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baking class - beginner

hi fellow chowhounds,

As an adult now, i always wanted to learn the basics of baking and bread making, where can I find a class (best is free) where i can learn the basic fundamentals of baking? Alternatively, i am willing to pay a small nominal fee for the class. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you,

Custom Cake for wife's "40"...

we are both foodies and planning to celebrate my wife's big "40".
I would like to do something special for her as she has been a great partner and friend since we been together for over 10 years. We are also proud parents to a almost 2 year old baby girl.
I am looking for quality after all and not quantity but I do also have other gift(s) i plan to buy, so the cake will not have to be the "main event". I would like get feedback from fellow chow-hounders for any bakeries that do custom cakes, and or any suggestions- thank you in advance.
* BDAY is between xmas and NYE.*

Popular hot pot restaurants in China....who's top 5?

does anyone know which are the most popular hot pot restaurants in China?
Popular by demand to have at least a few hundred locations through out China and expanding?

i plan to visit China and would like to visit the most popular hot pot restaurants; i know little sheep (小 肥 羊)is most likely on the list, but maybe not top 5?

thanks in advance,

Caputo flour or king arthur's pizza flour...?

which flour do you prefer? And what experiences do you have with these types of flour? Learning to make pizza at home, just bought a pizza stone from surla table, and looking forward to recreate some great pies.

As i am a very beginner, any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

(***recipes will be from American Pie***)

May 23, 2013
Rice is Nice in Home Cooking

Any cooking classes that are taught in a restaurant/bakery...?

anyone know of any restaurants that offer cooking and or baking classes in a restaurant or bakery? I know sourflour classes are taught at La Victoria bakery at night.


Where to buy croissant dough (laminated dough)? want to make it at home?

yeah, in around san francisco area- probably check wholefoods. Looking for only the dough sheet as this allows me to make various sweet and savory fillings.

May 03, 2013
Rice is Nice in General Topics

Where to buy croissant dough (laminated dough)? want to make it at home?

want to make croissants at home, but don't have a sheeter and really don't have the time, wondering if i can purchase croissant dough already frozen so i can start baking croissants at home?

any recs would be appreciated, thanks.

May 03, 2013
Rice is Nice in General Topics

Burgers...have you tried it with panade (bread paste)...?

cibatta bread- after toasting it i thought the bread to be a it too crispy for my taste. I wanted to try a Hawaiian sweet bread, and also portugese roll, or simply a egg bread of some sort.
what are some popular homemade breads that pair well with a juicy burger? any suggestions..?

May 02, 2013
Rice is Nice in Home Cooking

Burgers...have you tried it with panade (bread paste)...?

the results were night and day difference! basically to make panade i used sliced white bread and milk to form a paste and added that into the burger patty, very simple to do and WOW, the meat is really tender and juicy.
See picture, i used Diestel Farms grind turkey.
I just wanted to share this and wanted to know if anyone else made burgers with panade and what different recipe you might have?

happy cooking.

Apr 30, 2013
Rice is Nice in Home Cooking

North America - Pizza & Ice Cream Show...

did anyone get a chance to visit the Pizza and ice cream show in Columbus, Ohio?
I wanted to attend, but schedule conflict wouldn't allow me to.
Was the high light of the show, and was there any new trends in the ice cream and pizza arena? thanks,