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High Tea in Sonoma County?

I have to update my original post here. On Madge's recommendation, we went to English Garden Tea Rooms in Calistoga. It was so lovely, we went back two days later! The menu is very large and detailed, including everything from traditional tea selections to meat pies. The hosts are British, and we found that many of the patrons were also British. Everything we tried was very good- scones are available in sweet or savory, the desserts are excellent, the tea list is adequate. The place settings are really traditional, and the dining room is sunny and pleasant.

On our first visit there were only a few customers and we got great service. On our second visit the place was packed and service was slow, but the staff were extremely apologetic. There are the usual British cookies, teas, and things for sale there as well.

A hearty recommendation- really a great place for tea in the North Bay. Thanks Madge!

High Tea in Sonoma County?

Thanks Fine- yeah, afternoon tea is more like it, but I'll take suggestions for either/or!

High Tea in Sonoma County?

I'm a Sonoma County native, but now living in the Los Angeles area, where I frequently visit several local tea houses. I've had excellent high tea at Jin Patisserie in Venice, and both Chado locations in LA and Pasadena, among others. Can anyone recommend a similar spot in Sonoma County, where I often visit my folks? I found Jacqueline's in Petaluma in a web search, but I'm a little worried about the photos! A garden fountain and fake potted plants in the dining room?! I'm hoping for a wide tea selection, scones, clotted cream, finger sandwiches, maybe some cheese, the usual. Thanks.