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Tokyo ramen list

Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for all your great suggestions on this post! I am very grateful for all your input and I am sure that my ramen experience on this trip to Japan is going to be a big step up that it could have ever been without you!

Here is the final list of ramenya that I will try to go to. While there where plenty of more recommendations that I wanted to include, I am trying to be realistic regarding the time i will be in Tokyo. I hope this list provides a good balance between styles of ramen. Do keep in mind that the list does have three ramenya located in Ikebukuro because I am staying in that area. I have also included addresses and hours of operations in case this list is useful to someone else.

I will be sure to report when I come back. Thanks again chowhounds!

Menya Kissou (near emperor’s palace)
(Koto, Tokyo, Japan) 麺屋 吉左右(めんや きっそう)
Tel: 03-3699-5929 ~11:15 a.m (only open for lunch)
# 1 Ramen place in RamenDB
(According to Tabelog, they are closed on Sundays, and the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.)

Ordered: Tsukemen + aji-tsuke tamago + chashu shavings
Cost: 1000 YEN
Location: Osaki, Yamanote Line (10 minutes from the station)
Address: Shinagawa-ku, Osaki 3-14-10
The hours are officially 11:30 to 4:30, but if you assume a 30-60 minute wait, then that's effectively 10:30 to 3:30 .Opens at 11:30am and stays open until they run out of broth. Closed on Tuesdays
Phone: 03-5434-0566
aji tsuke tamago" (味付玉子) which is then just abbreviated as "味玉" (aji tama).

Mutekiya Ramen: Ikebukuro
〒169-0051 東京都豊島区南池袋1-17-1崎本ビル1F

Jiro Ramen (at Ikebukuro)
ラーメン二郎 池袋東口
住所:豊島区南池袋2-27-17 MAP

Ippudo: Ebisu
一風堂 恵比寿店
TEL/03-5420-2225 営業時間/11:00~04:00 日・祝/11:00~00:00
Hiroo 1-3-13. [along Meiji-dori towards Hiroo, just past the post office] Open 11-4am daily. Tel: 5420-2225.

In Shinjuku - shio tsukemen - excellent grilled pork - then take a break in Shinjuku Gyoen nearby
ひるがお 新宿御苑店

In Ebisu/Hiroo –
〒150-0012 東京都渋谷区広尾1-1-36
The signature dish is "cheese ramen", this is a standard miso ramen, good miso base, corn and other toppings are available. You get your choice of two from a list. Then on top of that they grate a fair portion of Hokkaido cheese on top using a special electric (loud) grating machine on the counter that you can see from your seat.

Apr 27, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Ippudo? When?

Salads at a ramen shop!?!?! The horror!!! .... My eye started twitching uncontrollably .... But will definitely go and try out the ramen.

Mar 24, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Manhattan

Tokyo ramen list

Kamiosaki, Silverjay, Skyline, David, everyone, thank you so much for all these recommendations. I am so exited to go and try as many of your recommendations as I can. I will compile a new list of ramen recommendations, complete w/ addreses, etc., for anyone else who can benefit from this thread. Will definitely report and let all know how it goes!

Mar 24, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Tokyo ramen list

Everyone, thank you for all your recommendations! We will definitely keep an eye for Goemon, we want to try as much diverse and delicious japanese food as we can, and Japanese-style pasta definitely sounds like something worth tasting.

Mar 19, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Tokyo ramen list


Thank you very much for the thorough reponse and great recommendations! My mouth is watering after reading your reports and I will definitely tweak my list, drop some places and will definitely add your recommendations. We will be staying at Ikebukuro for part of our trip to Tokyo and either Shibuya or Shinjuku for the second part of out trip, so if you can recomend some places in those areas it would be great.

Mar 18, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Tokyo ramen list

Silverjay thank you for the feedback I really appreciate the input. As i haven't been to Tokyo I didn't realize that many of these places are chains. Thank you for recommending the places you think I should drop. I think I will have to go to Ivan ramen regardless because as a fellow NewYorker and ramen loverI want to go and see Ivan's ramenya. I see that you mention that many of the places that i have picked would be the places you would settle for if you could not find destination places, in that case can you give me some names of the places you consider to be much better picks? Thanks!

Mar 17, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Tokyo ramen list

Hi fellow chowhounds!

In preparation to my Japan trip in May, I have been browsing for ramenya recommendations on this board and other websites (,, etc.) and after much reading, I present my list of ramen I hope to try while in Tokyo:

Mutekiya Ramen: Ikebukuro
Menya Musashi Seisan
Kyushu Jangara Ramen
Ganso Ebisu Ramen
Jiro Ramen (at any one of the locations)
Ippudo: Ebisu
Ivan Ramen

Can you please give me your thoughts on this list? Is there any place that I shouldn't bother with, or any place that I am clearly missing? Many thanks in advance for your input!

Mar 17, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Sushi Question

Gari is great and is a modern take on sushi and I would not qualify it as authentic Japanese style sushi. Yasuda is absolutely wonderful, traditional sushi, no creative sauces or fusion flavors, just top-notch fresh fish, fantastic rice and incredible service. I am such a big fan of Yasuda because i am more of a sushi "purist", and as much as i love it, I know several friends here in NY that are more into the creative and fushion-style sushi, and they have told me that they were not as impressed with Yasuda. I guess what I am trying to say is that the sushi place you pick might be a more memorable experiece if it aligns to what you enjoy in sushi, if you really appreciate and enjoy creative flavors and integration of novel ingredeints in sushi, Gari is a great pick. If you can swing and enjoy both ends of the "fusion-purist" sushi spectrum, Yasuda or Sushiden are going to be great experiences for you.

Mar 17, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Manhattan

Help with Kanazawa

Klimbim, Robb S. Thank you for the recommendations!!! We will start researching some good Kaiseki in Kanazawa. Miyoshian looks great, and since we are definitely going to Kenrokuen we will eat there. And thanks for the Ramen rec for Kyoto, any type of ramen we should try in particular?

Mar 10, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Help with Kanazawa

Hi Skyline, we originally considered it, but now we want to try to stay at a nice Ryokan in Kanazawa

Feb 28, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan

Help with Kanazawa

Hello fellow chowhounds,

This board has been an incredible resource for my boyfriend and I as we plan our trip to Japan in May (no worries folks, we are avoiding Golden Week ;). We are going for two weeks to Tokyo, Kyoto, the Kiso Valley and Kanazawa. We have been been doing a great amount of reading and thanks to all the great reports on this blog we have managed to create a very solid list of food and restaurants to try in Tokyo and Kyoto. However, we haven't really found too many comments on Kanazawa. All the travel guides mention how beautiful it is and the freshness of the seafood and food, but we haven't read any recommendations of specific restaurants to try while we are there. So here are our questions:

1) Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in Kanazawa?
2) We have budgeted for one good kaiseki meal during our trip, would we be better off having our kaiseki dinner in Kyoto or Kanazawa?
3) Any Ryokan recommendations for a Ryokan in Kanazawa? We saw that there are some amazing places, like Gora Kadan, however, Gora Kadan is out of our budget (sniff, sniff, supersniff), and would be looking for a place where we can spend about $200 per person/night.

Many thanks in advance for any input we can get!

Feb 27, 2008
I_heart_ramen in Japan