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Looking for a Wine Tasting/Class

I would check out (I think - if not google Taste DC). They have many many classes on a variety of wine, food, tastings etc. Not sure if they do gift certificates. I've been to a few and they are always good events.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Short post on RW this year as I always consult the board first. Went to Viridian and Zola. Both exceptional. Zola whole menu including weygu beef and lobster app. Viridina, certain things on the menu but wide selection. Excellent service too!

UES Single - great experience at Bar @ Etats Unis

Did some searching on the board for UES places that seemed good for a single diner. Decided on the Bar @ Etats Unis. Great experience! A bit crowded but very friendly staff. Best butter lettuce salad with pears, fabulous made to order mac and cheese. Truly fun and amazing to see the cook make everything behind the bar on what appeared to be a sophisticated efficiency kitchen. You can also order from the restaurant across the street and they run it over. Will return when in town for business. 81st between 2nd and 3rd

Apr 02, 2007
wagnerag in Manhattan

Kobe Beef dinner: Megu, BLTs, Nobu, Geisha

My fiance loves Kobe beef and we will be in New York for his birthday next week. I have reservations for dinner at Megu Midtown based on the board. I've also read articles that mentioned BLT Steak and Prime and Geisha. He loves good sushi too, but Kobe beef is really what we are after. Is Megu a good choice? Reviews seem to be more positive lately. We ate at Morimoto's in Philly last year and want to try something new - although we loved it!


Apr 02, 2007
wagnerag in Manhattan

Anyone tried Mandu yet?

Was there their first week. My fiance is a native of Seoul and we had just returned from a week of homecooked mother's cooking so probably not a fair comparison. Our main comment is that the food is not spicy enough - even the kimchi as others have pointed out. But it is nice to have a homey Korean place in DC. They are just getting started and the mandu guk and kimchi fried rice were really great!

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

I'd have to agree with Citronelle as well. Most disappointed I've been lately. Service was boarderline rude, meal was fine but not amazing by any means. Have had much better meals elsewhere - especially for that about of money. Wouldn't go back - even if someone else was paying I'd suggest an alternative.

Sydney - Glamour and views without breaking the bank -Wine too

Hi - We will be in Sydney for 6 days/nights. We want one nice dinner out and am looking at Est or Becasse. After that, we would love to still experience the great restaurants/views in Sydney but without the price tag. Wondering if any of the nice places have equally stunning bars and bar/lunch menus? Lunch and dinner seem to be about equally expensive at some places. We were thinking of hitting the bar at Icebergs, lunch at Sean's Panaroma etc. Also curious there is a good wine bar or tasting room where we can sample some local favorites. We are from DC and mid thirties. Love great creative food, good wine, oysters, trendy a plus but doesn't top quality or value. Thanks!

Shanghai - One really nice dinner for 6 - trying to decide between Three on the Bund, M, Jade, T8....

Thanks so much!

Shanghai - One really nice dinner for 6 - trying to decide between Three on the Bund, M, Jade, T8....

I'd love any other recommendations - we have lots of meals to fill. Here are things already on our list -
Dumplings from Gary's list of places
South Beauty
Crystal Jade
There are many other places I have read about and plan to sort through. Chinese placs would be great - and other things we might not find at home (DC) Thank you!!

Shanghai - One really nice dinner for 6 - trying to decide between Three on the Bund, M, Jade, T8....

Thanks so much to all of you for the ideas. We will be in Shanghai for 9 days (my fiance is there for a class so I have alot more time than he does). I will be taking all your suggestions with us for sure!

One more question - what's the best thing to do for breakfast in the city besides street vendors? We will be staying at the Radisson New World but don't really want to eat there every morning. Thanks again.

Shanghai - One really nice dinner for 6 - trying to decide between Three on the Bund, M, Jade, T8....

We will be in Shanghai in 2 weeks and I have read all posts. We want to have one really nice dinner while in Shanghai. We live in Washington, DC and get to NY often so maybe not Jean George. Considering Laris, Whampoa Club, Jade on 36, T8, M on the Bund. Open to others. Any recommendations on what would be the best option? I've read a reviews of all of them and there are always those who love them and those who were disappointed so it is hard to tell. We are all 35-40 years old, love really good food, cocktails plus a great atmosphere. Also info on prices would be great as they seem they are hard to find. Budget is not limited really as long as we feel we got our moneys worth. Oh - and we are headed to Syndey after Shanghai so we will have a chance to try some Australian chefs there too. Thanks in advance

Weekend afternoon drinks in LES/Soho

Any ideas for cool places to stop for drinks from after lunch till about 6pm? We'd like to wander, have some snacks and sample some cool bars. Thanks!

Jul 28, 2006
wagnerag in Manhattan

Weekend drink stroll in lower Manhattan

We will be visiting this weekend and mostly want to relax and wander the city. Staying at Battery Park and then 60 Thompson on Sunday night. We'd love an afternoon cocktail/snacking tour of the West or East Village, LES or anywhere else below 14th or so. I've read the LES food tour and some othe snacking tours but anyone have some ideas or a link to a cocktail/food tour? Some cool bars open in the afternoon with good snacks would be ideal with some strolling in between would be ideal. Thought about Church Lounge but lacking places after that. Thanks in advance

Jul 27, 2006
wagnerag in Manhattan

WD 50

We are going to WD-50 on Friday. Looking for a place for cocktails before or after. Any suggestions? Also - is the tasting menu the way to go - or the regular menu? Thanks!

Jul 27, 2006
wagnerag in Manhattan


The atmosphere on the roof at Perry's is great - clean, white linens. very pretty. Sushi is good - can't speak for the other food. Service is typical DC - not so attentive.