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Boston to Cape

Hello, Cape Cod Guy,

I wonder if you've been in Dennisport recenly. It has been re-invented and back to it's old glory days. Not an open store front, very charming with flowers everywhere, really lovely. Come and take a look.



Located in the Kam Man Market plaza, this has replaced the previous and more and more forgettable Vietnamese restaurant whose name I have forgotten. It has been cleaned and redecorated, and sparkles; the staff is charming and helpful but most of all the food is simply delicious and beautifully presented, I might even describe it as elegant. I had Bun with grilled pork, a dish I often order, and it was unlike any Bun I've had anywhere, just fabulous.

Rainbow carrots...South Shore to the Cape?

Did you try the Market Basket? They seem to have a great variety of veggies, give them a call; they say they can get anything you don't see and will order it for you. I just love, love that store, we drive to and from it in Cape season but now drive down from Scituate because it's so wonderful.

Open on Cape Cod on Christmas Day?

Villa Roma in Harwich is open on Christmas evening, call to reserve, 508-432-6868. It's a festive sort of happy place, not polished or elegant but very good with a great vibe. I think you would enjoy it.

dennis area great seafood restaurant/market

I think that Land Ho! in Harwich Port has a clam pie.

Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

phelana, your are a woman after my own heart. We never drove all those miles to New Haven just for pizza but when we were there we often stood in hour's long lines for Pepe's. To me it has no equal although some prefer Sally's, which I guess I would say is second best and it does offer Sinatra..

On the Cape we like Palio's and Sweet Tomato's; George's is also good.

Gina's by the Sea - E. Dennis

CapeCodGuy, you have just named our three favorite restaurants in Dennis, each was wonderful and unique in its own way and we mourn the loss of Rose's and the sort of wacky but wonderful Joe Mac's. Fortunately we still have Gina's, long may it live. And many thanks to your great grandparents who planted the gorgeous hydrangeas on Taunton Avenue, it is always a joy to drive down that street.

Has anyone been to Flo's Clam Shack recently?

I remember going to Flo's many years and enjoying it, the food was good and it was a fun place. We were in the Newport area recently and Flo's wasn't open, we went to Anthony's in Middletown and thought it was really wonderful, excellent food, fresh and perfectly prepared. The ambiance was part fish market and part serve yourself food but still it had its own character and the really good food made up for it all. I wish I lived nearby, I'd go there at least once a week.

Dinner in Weymouth

Actually I had lunch at Lime Leaf today, it was wonderful as always. I love their chive dumplings, fresh rolls, crispy watercress and seaweed salad appetizers. The curry is excellent, also Drunken Noodle, Hot Pepper Beef, Pad Paradise; everything I've ever had there has been delicious, it's a gem.

Lime Leaf
435 Columbian St, Weymouth, MA 02190

Cape Cod in Winter discussion....Anything?

We love the Oyster Company in Dennisport, the raw oysters of course, but also the rest of their menu; some oysters and their Cubano sandwich is a perfect light meal for me. They've done a really nice job, it is an inviting place with very friendly and nice staff and entertainment as well. We are very long time summer residents of West Dennis and remember the days when Dennisport was a thriving village. It is now rather a sad place and we applaud any and all who would open a business there; they are in the fifth season now and we are very happy to support them. I understand that Bucky's will be opening Dennisport as well. Hurray! I also agree with Cape Cod Guy about the Riverwary; we, too, have enjoyed dining in the casual tavern and find it all much improved over the years. We also have a special fondness for Villa Roma in West Harwich, somehow they have found the perfect formula of decent food at decent prices in an inviting space. We do miss Harry though, he added so much spice -- shall I say. After a winter that has been more wintry than usual I am so looking forward to opening our cottage and enjoying all the diverse Cape restaurants. And of course the beach.

Villa Roma
278 Main St, Harwich, MA 02645

Oyster Company
202 Depot St, Dennis Port, MA 02639

Mid-Cape suggestions for Jets game Sunday

Hi Phelana, We think that The Hot Stove in Harwich Port is very special, great ambiance, really nice staff, very decent food and very afforable as well. The fish is always as fresh as can be, a veggie family member loves the veggie burger, another loves the pizza and another the cheese steak. If you like beer it is always fresh and the Guinness is spot on. It's a small space and often there is wait but it is worth it. The owner has managed to achieve the exactly perfect formula. Enjoy the game, lots of flat screen TV's; wish we could be there.

Chuck Hughes from Garde Manger Opening New Restaurent in Old Montreal?

I've been watching Chuck's Day Off and am so inpressed by his food, his expertise and the assured and confident way he cooks while explaining how/why he is doing what he does. He really is a star. We live in Massachusetts but love to travel to Montreal, it is a stunning and wonderful place to visit, everybody is so friendly and very nice and welcoming, you Canadians have a lot to be proud of. On our next visit we will be sure to check out where Chuck is cooking.

New Bedford

I love good bread and the Portuguese bread at Sid's is really the best, huge and crusty and flavorful, I've never found anything to match it. If you go at more or less noon there is a complimentary tasting buffet and that might help you decide what to buy. Their produce is the very best with heirloom and miniature and exotic everything. I especially love their artichoke spread and marinated artichokes. Their coffee beans are outstanding, my husband is the coffee brewer and when I tell him this is wonderful, what is it, the reply is usually that it comes from Sid's. This is a very high end place but well worth the cost. At the very least, it is an experience. I hope you enjoy it, would love to hear about your visit.

New Bedford

Yes, Casal Carcia is a white wine, it is very light and rather dry and has a hint of sparkle, it is referred to as a green wine and is available everywhere.

New Bedford

Cape Cod Guy, I couldn't agree more with your recommendation of Antonio's, it is really outstanding and each entree is really dinner for two, sometimes even with leftovers. And while you're in New Bedford stop by Sid Wainer's Gourmet Outlet, 2301 Purchase Street, and pick up a loaf of the most wonderful crusty Portuguese bread you've ever had, enjoy the complimentary browsing lunch buffet and examine all the gourmet items in the store. Stop for a bottle of Vino Verdi -- I recommend Casal Garcia -- that would nicely round out your New Bedford experience, all very affordable, and all very special. New Bedford is really a hidden gem and well worth exploring.

Have any of you been to the two new restaurants in Cohasset, AVA Cucina or Constantine's Mediteranean?

We don't often get two new restaurants in our area, have been out of town and wondering how they are.

Northampton -- What not to miss?

We really enjoy The Sierra Grill on Strong Street. it has a wonderful assortment of small plates that are interesting and inovative and very good, creative appetizers and dinners as well. They have a very interesting beer list and a wine of the week that is outstanding. The ambiance is lovely, lots of wood and stained glass and very friendly people, entertainment as well. We are out-of-towners who discovered it by accident last year when we came for a yearly function and couldn't wait to come back and try it again. I would highly recommend it.

New Bedford dinner and breakfast suggestions

Antonio's is our favorite Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford, the food is outstanding and the portions enormous. The dining room has recently been redecorated and the staff is very friendly; it's a great dining experience.

2 Weeks at the Cape - Where would you go?

The Cape offers lots of places for laid back, affordable and casual dining. The Oyster Company is wonderful, they have everything from a raw bar and wonderful oysters to interesting and generous appetizers, dinners and evening sandwiches. The 400 in Harwich Port is long gone and now a seciond Land Ho! I haven't been to Squire's this season but always enjoyed their fresh fish and fun atmosphere with a great vibe. If you are interested in Irish pubs the Olde Inn in West Dennis has very good and moderately priced food and entertainment each evening, it's a fun place. The Hot Stove in Harwich Port is also a great pub-type place with good food and excellent draft beer, however it is small and there is usually a long wait. We also enjoy The Lost Dog on 134 near 6A, you see lots of fishermen there so you know that the fish is always fresh and wonderful, the atmosphere is sort of towny and fun. Enjoy!

Oyster Company
202 Depot St, Dennis Port, MA 02639

Land Ho Restaurant
RR 6 Box A, Orleans, MA 02653

Cape Cod Chinese

Phelana, please excuse me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here as each time I try to give you the link it doesn't include "-quincy" at the end. Directions are complicated. Try the link adding "-quincy " at the end or google it: 217B Quincy Ave, Quincy 02269, 617-328-6628. Hope this helps and sorry for my ineptitude.

Cape Cod Chinese

Sorry, when I copied and pasted the link it omitted "-quincy" at the end. This should work:

Cape Cod Chinese

Try this link, phelana, you can google directions and a map from this site as well. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Cape Cod Chinese

Here is a link with info on South Garden: I haven't been there yet, it is fairly new but I have heard great things about it. The Vietmase restaurant a few doors away is very good, we always enjoy it, China Pearl in the same complex is also good and features dim sum. The Kam Man Market is a marvelous experience, a huge place with an endless variety of Asian food items, it smells wonderful and the mish mash of dialects that you hear there is musical. The whole complex is simply wonderful and one of my favorite places to visit. It's an easy exit from Logan to the Cape.

Lobster Dinner in February!

We always visit Portland in mid-March, we love to go to J's Oyster off Commercial Street and although we have never ordered lobster I see others doing so. It's not a fancy/sleek/ upscale place, more a retro/townie place with an ambiance that I appreciate, great harbor views too. The waitstaff is very friendly, we have always enjoyed our oysters and grilled fish or lobster rolls, it;s a must for our Portland visit..

wicked good bagels in Cape Cod

Many years back there was a wonderful bagel place in Hyannis, I think on North Street, also a good one on White's Path in South Yarmouth and one in the now Brazilian market in Hyannis, all are long gone. I haven't been to Jomama's but will make a point to visit this summer. To me the best of the rest is Bagel and Beyond in West Yarmouth on 28 with an Express outlet on White's Path.

Has Anyone Tried Kelly's Landing in Weymouth on 3A?

Kelly's is an old fashioned, retro I guess you would say, place that has great fresh seafood, very nice and friendly wait staff, great lobster specials, great chowder and most everything else. It's not a stylish or upscale place but simply perfect for what it is. They do everything there very well.

Foodie Family Moving to New England

I'm sorry that you misunderstood me. Rhode Island of course doesn't have the most coastliine of any other state, it is a tiny state and the smallest state, 37 miles x 49 miles to be exact, but it has 400 miles of coastland. I could be wrong but I was always told that Rhode Island had more miles of coastland per square foot of land than any other state; perhaps that is simply bragging rights? It is also named "The Ocean State."

Foodie Family Moving to New England

Rhode Island has hundreds and hundres of miles of coastland, I believe more per square mile than any other state and fish of every sort available in northern water swim there. Just go into any fish market or restaurant and you will find a huge variety of fresh and wonderful fish.

Foodie Family Moving to New England

I would go to either Providence -- fabulous food of every sort and enthicity, it's a small and easily walkable city with fast and easy access to gorgeous beaches, rich history, colleges and museums, beautiful regentrified parks and East Side areas, it is a true gem. Throw in fresh seafood of every sort and you have a real winner. Portaland, ME is also a fabulous foodie town, very special as it is a combo of a real working city and waterfront and an elegant and upscale amiance. It has a great vibe, is very friendly and is a young people's city. It is also walkable, has a really wonderful museum and other great attractions and fabulous ocean vistas. Good seafood too. The downside to me would be the longer and colder winter.

The Sierra Grille, Northampton

We were visiting Northampton this past weekend and literally stumbled upon this restaurant, lucky us. The place is lovely with warm dark wood and lots of sophisticated art, there was a jazz combo playing cool music and a good vibe. The menu featured appetizers, panins and small plates as well as entrees. There was a great wine list as well as a very impressive list of interesting draft beers. Our waitress was friendly and warm and very knowledgeable about both food and drink. It was late in the evening after a day of nibbling, we chose a combination of panini, appetizers and small plates and all were outstanding, there wasn't a single misstep. It was a fabulous casual dining experience that I would highly recommend to one and all, I can't wait to go back