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good dinner in east end of Rochester NY [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

2 Vine, although it's pricy, is considered top-notch. It's located just behind the Little Theater.

Pomodoro on University has great prices and a lovely patio and atmosphere.

Mex has great drinks, turns into a bar scene but serves Americanized Mexican by day.

Also, Golden Port/House of Sushi for Dim Sum or Japanese is right next to the Eastman Theatre/School campus.

vegetarian-friendly birthday destination?

Veggie Planet in Harvard Sq?
Mother India, in Waltham.

Mar 12, 2007
ebina49 in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

There's a great little Asian place next door to Magnolia's that is dirt cheap. They don't really have room to sit - but they set up tables during the summer. They also serve bubble tea! I also like Aja in Brighton/12 Corners for inexpensive yet Americanized Asian, and Great Northern in the same area (or in Pittsford) for great Pizza by the slice (it's also a really welcoming place to sit - not just a quick pizza place). Simply Crepes has amazing breakfast/brunch meals.

Sinbad's is Lebanese, I believe (it's on Park Ave). They just renovated the place. It's inexpensive and has great falafel and pizzas (I like the "Pharoah).

Also like Pomodoro Grill downtown on University (a bit pricier, but definitely reasonable).

There is a Vietnamese restaurant called Le Lemongrass on Monroe with good soups/pho.

For Indian, Thali of India in Henrietta is a standard.

Drinks in downtown Rochester

There is a new wine bar on South Avenue worth trying. 2Vine - very expensive. There are also places with an "older" crowd in Pittsford - specifically I'm thinking of a restaurant/bar called JoJo's in the village across the street from the hotel/spa there. Finally, the Pomodoro Grill on University. Cibon on Park has good drinks - it's not exactly a bar - more of a cafe but has an interesting feel to it - the drinks are quite expensive for Rochester.

Instant Hot Chocolate

i have no idea - but the fat free one does not has an odd chemical taste and consistency is not smooth at all. the sugar free tastes exactly like the normal milk chocolate one to me - just less calories. It's also typically more expensive though.

Jan 20, 2007
ebina49 in General Topics

Your choice for Trader Joe's BEST item

I currently have the eggplant cutlets in my freezer. How do you typically serve them? Do you use them to make a quick and easy eggplant parm? Or do you make sandwiches with them? Do you prep in the oven/toaster or microwave?? Thanks!

Jan 20, 2007
ebina49 in Chains

Border Cafe, Burlington MA

I did not like the quesadilla's - they were incredibly greasy. However, I do like the drinks.

Jan 20, 2007
ebina49 in Greater Boston Area

chai tea latte

Does anyone suggest any particular instant mixes for this stuff? I've had the Pacific and Oregon kinds, and I'm considering purchasing a small tin at Trader Joe's next week.

Jan 20, 2007
ebina49 in General Topics


i love honey, too. i grew up on it with tea. however, i also love it on toast, oatmeal, swirled into white rice, and on pancakes. Sometimes, I just have it with plain biscuits (which is what my grandmother still uses it for primarily).

Jan 20, 2007
ebina49 in General Topics

Rochester for the Weekend

Some ideas: Simply Crepes in Pittsford for brunch. Pomodoro Grill on University Avenue. Edibles, also on University, is great. If you want to go really upscale, 2Vine on East Ave behind the Little Theater. Also, Veneto on East Ave in that same area has expanded within the past year or so and serves great meals.

Labor Day weekend festivals?

i saw a sign on boylston for a greek fest in brookline on the 16th -do you know if its any good?

Sep 03, 2006
ebina49 in Greater Boston Area

Inexpensive French restaurants in Toronto?

second on Jules. Really simple decor. Pale yellow falls and light wood tables. Semi-open kitchen. Nice service, however, and great (although simple!) food. Crepes, quiches and salads mostly in the 10-12 range - served with salad, soup or fries. Also, desserts/coffee.

Buffalo-Rochester-Finger Lakes - where to stop for a bite...

canadaigua - thendara inn has two restaurants with lake views. one is casual and directly on the water with typical burgers, wraps - not fancy but great for the view.

if you exit in rochester on 490 near victor, there is a cafe called cole and parks with great coffee, sandwichs, and light meals. really yummy cookies.

beaches area

anyone know of a decent dinner spot with reasonable prices and greek like (light, not burgers) type food? I know of a Il Fornello on Queen...anything else? I've heard of a place called Nevada and another called Karas?

Any input? THanks!

cafe, mediterreanean, cheap, good coffee: Toronto

any in particular i should stay away from for health reasons>?

cafe, mediterreanean, cheap, good coffee: Toronto

here are the considerations as of now: kensington kitchen. balzac's as you mentioned. coffee mill up in the fancy part of town. Kalendar on College. Also possibly Green Mango, Butler's Pantry Cafe, Jules, 7 West Cafe. Oh and the By The Way Cafe (that's near the Kensington Market, right?). What do you think??? Also anything on Queen W. that should be considered if we're in that area (I know about the Red Tea Box and that is it).

cafe, mediterreanean, cheap, good coffee: Toronto

Headng up to Toronto. Seeking some recommendations. Brunch near kensington market. inexpensive dinner spots (cafes or bistros with patios ideally). suggestions for distillery district?

inexpensive cafe - european atmosphere a plus!

Thank you so much for the responses. Much appreciated! In addition, is there a place where both a 20-something and her mother would both feel comfortable getting a drink and/or coffee/dessert? would laika or upstairs cafe work?

inexpensive cafe - european atmosphere a plus!

weekend trip planning: looking for cheap (12 per person or less) meals on a budget! places with terraces would be great. big fan of mediterreanean or healthy meals. big fan of good quality coffee and gelato. places currently thinking about: aux deux marie, santropol, olive/gourmando, cate de soleil, la briorche lyonnaise, and jardin de panos. any more? thoughts on mythos or ouzeri?