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help needed with hideous new low cholesterol diet!!

My cholesterol was at 318 because of a thyroid condition. Then it dropped to 254 after they got the thyroid under control. I didn't want to take any more prescription meds. So, my doctor let me try to get it down on my own. I dropped it down to 212 (now). I eat frosted cheerios with ground flaxseed every morning, I eat alot of fish, turkey, and chicken. I only eat red meat about twice a week. I also eat a handful of walnuts everyday. I don't eat egg yolks (whites only). I also take alot of vitamins that help- fish oil, red yeast extract, multi-vitamin, garlic, and just started to try cholest off. I use olive oil only, and butter with omega 3 in it. There are alot of good recipes that don't taste horrible. I eat alot of sweets such as, berry muffins, oatmeal cookies, etc. So, don't think you will dye for good food. I eat twice as much as I did before and never gain any weight. My goal is to get mine under 200. So, good luck and do some research on cholesterol- what foods are good for you and what foods aren't. Hope this helps

Feb 28, 2008
cportwine in Not About Food