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Mt. Vernon Delivery and Takeaway

Other than Never on Sunday, what are some of the better delilvery and takeaway places in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore? Thinking primarily along the lines of pizza, sandwiches, sushi, and Thai, but any recommendations would be welcome.


Aug 28, 2008
brewershillbilly in Washington DC & Baltimore

Schwarma in Balto?

Aladdin's Cafe on Lawrence Street (between Key Highway and Fort Avenue) in South Baltimore.

Mar 29, 2007
brewershillbilly in Washington DC & Baltimore

Resto Supply Stores in Baltimore

The store on Conkling Street closed a few months ago. I've seen what looks like a restaurant supply place about two blocks away on Fleet Street, but have never been inside.

Does DePalo sell liquor bottle pour spouts? I used to buy them at the store on Conkling Street, and now cannot find them anywhere at all.

Dec 13, 2006
brewershillbilly in Washington DC & Baltimore