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Hungry In Greenwich, CT !

I went here tonight...let me just say, that wonderful chef has most certainly left the building. Not good.

Hungry In Greenwich, CT !

Meli-Melo is absolutely wonderful! Great soups. great crepes, but my absolute fave is their savory crab crepe served over a beautiful salad. Unfortunately I rarely go here because it can get so crowded during lunch hours.

I also agree that Hunan Gourmet is the only acceptable place to get Chinese food.

MacDuff's has a wonderful wedge salad that I get every time I go there, as well as good sliders. Good people, so I like this place despite my not being a huge fan of most bar food. I have heard good things about their Shepherd's pie and mushroom pizza.

best sushi bar in Greenwich, CT area?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the quality and/or freshness of the fish here is very I hate that the employees here litter and leave their trash all over the adjacent park and lot, always appears dirty. However, I got delivery from the Kira sushi in Armonk, and it was much better that that of its Greenwich counterpart.

best sushi bar in Greenwich, CT area?

Bambou, which used to be Wild Ginger, is my favorite sushi place around. They are in the same complex as Centro and the Ashtanga yoga place. Pemberwick Rd.

Bambou Restaurant Greenwich

I eat take out from here about 4-5x a week. I think they have the best sushi around. They are also friendly and accommodating. My go-to rolls are the "Wild Ginger Roll" (a cali roll topped w/spicy so good), the Pongko Shrimp roll, and a King Crab tuna roll (not sure if i named that right). Great sushi.

Nessa - Port Chester

Went here tonight & had to get this off my chest...first of all, our waitress was extremely apathetic, and could not have been less friendly or accommodating. I had two bruscetta one with artichoke and brie and another with goat cheese. Both were mediocre at best and pretty disappointing. The goat cheese one was waay over-seasoned with dill, and both were tiny. I also had a beet salad and a crabcake. Again, very heavy-handed with the dressing on the salad to the extent that the small bit of lettuce contained within became soggy and wilted despite its being frisee! The crabcake was overspiced to the extent that I could no longer taste the crab. For four people to eat a VERY light meal, the bill came to $154! On a side note, the waitress made a huge point of not allowing us any "substitutions" to menu items, and refused my mother a side dish of any vegetables!!! The water they served us also happened to taste of sewer...not recommended. Pretty sad considering the amazing space they have and the wonderful bar area packed to the gills with beautiful bottles of every imaginable liquor. Total bummer.

S'mores Cupcakes

I made these the other night. I liked the simplicity of the recipe and was pleased with the way the cupcakes with the chocolate ganache came out, but my marshmallow frosting was so thin it kept falling right off my cakes. I tried adding more fluff to the mixture, but it was pretty much a lost cause. Maybe next time I would use straight fluff instead.

May 18, 2008
triplb333 in Recipes