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Ancient but good - what's your long standing favourite?

BA was certainly quiet when I was there, but my steak wasn't nearly as flavorful as my numerous trips to Elm street. I'm going back there tonight as a matter of fact - something of a holiday tradition for a small group of friends.

I have had both quiet and not-so-quiet experiences at Barberians, but the food is on the mark, everytime.

That ultimately is what brings me back.

-- ST

Ancient but good - what's your long standing favourite?

My favorite oldie is Barberian's, which first opened in 1959. For my money it's the best steakhouse in Toronto - spanks Black Angus silly!

-- ST

Black Angus
3277 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1E2, CA

7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

Cheap Champagne to buy in Toronto

My wife and I really enjoy Bottega prosecco available at the LCBO for around $15.

-- ST

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Somebody else mentioned it, but I have to agree that Weezies on King near Parliament makes one of the best burgers I've had in TO. Allen's pales in comparison...

Juicy, cooked perfectly without asking (still pink) and made from quality beef in house. Makes me drool just thinking about it.

Too bad they are only open for dinner these days - I work nearby and used to go regularly for lunch. Its been a while since I've enjoyed their food as a result.

-- ST

Danforth Dragon - What dishes do you recommend?

Hello all,

When hankering for Chinese take-out/delivery, my wife and I regularly order from the Danforth Dragon at Jones and Danforth.

We have found them to be the best overall in our area of the GTA (Greenwood&Gerrard area), and order fairly frequently. Apart from consistency issues (which seems unfortunately typical for this genre of food), we find it a fairly reliable place to order from.

We love their Hakka Chow Mein, Crispy Ginger Beef (closest thing to "Calgary Style" Ginger Beef I've found in the GTA) and Vegetable Chop Suey which come with homemade crispy noodles to put on top.

We really are looking for another dish or two that would compliment what we already order from this restaurant - does anybody here have any recommendations?

Please let us know what your favorite DD dishes are!

-- ST

"Calcutta Chinese" (Indian Hakka) in downtown Toronto?

Hi there - I couldn't agree more about DD. Sometimes their food is really great, and sometimes it is only mediocre. My wife and I actually ordered from another Chinese place (Number One Chinese - another CH recommendation) last night because of this, and were disappointed. (we weren't specifically looking for Hakka, though when we order from DD, Hakka chow mein is always something we order)

Usually good items include their Vegetable chop suey and Crispy Ginger Beef. (for any transplants from Calgary - this is the closest to "Calgary Ginger Beef" that I've found in the GTA.)

One of my wife's big turnoffs at DD is that they seem to use frozen vegetable mixes in several of their dishes (Cashew Chicken for example).

I'm going to start a separate thread about DD for discussion of favorite dishes... sorry to hijack a bit here! :)

For Chinese from a non-Hakka expert, DD is probably the best if you can handle inconsistent results.

-- ST