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Beaufort, NC

Had the blackened mahi-mahi salad for lunch at the Spouter the other week, and it was just delicious, and perfectly cooked.

Aug 08, 2015
bob192 in Southeast

John's Pizza on Bleecker

My regular is sausage, mushroom, and garlic. It's always at least good, usually excellent, and maybe three pies ago, when my take-home number sat while I took a 20-minute phone call, cover closed, the garlic suffusing everything, easily one of the best pies I've ever eaten.

Jul 18, 2015
bob192 in Manhattan

2015 BBQ Block Party

Didn't see Ed Mitchell this year, but the Skylight Inn in Aydin showed up, and their sandwich was a really fine example of Eastern NC barbeque, so maybe they'll be back next year. Was hoping for some of their supposed-to-be fine sides, but it was sandwiches only.

Jun 19, 2015
bob192 in Manhattan

Dainobu - Fine Japanese Store and Take-Away - 6th Ave near 13th

This little slice of a store has been here a few months now, and carries the usual roster of fascinating Japanese "deli" items, but also carries a nice line of freshly prepared take-away dishes, with a few stools, counter and a microwave up front. The mackerel platter was totally fine, absolutely fresh, perfectly well cooked, and downright cheap, maybe $8.50 - $9.50. Pork bowl with ginger, and beef bowl with onions make fine lunches too, well prepared rice underneath - my nod goes to the pork by a just bit. They are a mite salty, though. Dumplings too, and I've got some nice looking kimchi for tonight's dinner, and seasoned spinach for tomorrow night's.

May 09, 2015
bob192 in Manhattan

Annisa: Small and lovely, with gorgeous, sexy food...short review

At the 5-course tasting the other weekend, she served a mackerel with spicy barbecue sauce that was just one of the best dishes ever.

Apr 11, 2015
bob192 in Manhattan

Anything Good Between Beaufort, SC and Yemassee, SC?

Will be visiting in the Fall, and looking forward to good eats!

Mar 21, 2015
bob192 in Southeast

LIquor stores stocking Takara Mirin

The liquor store on 9th Street, somewhere near 1st or 2nd Avenue, on the right heading east, is the one that the Times mentioned. Name now forgotten, and they had to order my bottle, but it was worth it. Gonna have to get some more myself. Very nice staff.

Jan 24, 2015
bob192 in Manhattan

Classic NY Pizza in Lower Manhattan?

Have to say, the best pie I ever ate came from John's on Bleecker Street, with not just one ingredient, but three, sausage (fresh, crumbled), mushrooms and garlic. A phone call came in just as I got the pie home, so it sat for 20 - 25 minutes, lid down, and the garlic suffused all - just an amazing pie!

Oct 03, 2014
bob192 in Manhattan

Who creates the editorial voice for the NYT food section?

This still comes from Sam Sifton's template, from as far back as the New York Press (in the 1990's?). For whatever reason, a whole long line of the Times writers choose to carry on with it.

Aug 16, 2014
bob192 in Manhattan

Charleston Trip Report: Rarebit, Kudu, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Two Boroughs Larder, Hominy Grill, The Belmont, Virginia's on King, Poogan's Porch, Proof, The Ordinary, The Grocery, Farmers Market, Leon's, Jeni's Ice Cream, Gin Joint, Cypress, Husk

Hi Kathryn, Great report, as usual. That pic of Virginia's breakfast is just going to haunt my dreams. You're so right about Carolina shrimp, grew up on it in NC, too bad we can't get it in NYC!

Jul 06, 2014
bob192 in Southeast

Softshell Crabs at New Malaysia!

No, not at all, that might have put me off.

Jul 13, 2013
bob192 in Manhattan

Softshell Crabs at New Malaysia!

Last weekend at New Malaysia, in the "Arcade" (alleyway) between Elizabeth and the Bowery just below Canal, having already ordered my usual curried beef-brisket soup, I spotted their new placard for softshell crabs as a seasonal specialty. Went back yesterday, and even though I was leaning toward the salt-and-pepper, when the waitress recommended the mango version, I said OK. Turns out it was simply one of the best, and best prepared, dishes I've ever eaten in C'town! Sectioned smaller crabs, at least a couple, maybe three (i.e. a gracious plenty) perfectly, greaselessly fried in a light batter, with plenty of sliced mangoes in a chile-nut sauce. With a bowl of rice, and a canai roti to start (good idea, as the crabs took a long time to arrive) it was a bit too much to finish.

Jun 10, 2013
bob192 in Manhattan

Best Burgers in NYC.................

Much as I like Shackburgers, my new fave is the High Heat Burger - High Heat, Bleecker b/ Thompson and West Broadway. Big thick patty of good meat, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, a bit of onion, and their own pickle relish, which definitely adds a little pizazz. Their schtick is the 900 degree grill, which puts a great, tasty char on the patty, but you can still get it cooked rare if you want. A bg drippy mess, to be sure, but wow! Last night's takeout was the best ever, tightly foil wrapped, maybe it melded on the way home. Garlic/herb fries are OK, but I don't bother any more, the burger fills me up. The amber beer is excellent with the burger.

Jan 25, 2013
bob192 in Manhattan

Great NY Noodletown – A True New York Chinatown Institution

Had the Singapore Chow Fun for take-out the past two nights (it's a pretty healthy portion!) with leftover steak, and it was the best ever, even cold. Well-spiced curried chow fun (broad) noodles, shrimp, pork, green pepper, onion, sprouts, a nice, satisfying dish.

Oct 13, 2012
bob192 in Manhattan

The Bakery at the Friendly Market, Bridges Street, Morehead City, NC

We stopped in early in the morning a couple of weeks ago and asked for a blueberry pie, and Jen looked at us like we'd just sprouted antlers. "No blueberry, season's over, but we have peach!" Well, we grabbed one to go, looking longingly at the big chicken pot pies being prepared in the rear. We're not big sweets eaters, rarely having anything at all for dessert, but all of us agreed, these are GOOD pies! Can't wait to try the chicken pot pie.

Sep 13, 2012
bob192 in Southeast

Zaab-Elee, new Thai in the east village, now the best Thai in NYC, perhaps.

Couldn't agree more with the enthusiastic reviews above - arrived Saturday at about 1pm, only other table was an enthusiastic family of four. Started with the chicken liver skewer, and marinated chicken wings, something mild, just in case. Wings had two mild sauces (they added two fresh cups when they packed the rest up to go) and the chicken skewer sauce, being rather more potent, was smeared on top to good effect for takeaway. Then had the crispy pork with little Thai eggplants and basiI, and it was superb! I asked for "American spicy", which is how most dishes were presented, and I'll have to ramp it up a notch when I go back, didn't quite work up a glisten, much less a sweat. That, and a Lao beer made for quite a satisfying lunch. Went back Sunday, and was one of onlt three patrons the whole meal - people, PLEASE support this place, it's the real deal! Had duck larb, and pork spare ribs soup with mushrooms, both satisfying, then sauteed Chinese broccoli with crispy pork in a garlic sauce, again superb, easily enough pork to be a main dish, my new favorite greens dish in NYC, and then asked about the har mok, the curry fish custard, as I've always enjoyed the little fish cakes sometimes found (in the 40s- low 50s?) at the Ninth Avenue Food fest , asking if it was a good dish to go. The lovely waitress assured me it was, giving preparation instructions for the next day. To my surprise, they then brought out a plated har mok after the broccoli, so I said to heck with later, and dug right in. Sublime and delicious, which I relayed to the waitress. Another Lao beer, and another truly delicious and satisfying meal, with plenty of leftovers. When I opened the sack for dinner last night, to my surprise, there was a tub containing another har mok, gratis! Wow, what a place. 2nd Avenue at 4th Street, do drop in. They have a good delivery range too, call 212-505-9533

May 09, 2011
bob192 in Manhattan

curried beef stew on rice in Chinatown

The curried beef brisket on rice (or as soup) at New Malaysia, in the alley between Elizabeth and the Bowery, always satisfies.

New Malaysia
48 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

Jan 15, 2011
bob192 in Manhattan

Los Fogones, (Peruvian) Goldsboro, NC

Well-recommended by a friend and local press, the new Los Fogones Peruvian restaurant, just off of Business Highway 70/Ash Street at 209 S. Berkeley Boulevard (near the air base's main gate) in Goldsboro, is a winner, and we thoroughly enjoyed our late dinner this past Thursday night. The friendly owner, Carlos, came to Goldsboro from Maryland, and has found a warm welcome and popularity, deservedly so. To start, Carlos suggested Franca beers, from Peru, and we loved 'em. He says even the Bud Light fans now prefer the Franca. We then considered the Parrillada Carlos, but chose the (slightly) smaller Los Fogones Parrillada, which omitted the lamb. It included 1/2 of a marinated, juicy chicken (grilled on imported Argentinian charcoal, for the extra flavor), 1/2 rack of pork ribs, falling-off-the-bone tender, and delicious, as was the chicken. As well, there were two chewy pork filets, and a small rib-eye, grilled rare to order, and a plump chorizo, all tasty too. Sides were sweet potato fries and Tacu Tacu rice and beans, both gobbled greeedily. Carlos then brought out three sauces, the chimichurri and "hot" sauce being our favorites. Lots of protein and carbs, to be sure, but all quite fresh-tasting and authentic. In discussing the menu and specials, Carlos even said he'd whip up a special-order lamb-shank sambuca, given enough notice, so my brother wrote down his name and phone number, asking, "How many would you like to feed?" Eight, said Carlos, so that'll happen sometime soon. On the way home, we raved.

Sep 02, 2010
bob192 in Southeast

Angeli Cuvee?

Has anyone spotted 2005 Marietta Cellars Angeli Cuvee for sale in NYC? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks.

Apr 10, 2010
bob192 in Wine

Best Eastern NC BBQ

The large sandwich with slaw that Wilber's served up over the 4th of July vacation week was, bar-none, the best I've ever had there, and that after eating with Wilber for 35 years of some pretty fine sandwiches. (If yours is not up to snuff, add a bit of salt!)

Oct 28, 2009
bob192 in Southeast

Original Rays Pizza 6th Ave @ 11th

OK, folks, so take your best shot, but only AFTER trying this - order up the "Meat Slice" at Ray's and ask for it well done - it should take close to five minutes to work up a bit of char and get all the inside stuff steaming - but it's not so much the meat, as the savory that comes from the red peppers and onions combo, then the pepperoni/sausage as complement. Still devouring one at least monthly, after all these years. Joe's square ain't bad, either.

Mar 21, 2009
bob192 in Manhattan

Where to buy chinese rice wine

Walker Street, a bit east of Lafayette, the store is totally behind plexiglass, but he has it just by his right hand, slip him money through the crack, he'll slide a bottle out, $5.00 if I recall. Dong Po pork, ummm!

Mar 14, 2009
bob192 in Manhattan

Grand Sichuan 7th Avenue South

After waiting a few weeks for them to get well up to stride, I stopped by for my first visit to Grand Sichuan 7th Avenue South (between Carmine and Leroy) for takeout about 9:30 Thursday night. While waiting outside and enjoying the evening, a couple came out of the ¾ full restaurant, smiling, glowing - she said “Delicious!” he said “That was a feast!” as he rubbed his belly - so I felt pretty good about what was to come, as their St. Mark's location is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. Only a ten minute-wait later, and I was on my way home. Well, folks, based only on this short survey, it looks like we have another winner in the neighborhood. Having learned a bit about refinement from the restrained, masterful hand at the stove at Amazing 66, I was still taken aback on opening up the container of wontons in spicy red oil and seeing what looked like not much, slender dumplings and only a little bit of saucing. At first bite I thought “OK” but wasn’t overwhelmed. Second dumpling down, and I’m starting to get it, and by the third one it’s official, as the slight simmer starts to turn into a bit of a burn, “WOW! that’s one of the best Chinese dishes I’ve ever eaten!” The cold cucumber in scallion-sesame sauce didn’t just seem underdressed, it was, not as good as St. Mark's rendition, but quite refreshing nonetheless. The cumin beef fell only a bit short of the St. Mark's version, which is one of my other favorite Chinese dishes, but really showed off the master’s hand – dry-sautéed – damned if I know how they get it that way, and indeed, drier than the St. Mark's version, which carries just a bit of a sheen, where this had none – but still quite tasty, with a birds-nest of something that, since it was too entangled to separate, got snarfed down in one chewy gulp, and turned out to be the spice. Whoa! Didn’t resemble any type of pepper preparation I’d ever encountered before, but it definitely had the kick of the dish. The hostesses were quite hospitable, the space itself, with white tablecloths, looks nicely done, I feel like a rich man having them in the ‘hood. Addendum: to go with leftovers Friday night, I went back for another dish of those wontons, yeow! The cucumbers even tasted better the next evening. When you try it, as you most definitely should, let us hear about other dishes too.

Aug 09, 2008
bob192 in Manhattan

The discreet charm of Fleur de Sel (long review)

And that apple crepe is my favorite dessert in the city....even if it's not on the menu, he might whip one up for you, doesn't hurt to ask.

Aug 09, 2008
bob192 in Manhattan

Fav seafood cookbooks?

Fish - by Mark Bittman

Jul 19, 2008
bob192 in Home Cooking

Eastern and Western North Carolina Barbecue Report

2nd on the Brunswick Stew at Smithfield Chicken & BBQ - it's quite fresh tasting, not the overcooked melange you might expect, well worth a bucket on its own, or for the fridge as late night snacks etc.

Jul 12, 2008
bob192 in Southeast

lemons .99 ea. in Hunterdon County NJ...

It was 8 limes for $1.00 at the Morton Williams/Associated supermarket on Bleecker a couple of days ago. I'm switching to lime juice on my broccoli, it tastes fine.

Jun 28, 2008
bob192 in General Topics

Could we please have more posts on Babbo?

I haven't been to Babbo. I'm not going to Babbo anytime soon. The only way I can get to enjoy Babbo is to read, even re-read the constant enthusiastic posts of those lucky enough to get in, which generally cause me to salivate, if not actually drool onto my shorts.

Jun 23, 2008
bob192 in Site Talk

Rhong Tiam - Great Thai in the Village

Ate there Saturday night with sis and her kids - roti canai (a really excellent rendition), green curry, several other apps, sis said it was just a bit too hot for her, but do-able, and she ate some of everything. The spicing was just right for me, raising just enough of a sweat, so that may mean they've got it just right! Can't wait to get back.

Jun 17, 2008
bob192 in Manhattan

best profiteroles?

The "Japanese place" is Beard Papa, most likely - when I need my profiterole fix, I'll ask for a couple of their "eclairs" with NO filling, take 'em home and lard 'em up with the best vanilla ice cream I can find, et voila, instant profiteroles!

Jun 17, 2008
bob192 in Manhattan