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Best CHEAP Food in the South Bay??

I'm looking for the BEST food in the Santa Clara, MV, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale area within the price range of $5-10 for lunch, $10-15 for dinner. Also, I already know a lot of good mexican places, so anything other than Mexican. Thanks!

Hot Soy Milk & Chinese Fried Doughnut Breakfast in South Bay?

I'm looking for a really good chinese breakfast joint with hot soy milk (salty & sweet) and good old chinese breakfast foods like "fan twan" (rice covered fried doughnuts) and "you tiao" (chinese fried doughnuts) in the Santa Clara, Palo Alto, MV, Sunnyvale area. Any suggestions will do!

What's the best place to get a salad in the South Bay?

I live in Santa Clara and I'm looking for a great place to get a decently-priced, large-portioned, unbelievably delicious salad. I currently go to Pluto's in Palo Alto, but I'm starting to get tired of it. Any other suggestions in the Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale area? You can use Pluto's as an example, since I love their salads. I'm just looking to expand my horizons.

Best Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice (at least in the SGV)

I DEFINITELY agree with Little Bean as being the best boba milk tea place. Their mango shaved ice is probably the best I've had as well.

Jul 25, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area

Your favorite place for a salad

Green Street is my favorite restaurant for salads. Completely agree w/ u, chica. Everytime I go there, I always always get the Cornucopia Salad w/ Dianne dressing & the zucchini bread. great stuff.

Jul 18, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area

Taiwanese Shaved Ice + Bread

I think the BEST shaved ice is at Little Bean in Rowland Heights, CA. It's on Colima Road, between Fullerton & Nogales (pretty close to the 99 Ranch Market w/ Sam Woo). Fresh ingredients, HUGE bowl (definitely shareable), and only $2.50!

Jul 18, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area

Mix Bowl Cafe - Pomona

I LOVE MIX BOWL!! Everything about that place is amazing. GREAT thai food, CHEAP prices, QUICK service, and it's LATE night! we seriously got our food like 5 minutes after we ordered, and everything is like $5-6. I honestly think this is one of the best places to go when you're having late-night munchies.

Jul 17, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area


Yeah they do... with REAL taro.

OH yeah, they also have a huge shaved ice for only $2.50! all fresh ingredients to choose from.

Jul 17, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area


I just had the greatest experience at the best boba milk tea joint ever. It's called Little Bean in Rowland Heights, CA (on Colima Road), and I gotta tell you -- I've tried boba from Tapioca Express to Lollicup to Ten Ren's, and no boba even remotely compares to the boba I drank at Little Bean. The thing I love the most about this place is that they use REAL FRUIT, so all your drinks are fresh and actually have some form of nutrition in it. (Places like Tapioca Express & Ten Ren all use artificial powder for most of their drinks). They even have all the chinese/taiwanese snacks, candy, and dried fruit you could ever want inside the store. Great service and great boba. Definitely recommended!!

(Note: If you go earlier on weekends, they have mini-bobas which I think are much better than the regular boba. They go much better with your drink)

Jul 16, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area

Any Late-Night Coffee Shops in Santa Clara/MV/Palo Alto area?

I'm a late-night type of guy, and when I don't feel like going out to the clubs or bars, I feel like hanging out w/ my friends at a local, nice coffee shop. However, many coffee shops close fairly early (10pm - 11pm) on a Friday or Saturday night. I'm looking for a nice coffee shop w/ great coffee & desserts that close a bit later (ideally after midnight). If anybody knows of such a place in the South Bay, I'd be ecstatic...

What's the BEST Restaurant in the Santa Clara/Mountain View area?

I went to Gochi tonight. It was an awesome experience. Thanks for the recommendation.

Favorite Diet Sodas?

best diet soda ever:


close second:

Diet Dr. Pepper

Jul 10, 2006
makalive45 in General Topics

What's the BEST Restaurant in the Santa Clara/Mountain View area?

I'm new to the area, and I was wondering what are the best, must-try restaurants in the Santa Clara, Mountain View, & Palo Alto areas?

your top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?

GREEN STREET in Pasadena. Hands down the best place for the best salads and sandwiches. They're best known for their delicious zucchini bread, which I buy like 3 or 4 loaves to take home everytime I visit. Also try their Dianne Salad with their own, special dressing. it's so damn delicious. trust me!!!

Jul 07, 2006
makalive45 in Los Angeles Area