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New Locopops Chapel Hill Location

The Locopops which used to be in the Courtyard has moved from West to East Franklin Street, closer to the university. It's now right next to Cosmic Cantina.


Seems it was partly because of the old landlord situation and partly in order to be closer to students.

Great Food in Wrigleyville- Is My List Complete?

My boyfriend is about to move to Wrigleyville from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and I'm trying to put together a list of good restaurants in the area for him. I looked around the forums and tried to put together a list of places recommended by multiple people, but I'm sure I missed some good places (and possibly included bad ones).

I'm especially hoping to find more good Mexican recommendations- he loves Mexican food, and he heard that there's not much good Mexican in Chicago. I'd like to prove him wrong, if possible.

TAC Quick
Cozy Noodles

African/Middle Eastern:
The Raw Bar

Pizza Capri
Pasta Palozzo
Mia Francesca

Pancho Pistolas

Athenian Room
The Bagel

Jul 10, 2008
showbiz_liz in Chicago Area

Miel Bon Bon Patisserie Carborro

I stopped in about two weeks ago, and the owner was extremely friendly and helpful. She gave me a tour and a free (delicious) hazelnut chocolate. I didn't get any attitude at all.

New Locopops, and Sugarland

I've become completely addicted to Sugarland. It's new a bakery/gelato/coffee place in Chapel Hill near the university. They have fantastic scones and chocolate cupcakes, and all the gelato I've tried (chocolate hazelnut, raspberry, Italian cherry, caramel) has been pretty excellent too.

Also in good dessert news... Locopops just opened a fourth store in Raleigh, on Hillsborough Street, and they're about to open a fifth one in Hillsborough itself. Here's hoping they get to Chicago before I move there...