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What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? Happy scrag end of winter March 2015 edition! [old]

Thanks for the tip on the Taiwanese cookbook. Pre-order placed!

Mar 02, 2015
Lonewolfcub in Home Cooking

Classes on BBQing/Grilling - Anniversary Present

Liz, would you consider using the money towards BBQ/Grilling equipment? My wife recently got me a Big Green Egg, and the egg simply rocks. You can use it as either a grill or a smoker, and it produces amazing results.

I just did 2 pork shoulders in these freezing temperatures and the egg held nicely, 225-250 for over 12 hours. I also have a Weber Smokey Mountain and the Egg did a better job of keeping the temps low and stable. For me at least.

BBQ isn't really hard conceptually. I think it has more to do with patience and just doing it often. If he dosn't have a proper smoker, perhaps getting one would be a great start. If you have a gas grill, you can use it to BBQ and add in wood for that smokiness, but IMO, real charcoal flavor cannot be beat.

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Finale Part 2 - 12/09/09 (Spoilers)

Here's an interesting Q & A from Michael and Bryan prior to the finale.

Dec 10, 2009
Lonewolfcub in Food Media & News

Arlington - grand opening tonight - Restaurant 3

Has anyone tried this new restaurant out?

Montmartre online menu or website?

Does anyone know how I can find an online menu or this restaurants website?

All the links I can find point me to, but this doesn't seem like the right link.

Heading there this weekend and wanted to get a view of what to expect.

Lunch suggestions? - Springfield to RFK, metro

Hoping to catch the afternoon Nats game this week. Will be taking the metro, so blue line stops like King St, Crystal City, etc... walking distance.

Any suggestions?

1 Jar of Dona Maria Mole - help!

So I've never cooked Mole before but have this jar of Dona Maria. I've read some other posts about using it, and look forward to it. But, I'm more or less cooking for 2. I've got 2 little ones who seem to only want to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, and yogurt.

So I was looking at the Mole jar last night, and it looked like it was a lid that you didn't put back on after you opened it. How do you store it after you've opened it up? I don't expect to use the whole jar for the amount of Mole I would like to make, but then again, I've never done this before so I know squat!

Mar 05, 2007
Lonewolfcub in Home Cooking

Need Chinese snacks and noodles that travel well

I'' second that almond jello recommendation. My parents are from Taiwan, and I grew up on that suff.

Mar 05, 2007
Lonewolfcub in Home Cooking

ISO Wonton Fillings and prep methods

Other ideas for the filling, include some shitakes mushrooms that have been finely minced. I usually used dried mushrooms that you re-consitute in hot water. Fincely minced water chestnuts is another good variant that can add a little crunch or texture.

Mar 05, 2007
Lonewolfcub in Home Cooking

Safeway - Rancher's Reserve - my opinion (reactions?)

So the standard for Costco's meats are Choice? And if you get lucky, Prime? How do you know if it's Prime? Will it have a sticker on it or something, or do you have to get a Butcher?

Jan 19, 2007
Lonewolfcub in Chains

Where do I find a cup of Illy or Lavazza Coffee in DC

If you are looking to buy some cannisters, go to World Market. Right now, there is a 40% off coupon you can use ( I think it expires early feb.) so a 12.99 can rings up $7 and some change. Can't beat that price as Illy coffee isn't frequently found on sale.

Great Bakeries in Washington D.C. and area

I'll second Cenan's in Vienna. Great little bakery on Rt. 123.
I brought in some chicken salad and put that on a butter croissant, and man, it's good.

Lunch in Kingstowne/Springfield?

You mentioned House of Dynasty as being too heavy. Another option for Chinese fare is Canton Cafe, next to Trader Joes in the Springfield Plaza. I've had some good dishes there and their roast pork has been good in the past. I do believe they serve soups too, so that might be better if you are looking for 'lighter' food for lunch.

Anyone know where to buy bite-size cheesecake?

Person who is throwing this lives in Reston. She's checking around, but hasn't had too much success.

Anyone know where to buy bite-size cheesecake?

found out Cheescake Factory doesn't offer them anymore.
Thanks for the suggestions though. Keep em coming!

How about mini croissant's?

Anyone know where to buy bite-size cheesecake?

Friend is throwing a wedding shower, and wants to get some bite size pieces of cheesecake.


Anyone know where to buy tasso?


PauliMotos Closing its doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I'll believe it, or when there is a little more proof.
But here's to hoping something better occupies that space.

Buffets in the Tyson's/Vienna area

OK, not like I really need to be eating lunch buffets as I'm trying to lose a few pounds, but always wonder where good/decent/edible lunch buffets are.

I know of:
InFusion - Tysons Mall Indian food
Bombay Tandoor - Tysons area, India Food
Songbird - Tysons, Korean/Sushi bar buffet

Any others to recommend?

Steak in Fairfax?

It's in Fairfax, but the best I can think of is Arties.
I know it's part of GAR, but when I last dined there, I had a slab or prme rib that was very good.

Dive, DIVE!

I love the sandwiches/subs at Sports in the Occoquan/Woodbridge area. It's been a while since I've been, so honestly I don't know if they are still open. It's a dive next to the 7-11 and some dry cleaner on Rt.123.

I love their Philly Cheese Steak, and they make other great subs too.