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visiting from NY for a long weekend, need 4 nights of amazing eats!

Clancy's, Mandina's, Stanley (for brunch), Dante's Kitchen, Commanders, R & O (best roast beef po boy EVER - imho), Jacques-Imo's, Brightsens. Some of my favorites.

Jan 23, 2009
macster in New Orleans

I need a decent restaurant near JFK Airport.

any suggestions for a decent place to eat near the airport??

Jul 21, 2008
macster in Outer Boroughs

Gaslight, Hoboken - Bridal Shower

Not sure what your budget is or how many people are invited but Amanda's does a great job (can be $$$ though). Upstairs at the Brass Rail is a private room that is pretty big (may actually be too big if you have less than 50 - 60 people). Quays and Trinity do not have private rooms but I imagine they would rope off an area if you were to do it at an off time. I know Trinity does a big weekend brunch biz so not sure if they would even do anything for you. Hope this helps

Jun 10, 2008
macster in General Tristate Archive

Fried Chicken - Fiorella's or Coop's or ?

Going to PittCon?

Feb 28, 2008
macster in New Orleans

Fried Chicken - Fiorella's or Coop's or ?

Mandina's has amazing fried chicken. Take the streetcar up there if you have the time.

Feb 28, 2008
macster in New Orleans