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Red Hot Szechuan in Park Slope closed?

I hope it will be better than it was previous to closing.

It was a somewhat reliable takeout in a pinch; however, I agree with a previous poster, something regionally specific would be great, but the Park Slope demographic, regrettably, asks for a more suburban Chinese experience,

Jun 29, 2008
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Beer Table, Park Slope

I have been meaning to go to Beer Table myself, can you comment on any of the tap beers that you imbibed?

Feb 27, 2008
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Peppino's - Park Slope

Thanks for the didactic tutorial on ubiquitous acronyms; however, I was referring to Peppino’s status as “not BYOB yet”. In practice, restaurants have been “BYOB” during the liquor license approval period, and likewise for restaurants that never have had a license. This is technically a violation of the NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, but it has historically not been enforced. This is why I am puzzled at the notion of being “not BYOB yet”, (there is a “bottle club” license that allows establishments to acquire what we commonly know as BYOB status, but this license is as expensive and difficult to obtain as a beer and wine license, hence of little use). I hope this situation is not indicative of an SLA crackdown on BYOB restaurants, that would be a tragic blow to the gastronomic quality of life of new Yorkers.

If anyone has any insight on the matter, please share.

Jan 27, 2008
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Peppino's - Park Slope

I'm sorry, but what does "it's not BYOB yet" mean?

Jan 18, 2008
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Burger, Park Slope: ugh

You said it yourself, 12 St Bar & Grill. Johnny Macks' burger is surprisingly not bad either, across the avenue. They also offer some offbeat draft selections such as Radeburger Pils which I have not seen poured in this country.

Jan 03, 2008
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Will the real French Bistro please stand up.

With respect to REAL French cuisine, I would suggest targeting French Regional Cuisine as opposed to the French Bistro model which is more of an amalgamation of Pan-Franco staples that have been reproduced infinitely by non-native French nationals even within France itself.

Oct 21, 2007
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Little D in Park Slope

It is wonderful that the South Slope has a local establishment that serves small “meze” style dishes. In all my traveling in the eastern Mediterranean, I would dine exclusively on the meze model. A very nice husband (the chef) and wife(maître d') team own this independent restaurant. Not the kind of place, thankfully, that might have chefs per se i.e. executive sous chef, chef de partie etc.; however, I say ,use inside leverage and make the chef(s?) aware of the less than kind person (we know it is a male) in charge that night and find out what indeed went wrong, that night, remember to mention it was in fact, four women.

Sep 25, 2007
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Disappointing NY pizza [Moved from the LA board]

One quality that almost every New Yorker in the five boroughs possesses, is the ability to be within walking distance of an above average (nationally speaking) slice of pizza from a independent owner-operated small business. That is a quality, I hope, that always remains fundamentally New York. This is not to say that one can’t spend an hour and a half on a an LA Freeway driving to find some good pizza, but when speaking of a pizza culture, there is no comparing NYC and LA.

I believe the spirit of the original poster was to dispel the zealous praise of some NYC pizzerias (Chowhouders included), promising an ethereal experience (just try and criticize Di Fara’s and you will get a triple digit thread response). New York City Pizza should not be measured by chest beating rants boasting “the best pizza in the city, but by the depth, volume and diversity of the pizza it offers.

It may be true that “Grimaldi’s is overrated and isn’t what it used to be” and 50 years ago this….and I remember when that, but how many wood burning and brick oven pizzerias were there in New York a generation ago? Maybe there is no longer one predominant style of NYC pizza anymore, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Sep 22, 2007
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Torta frutti di bosco, available?

Can anyone recommend a bakery that makes torta frutti di bosco (Italian mixed berry tart)?

Mar 11, 2007
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs

Happy Hour around Madison Square Garden

We are a group of about twenty doing a seminar at 34th St and 7th Ave. Any reccomendations for a fun and interesting (not midtown schlock) Happy Hour in the neighborhood?

Jul 27, 2006
Jadro_Staad in Manhattan

Tempo Presto on 7th Ave. (Park Slope)

I do not understand why all of the excitement that there will be another Tempo Presto in Center Slope. To have one location at 5th Ave & 1st St and a new branch at 7th Ave & 3rd St doesn't seem to make that much sense. Am I wrong?

Jul 07, 2006
Jadro_Staad in Outer Boroughs