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Manuel Latruwe's closed for renos (Calgary)

Philippe Pilont is a pastry chef who will opening a shop on Northmount Drive NW. He will be doing French and Venezulan pastries. It is nice to see more higher end pattisseries starting up. He is currently renovating and hopes to be open soon.

Calgary knife store

I headed there this week for a knife sharpening!

Chocophiles...are happy in Edmonton

Dan, Exquisite plans to switch to Cluizel, which, as far as the bigger manufacturers go, is the new industry standard. Now, having said that, and being a chocolatier, Exquisite is using a whole range of the single origin that is manufactured by Barry-Callebaut. Barry-Callebaut has a huge line of single origin chocolate. They have at least 8 or more that they produce. Even the Callebaut line has a very large range of percentages. The most common couverature being used by medium and low range chocolatiers is the 811 which is about 54% cocoa paste and 45% sugar. That is why it is referred to as semi sweet. Superstore carries that particular Callebaut chocolate in the bulk bins. The superstore 811 is a grade lower than what a chocolatier would use in that it is lower in cocoa butter content.

Hard to find ingredients help (Calgary)

The Tribune on 8th ave specializes in duck from Lac Brome. We had it for Valentines and it was very delicious.

Mar 07, 2008
debkassy in Prairie Provinces

507 Wine Bar (Cgy)

Yummy, I love wine...

Do any online ingredient/spice stores deliver to CANADA?

Qualifirst First Foods out of Toronto imports "top of the line" foods/spices/etc. Try checking the website and/or email them.

First Time Visit to Houston!

Years ago I went to Sam Houston State University and we would go to Houston...Westheimer to a place called "the empanada house". It was kinda run down but the empanadas were delicious. Does this place still exist?

Mar 04, 2008
debkassy in Texas

From the horse's mouth: Caffe Artigiano opening "around Feb 1"

I went with your recommendation with the traditional cap. I enjoyed it. It wasn't so hot that I had to wait before sipping. They were have some problems with the machine and all the coffee orders were backed up. They did offer refunds for those in a hurry. I waited it out!! It was yummy. I don't like milk so if the taste of the milk came thru I would have been disappointed, but, it was a perfect blend. I bought 1/2 pound of the Ethiopian coffee as it is my favourite regional brew. Of course everything depends on terroir so I will have to see if I like this particular batch.

From the horse's mouth: Caffe Artigiano opening "around Feb 1"

I am headed there in about an hour. I need to go to the National Bank and then I can relax and try the coffee. What is the "must have" for caffeine?

Village Pita Bakery, Calgary: The best chicken shawarma I've ever had.

John, there is one shop that makes the pita bread and then across the lot is a shawarma shop. I think that is the one you are referring to. I have been going there every so often for about 4 years and they are absolutely awesome. Hey, maybe you are talking about the pita shop. I guess I need to do a roadtrip this week! I always bought the meat pies. I remember when they were $1.75.

Mar 02, 2008
debkassy in Prairie Provinces

Chocophiles...are happy in Edmonton

Chocolate Exquisiste does a vairety of bonbons and he does make some small bars. He has switched couveratures and plans on using Michel Cluizel exclusively.

Calgary Chocolate Scene

Are you wanting bonbons or actual solid chocolate? There is no one who is using chocolate that outside the parameter of Barry-Callebaut, Lindt, and Belcolade. Barry Callebaut is actually Cocoa Barry from France and i refer this company as the twin to Callebaut who is Belgium. The Barry-Callebaut company is swiss owned and is probably the second or third largest manufacturer of chocolate in the world. They have opened plants just recently in India, Japan, China, and Mexico. I do use Cocoa Barry because I like their blends much better than Callebaut (even though they are the same company!) I don't go below 60% in dark chocolate and the Cocoa Barry that i use is 64% I hope to have two lines of chocolate. One line is using the cocoa barry which will keep the price down on bonbons, and then have an upper line using "noble beans" chocolate that i might lable as my "terroir line" I am currently writing a competitive marketing analysis for the chocolate industry in Calgary and nobody is using any of the high end couverature. Bernard does have his own formula made for him but the only thing different that he can do in his formula is dictate the cocoa butter amounts.
The more cocoa butter the smoother the chocolate.