the new sushi restaurant in Hendersonville..Umi????
It is supposedly owned by the same folks that run Sora's in Brevard. We've been anxious to try it and haven't had the chance yet.

Ice Cream in Asheville Area

I'll second that one!! I was a little leary at first...stout ice cream?? but man is it worth the calories!

Hound-Worthy Chow in Hendersonville, NC

I haven't been yet, but there's another place that was recommended to me by someone who spent several years in Mexico for work. The place is called El Jarocho (not sure of spelling) but it is located in the Food Lion shopping strip right on 25 in H'vile. Supposedly they have great authentic Mexican food. Anyone else been here or have any opinions about it??

sushi in asheville (nc)

Has anyone else tried Soro's in Brevard. We've been twice and have been pleasantly surprised, especially since its in Brevard. I believe they have plans to open one in Hendersonville soon too. Everytime we've been its been packed even on Tuesday nights. It is in a strange place (in a strip mall) but I suppose there' s little choice in Brevard.

Yankees comin' South- Hendersonville NC

Flat Rock Village Bakery has also opened their alternative location/storefront next to the courthouse in downtown Hendersonville. I believe its called West First Pizza or something along those lines. We went there on Wednesday night and were not disappointed. The brick oven that they fire the pizzas in is beautiful. Very contemporary interior and it was packed!.

Knoxville rec's for a solo diner?

Thanks everyone for the ideas. That certainly gives me plenty to consider, now I just have to narrow it down before I go. That's the hard part. I will be near downtown I think at the Patricia Neal Rehab Center. I'll report back.

Knoxville rec's for a solo diner?

I'm open to anything. I do like funky and unique restaurants, something not real "run of the mill" so to speak. Ethnic food is great but I doubt that Knoxville has alot in that area?? Is there anyplace that is a "must" while in Knoxville. I've read about King Tut's Grill. Anything else? I'll be there for a couple of nights. Thanks for the reply.

Knoxville rec's for a solo diner?

I'm heading to Knoxville in early March for some continuing education. Does anyone have any recommendations that aren't overpriced for someone dining solo? I'm open to virtuallly any kind of cuisine. Thanks.

Asheville - Fig? Limones, Zambra, Vincenzo's --Recs, please.

It sounds like your bad experience at Salsa's was more related bad parents (or at least inconsiderate) rather than bad food?? Strange.

Shopping for Irish black pudding-Atlanta

Thanks LizATL..I'll give them a shot. I thought for sure there would be more places than just one though to find thisin Atlanta. Maybe I should have looked towards New York instead. Too bad I don't live closer.

Shopping for Irish black pudding-Atlanta

Does anyone know of any sources to purchase Irish black and/or white pudding in the Atlanta area? We typically buy this online but the shipping is over the top sometimes. Thanks for any help.

Modesto in Asheville (Grove Arcade) open

This is so disappointing to hear about the same owner of Salsa's which is so awesome.

Winston-Salem Brunch

By coincidence, I happened to be in W-S for an auction yesterday in downtown. I've only been to W-S once before and did't know my way around downtown. We stumbled across Camel City Cafe by the Embassy Suites in downtown. They have a brunch menu. I went for the blackened shrimp on red beans and rice and my friend had french toast with anduille sausage. Mine was a nice meal and his looked great and was reportedly delicious. The prices are pretty reasonable for a city at or around $10 per person unless you went for a large chunk of meat as one would expect. We enjoyed our brunch there.

Disappointed in Dillard

Don't feel bad. You're not alone. We lived about 35 miles from there and we went there a couple of years ago and left feeling like we had just eaten a good majority of Green Giant's canned vegetables. For that price, there are too many other places to get better "southern" cooking IMHO. We haven't been back. No "Southern cooking" can command that price from me.

Oct 20, 2006
ScottWNC in Southeast

Modesto in Asheville (Grove Arcade) open

Thanks for the review. We've been very excited about Modesto's opening. Hopefully they will bring everything together soon. We are going to try it next week. Today's Asheville paper mentioned another Hector Diaz restaurant opening next to Modesto soon (in the Grove Arcade) that will serve Latin foods from Spain to Argentina. Anyone know the name of this one and its projected opening? Also, what happened to Antonny's...did it move or is it totally gone??

Asheville-WNC-Chinese or Asian? Yeah-Asian.

OK, I know this is weird to ask for this area. I know its not Atlanta, San Fran or Seattle but are there any decent Asian restaurants (particularly Chinese) in WNC that don't serve "Americanized" dishes such as General Tso's or Sweet & Sour Pork as their signature dish? Looking for something that comes somewhat close to the real thing. Doesn't have to be perfect.

Irish Cuisine - an oxymoron??

No one has even mentioned the blood pudding yet. Yum!! It is an acquired taste though I believe. While weighing you down, an Irish breakfast is one of the heartiest and best you can get when done right.

Sep 06, 2006
ScottWNC in General Topics

Asheville - 3 Questions

Where is the Eastern European market in W. A'ville and do you remember its name?? I've been in Hendersonville for two and a half years and I didn't realize there was one up there. I'd love to seek it out. Thanks


My wife and I have been there twice. We actually enjoyed the first experience about a year and a half ago. We went again about 9 months ago and it was pretty good but not as good as the first trip. Being that Asheville isn't Charleston or anywhere near the coast, I feel that its a safe bet. We like Bonefish as well but we actually liked the ambiance of the Boathouse better believe it or not; especially if the weather is nice enough to sit outside along the lake. IMHO, I think its a little classier than the Bonefish Grill. Haven't been to the Lobster Trap.

Saturday Lunch in Asheville?

Ditto on the Salsa's recommendation. I'm heading there myself for lunch tomorrow. My all time favorite in A'ville I think, at least for lunch.

Atlanta Civic Center area-Kid Friendly

Thanks Ted,
We may try Savage Pizza with the little-ones. The website makes it look pretty good. I'll let you know.

Atlanta Civic Center area-Kid Friendly

We're planning a trip to the Atlanta Civic Center this weekend and I was informed by my wife that we'd be joined by some friends with 3 other children plus our own child. Any lunch rec's for good kid friendly eateries in this area that aren't terribly expensive. We'd be willing to drive a little towards the east along I-85(if needed)as we are returning back to the Athens area later that afternoon. Thanks.

What's the strangest, or best, food you have eaten at a State Fair, stadium, or other outdoor venue?

How about deep fried oreo cookies. I've seen these at several fairs/festivals in the south. A cardiologist is highly recommended after eating several of these.

Jul 27, 2006
ScottWNC in General Topics

utimate ice cream in asheville, nc

Thanks for the rec Mark. I just got back from there and you're right, great stuff!! I was already nearby at the WNC Nature Center and figured I give it a shot with my little girl. She loved it too.

Maggie Valley/Asheville, North Carolina

For the more casual fare, I like Salsa's as well in downtown A'ville. It's been mentioned many times before on this board. It's a bit cheaper for lunch but always great!!

Pinecrest Inn-Tryon, NC-- Quick Review

I did not notice any outdoor dining/seating. They may have had some but I didn't see any. It was so humid last night, I don't think we would have wanted to sit outside then but it would be nice for the Fall!

Pinecrest Inn-Tryon, NC-- Quick Review

My wife and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary tonight and decided upon The Pinecrest Inn in Tryon, NC. It was one of the best meals we’ve had since moving to Western NC 2 1⁄2 years ago. Like many other posters to this board, we’ve had many disappointments in this area. The menu does change regularly according to their website.

We started with the recommended calamari. It is one of the few times I haven’t been served chewy rubber-bands with dipping sauce. They were cooked to perfection and the two accompanying sauces were very complimentary (a wasabi mayo and a hoisin-like sauce). I had the Asian Stuffed Duck over quinoa cakes and risotto as well as a shitake mushroom ragout. I don’t usually order duck but I was glad that I did. It was fantastic. If I could get duck like this more often, perhaps I would be more willing to order it elsewhere. The quinoa cakes (which were more like a stuffing) were very flavorful and “gingery”; again complimentary to the duck. My wife had pork loin medallions with a pancetta cream sauce. It too was cooked to perfection and was probably the most tender pork I’ve ever had. You could nearly cut it with the fork alone. The service was very attentive and somewhat formal as would be expected at some fine dining establishments. We were so full from dinner, we opted out of the dessert. Two entree dinners with the appetizer, non-alcoholic drinks and coffee was only $57 with the tip included.

It should be noted again as a previous poster has said, an 18% gratuity is added to all checks. We couldn’t figure out why they do this even for small parties. Perhaps there are some bad tippers in the area?? Nevertheless, I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend The Pinecrest Inn for any travelers or locals to the area looking for fine dining in WNC. We will certainly be back.

Wine situation in NC

You can buy beer and wine in nearly all grocery stores. The selections will of course vary from region to region, store to store and restaurant to restaurant. If you want spirits, it is state store only (ABC). The only exception to all of this is if you happen to stumble across a dry county or municipality.