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I have been to the Brothers, which I like quite a bit. I will be spending a little bit of time in St Paul today, so any ideas for both Mpls and St Paul would be appreciated. Mort's is too far out! I'm sure this will be a fun topic!

Mar 18, 2009
mahlerii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Crema Cafe MSP-Website?

I am going to Crema Cafe in Uptown Minneapolis tomorrow night and was looking for their website to see what they have to eat. Does anyone know what it is or what they serve for supper?



Best Bloody Mary in MSP

I was at Bryant Lake Bowl two Sundays ago, and I saw the bartender making Bloody Marys and it looked quite impressive. I did not order one though. I think Uptown has a very good one as well as screwdrivers that you could buy a cool glass to go with it! Come to think of it, didn't the Poodle club on Lake Street have a Sunday breakfast deal between 10 and 10:30 where you could get Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers cheap???

BEST cup of coffee in the Twin Cities??

Some great coffee is served with breakfast at the Egg and I. The coffee at Mickey's on west 7th in Saint Paul is also very good (and fine mugs, too)! The coffee is not too bad at the Grandview Grill in St. Paul also. St. Paul's Day by Day cafe has great coffee too. I'm not sure what coffee they brew at any of these places, but it's worth the free refills!

Mar 01, 2008
mahlerii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Kabobs Minneapolis

I am a big Kabobs fan. I do admit that it took some time hitting my stride, but once I did, I usually go once a week. My favorites are Chicken 65, Chicken Biyrani, Garlic Naan, Mango Lassi, Chili Chicken, and the Beef Samosas. I will try new dishes in the past. I am looking forward to them expanding into the "Liberty Tax" building. Except for a few exceptions, their foods have been mostly excellent. I like the owners too, who always ask "How was it?" and I say, "Wonderful".

Mar 01, 2008
mahlerii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP-Best Thai in the cities

I wish Ketsana's at 76th and Lyndale was still open, they had the best Pad Thai. I don't mind Sawatdee at all, and Uptown's Kimson is good too. I also have enjoyed Tum Rup Thai twice in Uptown.

MSP-Almost have been to every restaurant in Uptown....

I was able to get a reservation at 7:30 pm by calling them. But wasn't able to get a seat until 8pm. I asked if I could come back and they said yes. I almost went to Barbette, but I wanted Campiello. And it was worth it! Although I couldn't read a book because the light was not bright enough (mostly by candlelight, which kept going out, much to the chagrin of the waiters and waitresses) the food and people-watching more than made up for it. I had a seat next to the kitchen (reminded me of Figlio) so I was watching the cooks and the waitresses and their version of Gordon Ramsey (2 minutes on table 43!). After my bread was brought by a surly looking waiter, my waitress was personable, helpful and congenial. I really felt welcome there even though I was on my own. It was also very noisy, but of course, it was friday! The $30 deal was a great idea! There were many great choices! I chose a Caesar Salad with Toasted Semolina Croutons which would have been $7.50, the Grilled Hangar Steak with fried potato ribbons (which reminded me of pasta) truffle oil and parmesan cheese which would have been $19.50 and for dessert Nutella Semifreddo with Hazlenut Torrone for $7.50. All the food was exceptional. Took awhile to get the steak, but once it came, wow! I would like to go with my wife sometime. Highly recommended! Now, where to go to next month?

MSP-Authentic Mexican

I would recommend El Meson on 34th Av and Hennepin in South Minneapolis, near Uptown.

MSP-Almost have been to every restaurant in Uptown....

El Meson is great, but the atmosphere will not work for book reading-my wife and I love going there for their food, though. If I drive my car there, I could park in the lot at Campiello, which is where I am gravitating to at the moment.

MSP-Almost have been to every restaurant in Uptown....

I went to Marla's in an earlier incarnation. It is the same restaurant with a different owner? I have only had the buffet here, not supper. I was very impressed, however.

MSP-Almost have been to every restaurant in Uptown....

I think I'm going to Campiello because I found out that there is a program going on called "Restaurant Week" where upscale restaurants are having 3 course meals at either $15 or $30. The other restaurants in the area are Barbette, Herkimer and Stella's. Has anyone ever participated in this before? Is it a great deal?

MSP-Almost have been to every restaurant in Uptown....

Hello. I have vowed to go to every restaurant in Uptown and I only have a few left. I want to go somewhere that is friendly to a loner, and not too noisy so I can read a book and watch the scenery inside or outside. This is tonight, and I need some suggestions. Here are the ones I haven't been to yet (that I remember)

Old Chicago
Stella's Fish Cafe
Pizza Luce
Restaurant Miami
Campiello (dress code? only for couples?)
Chang Mai Thai

There are probably some others that I haven't gone to. Really like Felafel King, Figlio, Taste of India, Egg and I.

Your suggestions are most welcome!!