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Disney chow for foodies

Lots to address here. A true "foodie" will ONLY find happiness in Victoria and Alberts. There is other good dining in the World, in order, (1) Bluezoo (2) California Grill (3) Jiko (4) Citrico's (5) Artist Point (6) Shula's (7) Flying Fish. Other restaurants like Kona, Kouzina, Narcossee's, etc. and any' 'in park' restaurant are going to be just restaurants ... Some good, some bad, some mediocre but certainly not "foodie" worthy.

California Grill
Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

Victoria and Albert's
, Orlando, FL 32830

Artist Point
901 Timberline Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Flying Fish
Disneys Boardwalk Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

Aug 07, 2011
Keysmickey in Florida

Orlando's most under-rated restaurant

Being a chain in the steak arena is not a negative IMO. While I've had great steak at Berns (in Tampa) and a place called Folkes Folley (in Memphis) was probably the best restaurant steak I've ever had, the fact is the chains like Morton's, Ruth's, The Palm, Flemings, etc. etc. are where it's at for great steak, there just aren't enough competitive options. Additionally Shula's Orlando has upped their total experience over the past couple of year (not declined) although they (Orlando) doesn't compare to the Miami Lakes location (the original).

Jul 09, 2011
Keysmickey in Florida

Orlando's most under-rated restaurant

Response to Charlie's Steakhouse comment ... while I like Charley's, especially for the price, it certainly doesn't compare to Shula's or The Palm, etc.

I think Sanaa, at Animal Kingdom Villa's is a really unappreciated locale.

Jul 07, 2011
Keysmickey in Florida

Islamorada Restaurants

I've had the best rib eye I've ever had in my life at Ziggies ... And the absolute worst. I'm a reasonable guy, especially when it comes to beef. I understand there will be ups and downs BUT when I received my bad rib eye (over 50% inedible) management did not stand behind it. John belittled me in front of my daughter and offered no replacement, reduction in my bill, not even an offer for a free desert (which wouldn't have been acceptable). Very sad.

Mar 30, 2011
Keysmickey in Florida

The Palm or Joe's in the Forum Shops?

Any opinions on either of these? We've enjoyed The Palm in Orlando a lot and was wondering how Joe's fare's opinion wise around here. Thanks.

Mar 06, 2011
Keysmickey in Las Vegas

Best Place for a Cuban Sandwich in Key West?

5 Brothers. Great!

Apr 17, 2009
Keysmickey in Florida

Florida Keys...

RE: Ziggy's, I had the absolute BEST bone in ribeye I have ever had at this establishment!!! Sadly, my last visit produced the absolute worst ribeye I've ever had at a restaurant ... And sadly, management didn't care at all.

Dec 08, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Florida Keys

Another Marathon Chowhounder here...In Marathon I can only reccomend Franks Grill (a locals place) and Butterfly Cafe (an upscale tourist place).

The Meteor, in Key West, used to be great but new owners (in the past year or so) don't quite have the same recipes somehow and really raised prices.

Boondocks is always more than acceptable as is the Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island.

Sep 11, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Bern's Steakhouse / Sideberns

Always lots of chat on this board re: Tampa Bay dining and yet Bern's doesn't get mentioned all that frequently. Is Bern's just a given or has it lost its luster?

Jul 01, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Del Friscos, Ruth's Chris or Shula's ORLANDO?

Of the three I'd pick Del Frisco's but I personally favor The Palm in Orlando (at The Hard Rock).

Jul 01, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Steakhouses outside Disney World

This shows how different we all are. I love steak and steakhouse's and have been to most of those mentioned here (not Berns yet...darn it) but Ruths' Chris is my absolute favorite from A-Z ...But I love the cooked in butter taste and hot, hot plate - that goes against some Chowhounds idea on how steak should be cooked. That's OK, but I LOVE Ruths'.

May 23, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

RE: Shuckers's, I totally lost about 10 years as the place IS now known as The Island in it's current location oceanside...Locals still sometimes call it Shuckers but it's probably mostly me. lol.

May 04, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

Fish Tales is an active seafood & meat market (they also sell Prime beef). The owners for years owned and ran the Grassy Key Dairy Bar which was THE middle keys staple for many years.

The best happy hour will probably be at either Shuckers or Cabana Breezes in Key Colony Beach. Check the wind direction before deciding which of these to go to (one's on the Bay and the other is on the ocean).

Just for food I would reccomend Frank's Grill BUT it's not keysey and has no view (but is hard to get into, nuff said?). If Keys ambiance IS in the mix of criteria, you may check out The Butterfly Cafe or The Hideaway Cafe on Grassy Key, both are more pricey though. I have had two great meals at Butterfly Cafe and Hideaway Cafe sits at about 75% over the years.

Mind you though, while there are very nice dining opps, there will be no mindblowing, Chowhound dining found in Marathon,

May 03, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

I'm confused, having lived here 27 years I can reliably say that Marathon is already like "the rest of the Keys". What was once a sleepy fishing community is now primarily a winter getaway of second homes and condos (check the number of private jets at our airport on the weekend).

I agree with Stuffed Pig for Breakfast although Stouts is also great.

Keys fisheries is a tourist place with mostly fried food that, while tasting good, never sits well with me. Shuckers, which I assume is aka Island Fish, is OK, especially for the boisterous, partying dinner...No "chowhound" food here but I've heard quite good things lately (although I personally have not been in awhile).

May 02, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

The best in Marathon is Frank's Grill (small and casual and reservations are usually needed). Also, The Butterfly Cafe is very good (more upscale and pricey). For lunch there is Fish Tales and Herbies (both offer an old Keys feel but are loved by locals). Barracuda's is loved by tourists and usually gets good reviews. Locals have found it very inconsistant but they step up tot he plate more often than not..

If you're venturing to Islamorada I personally prefer Ziggie & Maddogs. I have never had anything less than superb at this joint.

I concur that Alice's in Key West is very good as is 7 Fish and Michaels. Do Louies for for drinks (you can risk dinner and probably be OK but it can be hit and miss with somewhat arrogant service). Also try El Siboney for Cuban food (a real locals restaurant).

May 01, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Key West dining

I don't get to KW as often as I should but my favs are...

El Siboney for authentic Cuban.

Hogfish Bar and Grill (Stock Island) for ... the Hogfish sandwich.

Louies for drinks and view.

Michaels for steak.

Oh yes, Five Brothers grocery for the Cuban Mix sandwich.

Apr 21, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Marathon, FL for 1 week

Hi, I live in Marathon (27 years) and these are my suggestions.

Franks Grill (need reservations) is by far the best dining. Italian influence. Great fet. alfreado, ravioli and I always get the lamb chops...But the chicken franciase is great and so is his fish.

After that The Butterfly Cafe is very good. More upscale but I've had only raves about the food.

Baraccuda is one where the chef is certainly talented but the prices are high and quality consistency is certainly below Franks and BC. Tourists seem to really like this restaurant, locals are more ambivelent, although I will say that many years ago I had the absolute best cowboy steak ever at this place.

Fish Tales is very good for lunch as is Herbies (very Keysey).

There is also the Hideaway Cafe on Grassy Key, which is a great atmosphere and I've never had bad food here but again it's been a little inconsistant.

Not to be disagreeable but I disagree about Keys Fisheries...It's a tourist joint with expensive fried fish that always makes me needing to be near the facilities, if you catch my drift.

My favorite Keys restaurant (North of KW) is Ziggie and Maddogs in Islamorada. I have found it to be absolutely superb although in deference to my upper Keys chowhounds they have somewhat less lofty opinions than myself.

Apr 21, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Steakhouses outside Disney World

Funny how our tastes so vary...I find any Ruths' Chris to be just the best. I also like Del Frisco although Shula's (in Orlando) has been spotrty to me but they have a new manager who is supposed to even things out.

Yachtsman's at Disney is OK but not Prime quality.

I really like The Palm at the Hard Rock. I always get my before meal rumrunners at The Lone Palm at City Walk for half the price as the Palm (so I can drink twice as many)!!! Love the 16 oz Strip.

Apr 18, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Orlando Steakhouse on an expense account

Shula's Steakhouse serves the 'Shula Cut' which they claim is 'better than prime'. Of the specific number of catagories to be considered "prime" Shula's exceeds prime in most of them but on a couple of counts (sorry I don't remember specifics) they are just below. Their beef is from their own ranch. The steak is great, have not been impressed with the lobster,

I have had real service isues at Shula's but they have a new manager who "promises" that things have changed.

Perhaps Charley's is worth a try ... it is a chain (but a So. FL chain only, I believe).

I love The Palm at the Hard Rock, but it is one of those chains.

I disagre that Tchoup Chop would be a good choice for steak (my opinion) but it's a great restaurant otherwise.

Del Frisco's was ranked by the Orlando Sentinel critic as the best this year, for what that's worth.

Mar 16, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

where should we eat in key west?

Michaels (steakhouse), Hog Fish Bar & Grill (technically on Stock Island), 7 Fish (seafood), El Siboney (Cuban) are a few I personally eat at.

Mar 02, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Where do the locals eat in Florida Keys?

Ziggy & Maddogs is the best restauant in the Keys (outside of KW). Marker 88 is good as is Bentley's.

Marathon has Franks Cafe and then little else to offer, perhaps The Butterfly cafe...Maybe Castaways for a weird combination of tourist and local.

KW: Louies is done. Margaritaville is yuck. Michaels is great as is 7 Fish. Prime is supposed to be good (haven't personally been). Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island is worth it.

Feb 28, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Help me choose from these Orlando Restaurants

As stated Tchoup Chop is great when good...Worthe the try, IMO.

You have Charley's and Capitale Grill on your list but I'd prefrer The Palm (at the Hard Rock) or Del Frisco's...

One you don't have onthe list that I LOVE is Todd English's Bluezoo. It is awesome.

Feb 28, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida

Islamorada Restaurants

Man I have to disagre with some of this. Bentley's is OK and Marker 88 is quite good but Ziggy and Maddogs is far better. Maybe back in the day 88 had it all but not now. There is absolutely nothing at Z&M that isn't superb.

Feb 28, 2008
Keysmickey in Florida