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REAL indian food in LA

Dave Ubergeek! LOVE the South Asian food, and had a recommendation for Tirupathi Bhimas from a South Asian friend. Am planning to drive up tomorrow from North SD County on some other business, but was hoping there would be a lunch buffet. Found a website, but it focused on the Milpitas location, and anyway, indicated that TB was NOT OPEN AT ALL on Sundays. Could not reach anyone at the phone number listed for the place (which would make sense if it wasn't open on weekends, of course), but can't believe it wouldn't be open on the weekend. Please advise??

May 17, 2008
Vita in Los Angeles Area

Basic Savory Mochi (Age Mochi)

I have a question: is there any way to make a "traditional" (meaning whole grain from scratch) style hard/sheet savory mochi using a Cuisinart? I realize mallets and wooden bowls are traditional, but other ideas?

Mar 05, 2008
Vita in Recipes