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Any recommendations for a BBQ/Wings restaurant or fast food? [San Diego]

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to Phils BBQ and well it was not as good as all the reviews put it out to be, I had the whole white chiken meal and the the chiken was dry, then I wanted more BBQ sauce we where charged extra.. It's good but not incredible well for our taste...So any recommendations??

Mar 17, 2008
denischa in California

Salvadorian Beer where to find it in SD?

I've been looking for Beer from El Salvador, I've already been to BEVMO in San Diego.. But can't seem to find it anywhere....

Mar 17, 2008
denischa in California

Where to find Brazilian Beer in SD?

Hello, seems to me that everyone seems to be very well informed regarding purchasing Beers in SD.... I NEED HELP.. =)
I have been trying to find a Brazilian Beer called BRAHMA....
Can anyone help me find it... I've looked at website after website.....

Feb 28, 2008
denischa in California