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Lady and Sons (Butcher) = Disappointing

Hmmm... not sure if this is a subtle way of suggesting that I may be somewhat biased in my review of Lady and Son.

So-- rest assured, I'm no plant. I live in Leslieville and am definitely a proud supporter of the quality local businesses in the area.

I'm really sorry to report that when I walked my dog past Lady and Son yesterday, the window was papered over and a sign was up stating that they were closed due to illness, but are planning to relocate.

We've been travelling a bit, so hadn't been in for a while, but did pick up some excellent filet mignon (yes, it's pricey, but very good) just 2 weeks ago.

Spice Route--feedback?


I went there for drinks and dinner last Thursday.

Gorgeous space-- especially the patio with the covered chaise lounge area. Very hip and cool.
Interior decor is also very nice.
Great location for afterwork drinks or a meal.
Food is actually pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Peking duck is nice, with great presentation.

Service ranged from incompetent to callous and rude. For your consideration:
-- the server on the patio forgot to bring our drinks out 2x
-- Dinner reservation was for 8:30. Showed up at hostess' desk at 8:30. Was given one of those remote buzzer things. Never went off. Kept checking back. We didn't get seated until 9:20. And that's after we spent a good 15 minutes hovering by the desk. No apologies provided.
-- Everything took a looong time even after seated-- about 10 minutes to get menus, another 10 to order, etc.
-- We ordered a bottle of white wine. It arrived warm and uncorked. Waiter took off, so we had to bring the bottle to the bar to get a new cold bottle of wine, opened.
-- So-called manager came by to the table, but that didn't improve the service
-- The line up for the washroom for the men was so long, it snaked past our table. Gross.
-- We didn't get our mains until 11pm.

Not really worth a return visit.

Lady and Sons (Butcher) = Disappointing

My husband and I have been to Lady and Son several times and had nothing but fantastic service and excellent quality meat each visit. The friendly greeting, the generous samples and the warm fuzzy feelings generated from supporting a local business will keep us loyal customers.