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Where to buy rogar pot racks in Orlando Florida - retail not online


My husband is down in Florida at the moment I wanted him to purchase some Rogar pot racks for me

Does anyone know a retail store in Orlando or nearby that sells these?

I live in Canada


Apr 24, 2010
fushykiwi in Cookware

Exploring new food neighbourhoods by foot


I have some time off in late January and wanted to explore new parts of Toronto for
food stores eg Middle Eastern, East European well any type of food really.
I already venture to the more familiar ones such as St Lawrence, Kensington, Danforth, Chinatown, Little India, Roncevalles .

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Lone traveller visiting late January

I hope to be visiting Montreal for the first time the last week in January

I have already picked up some ideas from the board -
I wondered if you could suggest a relatively cheap hotel downtown, and must see places to walk too or travel by Metro that involve food of course

also any restaurants where as a single person you would feel comfortable dining in
maybe also what foods I should bring back to Toronto


Sweetened Condensed Milk! If that didn't scare you...

I have used it to make Kiwi Crisps (a Kiwi version of chocolate chip cookies), a couple of
tablespoons in the dough
Can post recipe if you like

Nov 20, 2007
fushykiwi in Home Cooking

Freddo Frogs


does anyone know where I can get these Aussie kids chocolates in TO please?


Vernors' Ginger Ale

try Grace ginger beer you can get it at No Frills - it is very spicy,
or President's choice Jamaican style Ginger beer.

Sri Lankan groceries/restaurants

There is a small shop on Bloor west of Dufferin (sorry don't know name but on the North side before Brock) that sells Sri Lankan ingredients including Kithul treacle.

Shakespearean in Toronto seeks food help!

Butter tarts from St Lawrence Market
Beer at C'est What

Ethiopian on Bloor - try Bar Nazreth

Salt cod balls - Courtense Bakery on Bloor

Bookshops - Nicholas Hoare - Front St, Pages on Queen,
Book City on Bloor/Bathurst and another one on Yonge and
one on the Danforth

also good is Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat at one of the many Caribbean places

What else is better in Canada?


Canadian pork is the best!

Butter tarts

Oatmeal stout from Quebec

Bakeapple and Patridgeberry jam tarts from Newfoundland

Jul 20, 2006
fushykiwi in General Topics

Where to find tamarillos in Toronto?


Does anyone know where to find tamarilos or tree tomatoes they are also known as here.
They are a great fruit and full of Vitamin C.